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  1. PeteSKTemplar

    Daggers need some love

    If there was a hole in the helmet there was no need to pierce again what was already pierced I guess:smile:
  2. PeteSKTemplar

    Daggers need some love

    I would be satisfied with a dagger if it would take no slot from those 4 player has at disposal. The same should be done with a lance having own slot on a saddle not taking any of those 4 player has (or for one quiver if no lance is used).
  3. PeteSKTemplar

    Rare troops, all rare troops in calradia, especially cataphracts

    Funny I never tried to make army before joing a faction:smile:
    Well there could be some good use for blacksmithing to be able to make when 250 skill perhaps "elite armor" kind of consumable to be able to promote perhaps T5 unit to "noble" T6 or even this "elite armor" consumable could be in towns tradable perhaps in towns where is ironmogery this consumable would be up to culture where it is so even let say T5 sturgian heavy spearmen could be made to cataphract if having this "elite armor" consumable from Imperial town or made through BS dependable up to player culture what T6 unit it would make.
    I know it is just a wish.
  4. PeteSKTemplar

    Rare troops, all rare troops in calradia, especially cataphracts

    To get ldr skill to 150 if not wanting to join a faction one can still get fast enough (imo) a leadership by creating an army through creating army with compagnion´s army joining. Ofc one (or me at least) can not do that without depending on blacksmithing income.
  5. PeteSKTemplar

    Are there any plans to 'declutter' the campaign map?

    I guess if map was to be streched to make it bigger so cities and towns were to be traveled some days not several hours while on the other hand not streching mountains could flaten this too "scared" landscape perhaps making just some mountains "big" with chokepoints like RL map might suggest.
  6. PeteSKTemplar

    Shall we talk about the paper armors?

    For me the armor would be fine if it was to influence the gameplay around classic use of units like infantry being anvil, cavalry hammer, while archers would be good against ligher infantry/cav but not that good against heavy inf/cav even it they had no shields until firing from very close range. So "hold fire" order was to be an important tactical answer against heavy armor though AI when using archers also would have to be scripted in this "hold fire" against heavy units mechanics.

    If the armor was to more effective then shields should probably on the other hand should offer less protection (especially smaller shields) through perhaps increasing an arc of shot missile flightpath so if units would have shields above heads arrows were not harm them but if those shields would be hold straight then arrows coming from higher altitude should find the soldiers uncovered parts like head and shoulders.

    (An example - right now cataphracts using lance without shield is worse in protection against arrows in comparison with other heavy cavalry using shield for armor without a shield is almost useless against arrows even from medium range. From long range it seems like armor is good, so if that armor resistancy from long range would be aplied to medium range too only close range fire would be dangerous as it should be. Another mechanic needed do be tonned down as some ppl already mentioned is the speed bonus. Even units having relatively good armor take too much from missiles flying against their movement but too low dmg when runing/riding in same direction as missiles.)
  7. PeteSKTemplar

    The whole "buy horse to level up troops to horsemen" thing is illogical

    Perhaps upgrading troops should be made possible only in cities where is ironmongery where they get new gear for price not teleporting itself to the field anytime.

    And also some ppl wanted having soldiers in accord with culture then their gear might be dependant where they got those upgrades from so their appearance (gear) would be not up to faction they are from but where they got upgraded.
  8. PeteSKTemplar

    Mounted unit balance: Competing design philosophies

    I think there is huge difference between heavy cavalry and light cavalry from survival perspective for example playing Sturgian and having perhaps 1/3 of army of mounted brigands I let them be mounted only if enemy is mostly with light units but if many units opposition has are heavy I rather dismount them for though being T5 unit it seems like horse armor is too weak or even their riders armor is not that great. If their horse is killed they are killed in no time too.

    When I have some druzhiniks I am not forced to dismount them for their horses are well protected as well as riders. I do not understand why brigands need warhorse being practically if not light then medium cavalry but expensive as heavy.

    It is not just about Sturgia ofc, even playing Khuzaits made me often not ugprading horse archers to T5 for not much survival is added for warhorse upgrade though at least their horse has better armor in comparison to Sturgian.

    So imo warhorses should be needed just for true heavy cavalry while light / medium cavalry shouldbe fine with regular horses and also protection of horse - horse harness should be really balanced according to their expenses.
  9. PeteSKTemplar

    The whole "buy horse to level up troops to horsemen" thing is illogical

    I think the good solution for time being might be an option like with death and no death settings from the start of new campaign to have also option to have horses individually required by player as it is now or horse would be in level upgrade included like "gear", same as in predecessors.

    I understand that to make AI to take care of horses same way as player and in some regions where are no horses produced (Sturgia) would take much more work to figure out that than this option to choose.

    I even would welcome to have "noble" units optionable either as we have now or having option to make T5 unit into noble line perhaps starting as T3 with possibility to level up ofc. (Main reason Batania - archers, and Empire - unlike other bandits the looters will not change to viglas.)

