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  1. Opening Captain Mode servers ?? When?

    Hi All, hope everyone is doing well. I was watching youtube and viewing all the new footage of the skirmish mode. However I typed in "Bannerlord Beta Captain Mode" and only one thing had popped up. It was from a french youtuber named " Elwaen" who had footage of captain mode in beta. So i was...
  2. PC Gamers Weekend No Show But will not tell us why

    We want to know why? Are you working on a video for the community ohhh wait. Its Been 6 months and still no new video nice *sarcastic clapping*
  3. Bannerlord Funny Video

    Link to a solid meme created by HT John BTW its just for a laugh
  4. PC Gamers Weekend Things You Want to See

    Hi all please vote for two things you wish to see at PC Gamers Weekend 2018 Many of these options I have created was from another topic called: PC Gamers Weekend. They're from people who have commented. If I have missed something don't shy away, please tell me as I would like to learn more.  ...
  5. PC Gamers Weekend

    Things We all hope they show or talk about at PC Gamer Weekend.  list your comments please ;):)

    Hi everyone if you watch the video below and fast forward to 1min you will see the siege I'm talking about. But I'm very curious too know what happened after the battering ram destroyed the door.  But sadly the video cuts off  :cry:. Just wandering if anyone know where to find the last bit...
  7. 2018 Relaease Date and Happy New Year

    Its 2018 hopefully its the year bannerlord is released and we can all be able to enjoy the satisfaction of crushing your enemies. 2018 looks like the year bannerlord will be released as past footage of gameplay look immaculate and ready to play soo. I believe a release may happen between...

    They deserve it Mount a Blade Warband was an amazing game January the 4th is when they tell us if Warband won. I Believe it will. What are your thoughts?? *January the 4th is a Thursday the blog may be about the award?*
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