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  1. [B] OSP Warband Item Variants 1.6 RELEASED (New Screens)

    Well, gotta say, i love all the new colors! So much fun, nothing looks the same!  :mrgreen:
    But the custom troop tree & names are throwing everything off/ especially with no troop tree posted (no sword sisters!).
    Can we get a clean -yet new and improved- version of troops.txt? (Thanks)
    I have to say though, finding i have longbowmen instead of huntress' was kinda funny :smile:

    BTW people, make sure that when you change the item_kinds1.txt, that you change that first number directly under 'itemsfile version'. (update first post please)
    Basically it states how many items are there. Change it so its +529, to say that you added 529 (or however many) new items.
  2. [S] Arena Overhaul mod [released for Warband SP]

    Looks very cool!
    Though i would recommend removing the ai mesh from under things like the bridges; just to clarify for the ai (helps especially for mulit-tiered contraptions)
    ah, wish i did my arena mod with warband... well, have to get back to it  :mrgreen:
  3. How do you play 1866??

    building up a small army (aka 15-30 people  :lol: ) i usually have a shotgun of some sort, sniper and longer melee weapon.
    Its nice because i can go circles around the people on my horse, run away, get some nice shots off, get close and blast a whole line of them. And poke them with something sharp if i get too close.
    Used to use dynamite. Until i found my aim sucks and the sparks are the placemarker for the explosion. Great fun blowing half the team up  :mrgreen:
  4. What kind of M&B player are you? (Read the topic before answering the poll pls)

    I love squashing my enemies! But only when the chance happening passes  :mrgreen:
    so thus i choose hybrid
  5. Bug reports thread

    Not sure if i'm outdated or not reading something....
    but the rhodok troop tree has a loop in it.
    You go crossbowmen -> healer -> crossbowmen -> healer
    and then healer -> spearman -> healer -> crossbowmen -> healer -> spearman ect
    i was hoping to find heavy crossbowmen..
  6. Heavy weapon swings wound multiple opponents.

    personally, i would like to able to smack someone with a heavy object and have them stumble (and blunder?) back into 3 other people; they all fall down! An antecedent for me to pull out my bow and shoot them in the face as they get back up!  :mrgreen:
  7. Killing the feet!

    you might as well complain about the size of the shields! They cover everything! and only leave like 2cm of thier feet to shoot at
  8. gfx card required to play at fullHD?

    dryhte said:
    It wouldn't help either since I use XP 32bit.
    Aww... too bad.
    But it does help to have ram, even if it is more than 32 bit can 'handle'. Your games and such can use the extra 5.xxgb of ram that windows can't see
    Anyway, have fun with your system!
  9. gfx card required to play at fullHD?

    dryhte said:
    I noticed everybody here has 4GB ram.

    How much memory does M&B use when you play on 1920x1080? I noticed it often uses more than 1,5GB on my rig, with its 2GB... (playing at 1280x1024) I might have to add some memory as well...
    well if you're concerned about quantity (of ram) rather than price, go with 8gb then!  :mrgreen:  It couldn't hurt
  10. gfx card required to play at fullHD?

    actually you'll only need a 4830 ($95ish at most)
    I have a Core 2 dou e7300, 4gb ocz ram, and a nice msi 4830 (overclocks very well)
    i normally play at 1680*1050, with EVERYTHING (max settings, panoramic mod,buidling replacement mod, standard upgrade mod, punkts high resolution mod, and hdr)
    Good perfromance with no AA and around 250 troops, but @1080P i have to overclockto get the same nice-n-high (normally 70-110 fps with max fps @ 200)
    um...i'm done
  11. Battlesizer - How many soldiers do you manage to get on the field?

    amondrubee said:
    El-Diablito said:
    amondrubee said:
    1000 on a self modified power laptop. I had all graphical settings set to max as well.

    What sort of specs do you have for that?

    Intel Core i7 processor. 4GB SD RAM, 6144MB virtual memory, gtx280 graphics card, and some optimizing softwares. I turn off anti-virus programs, etc, and run the game using max settings. My laptop always overheat after 3-4hrs due to overclocking, even when placed on top of a mini-freezer, so I have to turn it off for 5-10 minutes after that time. So far I've not seen a single crash. In sieges at the start I do feel a slight lag but after that second it runs smoothly.
    ooooh i7 in a laptop. but only 4gb?
    I've not tried overclocking with mount&blade, at least @ 1680*1050. I do it when i hook it up to the hdtv @ 1920*1080i.
    I also forgot to mention i have weapon replacement thingy (standard upgrade i think), the panoramic mod (new ligthing and such), building replacement, and some other minor enhancements.
  12. Battlesizer - How many soldiers do you manage to get on the field?

    i have 200 soldier with everything (save anti-aliasing) on. And ENB Series stuff
    run at 35fps minimum until i look at the pile of corpses during seiges (12fps roughly)
    and oddly, i get lower framerates with DX7, but i think it has to do with Windows 7  :razz:
    amondrubee said:
    1000 on a self modified power laptop. I had all graphical settings set to max as well.
    i highly doubt this. Especially since it's a laptop.
  13. Screenshots

    Found HDR again! I feel happy! (notice the framerate? 8 frames to render)
  14. Graphic Card

    Make sure to research what you plan on buying!
    Just so you don't buy crap hardware (i have an e7300; if i had waited a few weeks i could've gone amd and bought a 7750 and saved $30)
  15. Graphic Card

    simple and cheap: R4830 (MSI 4+1 gfx card)
    about $95, overclockable to hd 4850 speeds.
    A very nice card, dx10 and yeah...but i have dx10 mircro stuttering (which, by the way, is not just ATI related)
    if you don't have the computer for such cards, don't do it.
    an 8500GT is good for mount&blade, at 1440x900 no AA and everything else maxed (YEAH!) and its fairly cheap.
  16. Zombie Onslaught Tower Defence (WIP 0.86 - Demo Updated)

    i got pretty far... level 23+ with 900+ resources (no buildings like command post, but i had artillary)
    maybe you can buy more land? lol
    and i found a glitch/cheat
    As long as both exits are not block, you can 'quarentine' zombies, and then they don't move...
    also got a glitch with setting sound to 0.
    Hope you find motivation!
  17. Zombie Onslaught Tower Defence (WIP 0.86 - Demo Updated)

    looking for M&B stuff, end up spending 4 hours playing this!
    Might be a dead thread though...
    anyways, great fun! gets better the longer you play (i like the achievments)
    I got to at least level 16 somewhere somehow...
    my only gripe (besides incomplete graphics) is it gets ridiculous when a normal zombie has 1700+ health (and everything else has like 5000 or 12000 health); maybe quantity vs quality?

    love it!
  18. Screenshots

    eh, i don't like those settings; to dreamy for me. I'm using my own custom ones now, its actually rather engaging, modifying all the thingies  :smile:
    heres one i like

    prepare for christmas!
  19. Screenshots


    HDR is fun to mess with, but i can only get good dusk-till-dawn settings. maybe one day
  20. HDR in Mount and Blade!

    hrm... well, thanks.
    Time to go mess with that. might be while though  :mrgreen:
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