    When seeing such different behavour of leaders of factions toward their nobles - like some never giving any fiefs so nobles (for me Sturgian leader seems worst) leave I would like also an option to have "deafult" behaviour for faction leaders or unique as we have.
  10. PeteSKTemplar

    Leveling system still unenjoyable and unbalanced

    Strange to see such thread in comparison to what it was right now finally I can level up anything I want no need to go after one skill for penalyt later almost stoped the growth. I play with death disabled ofc for aging for my taste is too fast so leveling if takes still some time is not big problem when there is no death around the corner. Well a new atribute point couild be more often than once per 4 levels (I would not mind even if for every 2nd lvl).

    Only one thing I understand what might cause "tiring" when with new patch new char is needed so something like character export / import would be really welcomed with just experience having perks unused or even a reset for perks would be cool.
  11. PeteSKTemplar

    Resolved Information Regarding the Smithing crash

    Seems like if I pay attention to not have any crafted weapon in inventory I do not get ctd when engaging looters. On the other hand it is sometimes quite easy to forget to get rid of crafted weapon when stamina is spent to smelt it or no money in town to sell it.
  12. PeteSKTemplar

    A 2H axe is not a baseball bat (Animation video test)

    I've never grown the patience to analyse details from Bannerlord, but that comparison is spot on!!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Baseball player meets Medieval setting

    Well, first rule of martial arts is always to protect yourself, and never lose your weapon (when using weapons), so doing the "hands close together" thing would probably get you killed in a real combat situation against trained people. Under formation, probably they could pull it off, but alone it'd be incredibly suicidal. Basic BJJ techniques could allow me to disarm you in a movement like that without me needing any weapons what-so-ever, once you commit the swing in a motion like that, someone could simply tap the back of your axe and it would either fly off your hands, or it would get stuck into something. It's way more likely that they used spread grip, only slightly moving the hands through the shaft, but never getting them close, and the fighting probably looked much more like Bo Staff than a "wood-chopping" contest. (I'm talking bio-mechanics and basic concepts for any martial artist, **** the manuscripts. Though I see usefulness into committing suicidal attacks under quite rare and strict circumstances, so it doesn't mean it's "forbidden", just that it was probably really really really rare)
    I agree with that but I do not see I wrote something wrong for shock troops were used to deliver dmg to already engaged enemy formation, kind of foot cavalry tactics. So it was not about dueling ofc. That is why I mentioned offensive and defensive stance. If you had Great axe and enemy before you who fights your comrades exposing their flank or back to you I doubt you would not use such sit for maximum impact:smile: Byzantines though used Varangians even for headlong chargé on many occasions not just for flanking so enemy could prepare for them but I guess their usually better equipment and moral lowered enemy efficiency to brace their chargé. If enemy did not brake (like Sicilian Normans) then they (Varangians) could take even heavy casualties (especially if confronted with crossbows) what we can read from Byzantine-Sicilian (Normans) fights for example.
  13. PeteSKTemplar

    A 2H axe is not a baseball bat (Animation video test)

    From my own experience with axe (2H too) I have to say that is is not possible to generalize the grip that easily. If I want to be fast like when be able to deflect opposite strike I would ofc hold it with my stronger arm (right) in the middle of a handle. When about using the axe for strike I would still hold the middle to raise it but then to get maximum force and to brace impact I would lower my grip of (right hand) middle of handle to the end of it next to my left hand. I do not know whether that would be possible to put this transition to animation but if not then at least one for defensive (more to middle of handle) and one for offensive (more at the and of handle) action could be done.
  14. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    I immediately learned to abandon army when siege has begun to join them in assault to get rep, relation... If I I did not leave the army I got nothing but loot.
  15. PeteSKTemplar

    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    Can agree to an degree here but its also because youre getting in to close while they are focusing on you. Even if im using my sword i try to keep as much distance as i can, while charging that is . You can couch to but then you really need to rely that youre accurate or else it can hurt. Also keep your eyes out for what type of weapon that (in this case) the looter have, which you prob already knew when it comes to the pitchfork :wink: then you need to be extra careful. I usually avoid spear men since its an big risk but it depends on the situation ofc if they arent really aware and hesitates on another target and so on.
    I do not use coushed attacks for it gives no exp to riding nor spear from my exp, when seeing looter with pitchfork I go close to him blocking his attack and hiting him if having short weapon if I have lance I use overhead attack mostly avoiding his.
  16. PeteSKTemplar

    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    I like that cavalry is to be like support for main line (infantry) as was typical for medieval times (same with archers being support unit not Hollywood "riflemen" oneshooting anything visible). In Warband it was just very bad even lightest Khergit Lancers if on open grounds would trample any even Nordic Huscarl army with some casualties unlike Swadian knights would mob them without any losses I guess.

    What I do not like is that charge is practically non existent - I mean I do not see coushed lance charges what wouldn´t be a big problem if that spear thrust attacks were more precise. It is just comical how such "profesional" looters can hit you precisely with short weapon runing from the side while you are at max speed having such precise "foot AI" precise and perfectly timing targeting while I have such difficulty to hit target but "mounted" AI being just terible opposite to "foot AI", like 1000 PING delay. Foot AI should be lowered from perfect to average with its precision and timing while mounted AI opposite ofc there is option to increase or decrease diff of game. But even on normal diff I just hate being so often hit by laser targeting looters while AI on horses would probably miss even an elefant (stationary):grin:.

