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  1. faradon

    Miner Wars

    So you like space games? Then surely you should follow the development of this good looking game! Just copying this from the site, because I'm a lazy ass. Game really looks promising and cool already...I'm gonna test the pre-alpha build in the next days.
  2. faradon

    Native OSP 3D Art Faradons Weaponry 0.5

    Some models I made recently, grab them here Pics: Give credits if you use them for your mod otherwise I´ll have to kick your ass Maybe I´ll make new weapons in the future, maybe not. Btw, no...
  3. faradon


    I often heard that WB makes env-prop-LODs possible. I guess those could really help with the low fps and stuff
  4. faradon

    Normal map interior

    Normal maps don´t look very good in indoor scenes, it´s like only under the sun the shaders use their specular and their full normal map power... Is there a way to improve the normal mapping when there are only non-sun lights around?
  5. faradon

    MP Fantasy [WB] Khazad-dûm (Banner added!)

    Khazad-dûm In the year 2989 of the third age the dwarf Balin, son of Fundin led an expedition into the dark deeps of Khazad-dûm. Khazad-dûm was once a kingdom founded by Durin the Deathless, filled with treasures and opulent artifacts, it´s architecture was breathtaking and stunned every...
  6. faradon

    [Suggestion]Adjustable height of the third person camera

    See topic title. This would be awesome for mods with smaller races, atm it´s not really cool to play a dwarf without seeing his cool shinig armour (or anything-.-) It would really help me (and other modders)´s even depending on that if I start a mod or not..
  7. faradon

    Faradons little smithy UPDATED 26.2.10

    So, I´ve always thought about making a thread like Talak did. So please post some ideas, I´m modelling and texturing for you  :) I would be happy about some cool maces, hammers and axes. (No armor except of helmets since it would be too time consuming) Download link...
  8. faradon

    Small tutorial. "Creating an axe"

    So, here´s a little tutorial about making an axe for mount&blade (mainly a tutorial about the blade....)..hope you like it killop5  :P At first, I highly recommend to use some concepts for modelling. It makes everything MUCH easier. 1.So, thats my concept for example: 2.A quick simple...
  9. faradon

    Sea battles?

    What about sea battles? The sea between Sarleon and Ravenstern seems to be perfect for it  :?:
  10. faradon

    Download: Map-Fix for 2.01 (unpassable bridge)

    For thoose who can´t use the map editor  :mrgreen: Here´s the map fix for the bridge near Rane: I also changed the map icon for a better fitting one^^ But it´s only possible to see it if you start a new game (with an old save of 2.01 you will...
  11. faradon

    2.01 savegame compatible?

    Hey, somehow it seems like the new patch is not savegame compatible? Everything on my map was on the wrong place (towns, villages....) :!: EDIT!: Oh! I see, it´s only compatible with the old map....sorry!
  12. faradon

    Performance Problem

    I have an annoying problem with my fps... When there are many npcs standing next to each other my fps go doooown.....and when they spread out again I get my normal 60+fps back... :evil: q6600,8800gt,3.5gb
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