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  1. What happend to TaleWorlds?

    so we need to sue tw for scamming and let the other game design studio to finish bannerlord....this is the most stupid comment on this forum and is amazing since the bar was rly high like rly high but you manange to top the level of low IQ proved by op and other weirdows here like boy o boy...where to normal lawyer will take this for a lot of reasons and the big one is that when you buy the game is this message that the game is EA and in develpment plus the fact that the devs are wow contact with the players.Second you rly need proof of money scam like something more than your feels and I know you smart boyos will come with some "here is how can bernie can still win the election" rationament so yes my dude you manage to be the top dog in stupid post and the bar was high.Plus the let the other game studios do the game?who my dude not only is not a think just if idk the studio goes banckrupt or from theyr own will give the game to other studio since you know there is trade mark stuff plus intelectual property on the code...I know low IQ dudes like you op

    licked well
  2. Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that when you're at the second generation or so, you're fighting literally a buttload of Sturgian Aserais? Sturgian Khuzaits? Sturgian Vlandians and Battanians?
    D — diversity
  3. The game is actually worse. How?

    i wish they add some micromanagement over towns and castles so i can raise its prosperty so i be proud of it and erry1 else be jelly
  4. Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    with permadeath enabled you have a life & death cycle which is making the game more interesting to me than a static experience. in my opinion at least.
    I dont wanna lose my character after dozens of hours leveling and then get control over some of my usless weak children with random attributes. Same as AI, strong lord with awesome stats die-> his 1st lvl son with 0 skills become an army leader. doze siblings are just so crappy i dont even bother to have sex with my wife
  5. Keep Fights after Sieges - Good Idea, but

    so wy do u play with permadeath enabled? this is most stupidish feature ever
  6. Lords constantly defect v1.5.10

    u better join already existing kingdom. just bikoz that is simpler.
  7. Congratulations TW

    Talking as one of the competitive players, it shouldn't be that hard to update a game at least once in 2 months or add something new like maps, weapon changes etc. They only added 2 new maps to skirmish game mode and never did something really changes the game experience or at least makes it a little better, just like a joke XD. I have been playing bannerlord from the beginning of early access actively and now I decided to quit bannerlord after beast 6. Now developers can go and play their **** game themselves.

    If I wouldn't have any responsibilities and respect for my clan mates, I would instantly uninstall that garbage. I suggest you do the same.
    so wy did u bought this game, clown? ure sponsoring them. ure even worst then them
  8. What happend to TaleWorlds?

    so we need to sue tw for scamming and let the other game design studio to finish bannerlord
  9. Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    i want micromanagement in towns so i can do stuff and raise its prosperty n shiet
  10. to TALEWORLDS -> QA - do you have testers or just paid players?

    I bought Bannerlord on the day of the release
    WTHell? Where is the result?
    xdddddd totally kekus y got scammed
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    gad demmat will ya hurry up n release new patch? its already 2 months w\o updates
  12. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    Sorry if I made a mistake, English is not my first language.
    its ok no1 rly care, u did good
  13. Security and Loyality Drifts

    i wish we had micromanagement in towns
  14. How many of us even still have Bannerlord installed?

    2 months w\o updates so im waiting for something decent. didnt played for like a half a year. tried 1.5.7 and deleted it after 30 minutes
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