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  1. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Who is paying who? Maybe the Aserai were already fighting another faction and offered enough money to make most SE lords agree
    Maybe thats the case. The Aserai was at war with Western Empire at the time, but from what i have already seen the kingdom which decided to make peace which is rhagea at this picture is the one that pays the tribute. I might be wrong though and rhagea pulled a check and mate here.
  2. Gortar

    Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Can we get the ability to make orders after battle ended back. I thought we already established that its stupid to take it away, like 3 patches ago. and how difficult it would be to just put it back in? @Dejan
  3. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    How do I see smithy on the map? Is it only when you walk around?
    When you open trade tab in towns on the top left, above town items you have the hammer icon (if i remember correctly) and when you hover over it shows villages belonging to town and workshops.
    You can also look on the notables names which suggest what shop they own, for example [name] the carpenter which means there is wood workshop in this town, also hover over them and see what they own: districts, shops and such.
  4. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    RIP Long Glaive. Has ANYONE seen it in 1.6 or 1.6.1 games being sold in the Khuzait towns? Good gear has been so rare lately.
    Look in towns with smithy and big prosperity.
  5. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Any particular reason on nerfing mail cavalier boots from 23 to 12? or is it just another "measured" attempt on balancing troop tree. Khuzait and imperial boots look similar with only front of the boot covered with reinforced material, but they still have 20 armor.
    Could you explain?
  6. Gortar

    Need More Info Crash when clicking on brother party, while he is travelling to join my army

    Summary: I created an army, then i was going in the direction of my brother, then when i could already see him on the map when i clicked on his party - instant crash. How to Reproduce: easy just create an army and do the same as above. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if...
  7. Gortar

    Resolved Legionary reinforced studded harness (and other unlogic armor values)

    Summary: Legionary reinforced studded harness and legionary studded harness have swapped sprites. Values and name are correct but the in game look is incorrect. Also while im at it i would advise you to revise the armors again if you have the time, casue some worse varriations of armors and...
  8. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Right now the death in battle is annoying to say the least, especially when lords with big advantage like to solo suicide charge into enemy.
    And because of it i actually need to reload saves, so my kingdom wont get depopulated to quick.
  9. Gortar

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Another hotfix that makes things worse, game stutters randomly and loading times are just bad. Unplayable at this moment.
    Hotfix Failed, we'll get 'em next time.
  10. Gortar

    Resolved Negative values on weapons

    I didnt encounter this problem anymore.
  11. Gortar

    Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Did you change anything else because that seems like a lot for 1.4gb download.

    As after this update it’s causing my map to crash every few minutes, all the files associated with the map are correct and my settings remain the same as they were before the hotfix

    None of those things should affect the map
    I think they may have add some new battle maps.
    I made a habit of verifying game files after each update and it helps.
  12. Gortar

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I disagree, loot is perfectly fine. Making it better would ruin the economy even more than it is already. Trading just cant keep the pace compared to the income from looting. Same goes with Roguery and village raids.
    We are not saying that there should be more loot, but we rather get one good item instead of 100 rags every battle. There is loot value cap anyway.
  13. Gortar

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I think they increased the chance of getting a gem in loot, because i got some pretty good equipment after battle. But the problem is with modifiers on items, like cracked, splintered, torn etc. It drastically reduces effectiveness of this items (armor gets -40%), for example tier 6 cracked bows are worse than hunting bows, and rusty woodland chainmail is worse than almost any tier 4 armor. As it is now, the only option is to sell these things and you can buy better ones(tier 3,4) with this money.

    They need to add an option to repair it, they can even divide it to 2 separate groups:
    - beyond repairing - broken, torn, splintered, cracked
    - can be repaired - worn, rusty, scratched, bent, crude
    Possibly ad new prefixes and balance existing ones.
  14. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    So no hotfix for missing icons and textures until tuesday? Feels bad man
    1.5.7 no problems? anyone?
  15. Gortar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Wait, why? This was very useful in helping to distinguish which armor came from where, especially if you want to equip characters or followers with gear from their appropriate faction. Could we please revert this change?
    The problem is that factions share equipment, so they cant be unique to just one kingdom. there are not that many different boots for example so every faction uses mail boots and splint boots.
    If you really wanna know what your faction uses, you can check in encyclopedia.
  16. Gortar

    Were horse archers intentionally made more dumb?

    You dont need to improve any combat AI when all of them are equally dumb.
  17. Gortar

    Quests are for early game only so there should be less focus on it

    You can make 20,000+ from "Landlord needs Manual Laborers."
    Yep, I never ransom bandit bosses and high tier, mounted bandit units, when i have a lot of them i look for this quest.

    TIP: And i always visit the notables when i already want to sell my prisoners. Accept the quest and sell my prisoners in one go. This way the other notable have no chance to speak to me and i dont get relationship penalty with him.
  18. Gortar

    How does Armor works? Are there different types of damage depending the weapon? And does Armor has defense types?

    yeah, it really should be reworked, right now armor is too weak and there is no reason to use anything other than blunt aswell, it's as if armor was painted on the body or something lol

    maybe adding more values to armor to create a paper/scissor/rock system? just like damage is divided they could separate armor rating into things like deflection, absorption and hardness (just examples from the top of my mind) and add them accordingly to each armor based on their tier and visual representation.

    a Gambeson would have bad deflection, good absorption and medium hardness for example making it weak against cut, good against blunt and medium against pierce.
    Such a good suggestion, and its so obvious to take this route. But im almost certain that its gonna be labeled as "too complex" back to console port.
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