    Perhaps there might be some improvement possible through commands like "attack" - charge at max speed while "advance" command would be slower and using 1h weapons (something like Byzantines kataphracts used before Westerners showed them their charge) what would be disasterous if enemy was prepared for them - spears prepared but if that enemy was pinned by your infantry that "advance" which would hit enemy and stayed there to club their heads to oblivion same time not being attacked much by spears for they were engaged already by your infantry then that "advance" would be kind of short wiping. That "attack" command would be best against archers I guess but against good infantry rather advance (from flank or rear ofc) when enemy is pinned by your own infantry.

    When thinking about coushed charge perhaps that perk on riding skill for melee cavalry might add that cavalry under command would use coushe charges or perhaps if most cavalry - heavy cavalry group of T6 units would automatically be enough skilled to do that. But still those charges should be made not individually as we have now but as one mounted falanx. I know we do not have one dismounted so to see mounted one is much to dream?.:smile:
  17. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Looter rocks still are way too good, they should have less of them and still drop the accuracy a bit. I picked up some rocks and holy **** are the those things accurate compared to other thrown weapons.
    Those are good to know when to retreat and shoot in another fight to get more exp for shooting them from their range is waste of oportunity to get more exp from larger distance:smile:
  18. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    I do not know if that would be possible for the engine but every weapon should be able to do not just particular type of dmg like cut, blunt, pierce but just pure weight of weapon plus your weight (armor included) and speed should add some blunt dmg (being in heavy gear with effect like almost mounted on a light horse). Onehanded axes especially are the case where I miss second type of dmg most for in reality an axe was not just for cut dmg but also almost mace for blunt dmg too which now in game always just wound enemy but in reality it was easily killing ppl not just wounding them (particularly when hitting head).

    Perhaps you can recall how Robert the Bruce defeated (killed) English knights with his axe while his squire using sword was just lucky to live long enough that Robert could help him (sword is not worse (besides more expensive) but different ofc also for defence unlike axe/mace pure offensive weapon (but with shield np).

    Even in case of great sword if hiting heavy armor which would stop cut dmg but still recieved that force - blunt dmg - enemy could be defeated with it even though with no cut wound just beating all energy out of him.
  19. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    As I wrote the distance is a key with higher range skill and ofc headshots. With bro we both experienced that while neck takes high dmg like head it gives less exp it seems (besides there are some perks for headshot dmg) also pierce dmg was better against head than blunt training bolts back then when were avaliable.

    Higher tier units are only good for roguery it seems for they have better gear so you do less dmg in comparison to looters. Only exemption I might add is ofc if high tier cavalry is at full galop against you when crazy movement speed bonus to dmg renders his armor to "texture" but in general I find it much easier to solo looters farming to level up my skills (to get athletics 1h thrusting or spear - easier with reach but pole has no shield perk). When I have army and join faction then my leveling of fighting skill usually slows so first solo for me.

    When I wanted to get xbow on horse I avoided tournaments to not level up other skills just xbow looter shooting for penalty on exp with higher level pushes that 175 perk to far far away galaxy.
  20. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Oh as if just range exp was problem no matter the weapon. Sometimes I wonder whether ppl tried other skills too to level up. Main requirenment is to not level up anything else much than your main skill you want because there is crazy penalty for exp with higher levels.

    For example bow from horse is too easy to level up - ofc talking about farming looters. Crossbow is worse in case of dreaming to get on the horse soon but if shooting at max range (I find it better to use 3rd person view) it is going up fine but it is totally pointless to shoot from close range if skill is higher, just retreat and shoot again from distance.

    Problem is and a big one that athletics get so funny little exp if shooting from foot but riding is going up crazy (same with riding when using melee). But athletics is bad with cut and blunt dmg just pierce looters by thrusting and it goes up ok but if player wants be 1h polearm and using shield for shield perks are just on onehanded as if polearm skill were for 2handed only. I would give onehanded polearms to o1h skill too.

    I leveled up also throwing with last char but main problem can not be solved with so few missiles why should I bother with heavy bags of javelins where every miss is very costly but very easy to do unlike other ranged weapons. It would be only ok for me if it was for Vigor line so melee oriented class could still do something at range (perhaps switching with polearm skill so range oriented class could have very good polearm skill pool).

    Right now I am most angry how AI do not recognize map real path but calculates via air path - with no water and mountains. For example I just quit (ragequit - have to admit) now when seeing how Raganvald created army close to Nevyansk castle I joined him but he was traveling to point to village on the oposite side of that norhern peninsula - Ustokol village if I recall so visually if there was no sea/water it would be ok but going whole week around to gather forces then going back gives enemy time to get another casle or even city. It is just unbeareable (as old bad looking soldiers and weak armor for better is unavaliable was not enough:smile:).
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