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  1. KoA_Braveheart

    Profanity filter …

    Text chat censor is pointless with the addition of the in-game voice chat. Now someone can yell the n-word over and over which is greatly more annoying than any text chat.
  2. KoA_Braveheart

    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    What if we made all weapons blunt - that way there are no deaths? Then we can call knockouts "Bonks" instead of "Deaths" and that way no more feelings are hurt. 👍👍👍👍👍
  3. KoA_Braveheart

    What are your PC Specs 🖥️

    Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER FTW3 ULTRA
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
    Fan Count: 4
    Ram: 32GB
    Liquid Cooled (Yes/No): No (Noctua NH-D15 chromax.Black)
    Hard Drive: Sabrent 2TB Rocket NVMe 4.0

    On a side note - they've added a benchmark tool to BL but you might have to load up the game as single player to see and run it.
  4. KoA_Braveheart

    Can we get auto-HDR support for multiplayer?

    Windows 11 has auto-HDR for games that don't natively support HDR. It works for single player, but it doesn't work for multiplayer. Please fix. Thanks.
  5. KoA_Braveheart

    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    Always gotta put on my RGB gaming gloves before a sweaty BL session.
  6. KoA_Braveheart


    Absolutely not.
    Sounds like real life stamina is enough.
  7. KoA_Braveheart

    how to enable DLSS?

    It's under the Performance tab under Settings.
  8. KoA_Braveheart

    This shows how useful spears were

    I want this so I won't have to deal with ladders.
  9. KoA_Braveheart

    Why's NAEast Siege down?

    Siege crashes after every game or two and on NA East, it's been disappearing for 15 minutes or so after crashing before showing back up again.
  10. KoA_Braveheart

    Need More Info Consistent server crashing. Every 20 mins or so the siege and TDM servers implode.

    On East NA, after crashing, the servers are also disappearing for 15 minutes now.
  11. KoA_Braveheart

    Random earrape static noise happening on servers

    Experienced it twice in four games. Played skirmish twice and tdm twice - got it once in each game mode. Seems like the hotfix should be expedited or someone's hearing is seriously getting damaged. Rip unsuspecting headphone users with their sound turned up listening for footsteps and horses.
  12. KoA_Braveheart

    Lots of (Good?) Changes in the New Patch

    btw the server speed change is great to
    Is that what it is? Because it's made melee feel really sluggish to me. Maybe someone just forgot to set it back from slowest to medium speed when servers got updated? 🤷‍♂️
  13. KoA_Braveheart

    Need More Info Line through troops heads

    The line moves with the whichever troop is glitched: Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro GPU: RTX 2080 Super GPU Driver Version: 456.71 CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X RAM: 32GB Motherboard: ASUS Prime X570-P Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Samsung 860 EVO Sata
  14. KoA_Braveheart

    Bannerlord in VR?

    Tales of Glory seems to draw comparisons to a Mount and Blade VR experience.
  15. KoA_Braveheart

    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: KoA Brave (Friend Code: 41347421)
    Do you have a mic? Yes.
    Would you be interested in being a captain? No.
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: Yes.
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? Yes on weekends. Weekdays tbd.
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? Wut.
  16. KoA_Braveheart

    Resolved People Literally Flying in Multiplayer | Brave has ascended beyond a mere mortal

    We were able to consistently reproduce the bug. The rider has to mount from the right side of the horse, and the horse must be killed as soon as the rider begins to mount:
  17. KoA_Braveheart

    Javelin as a melee weapon is absurdly fast

    They can still rear up horses too.
  18. KoA_Braveheart

    [NABB] Semifinals - Deadline 8/17/2020 @ 11:59pm

    KoA 5-6 AWH

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