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  1. Big battles: GPU or CPU driven

    CPU is the bottleneck if you turn your settings down to and notice no difference between low and very low.

    GTX970M is still kinda weak though.

    Also, gaming laptops are weird and I have no idea why people would buy them.
  2. What do you think about population?

    People have been saying "modders will fix it" for every bad mechanic for literal years, with not a single modder saying they would be willing to make all these changes. The thing is that modders do what they do for fun, and fixing bugs and adding basic mechanics is not fun. I'm a modder and I don't want to touch bannerlord with a barge pole, to be honest.

    Because at this stage of development making a total overhaul mod or changing core mechanics is pointless. There are much more fundamental issues that need to be sorted out first. How are you going to have a population mechanic when soldiers are suiciding off the wall in sieges and looters and bandits respawn out of thin air?
  3. [UNPOPULAR OPINION] The amount of "mods" on nexus will KILL the game

    Maybe if they actually fixed issues in a timely matter then tweaks and bug fix mods wouldn't be necessary.
  4. No wonder A.I. constantly votes for war...if 200 a day is the target profit for workshops,

    FIX THE PHAT LEWTZ ECONOMY. Selling junk to Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe should not be the way to make money. War should be costly, not profitable.
  5. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    I don't know that it is intentional but you make it sound like the two are competing forces. That doesn't make any sense to me.

    They are though. Different code with different content and you can only choose one.
  6. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    When the EA was first released I was on the side of TW. Now that they've apparently given up and are doing nothing but getting in the way of people who are actually fixing the game, I'm on the side of modders.
  7. Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    Much better to have a three or four-times better paying job being a code-monkey for financial or medical sector and not have to live on crunch time half the year at best.
    Which is why pre-planning and feature lockdown is essential. If your development team doesn't know what they should be aiming to achieve (look at the whole economy thing in Bannerlord as an example), throwing code at it to see what sticks is not the best way to approach it.
    Somebody who can't check their basic math or run a tooltip text over a spellcheck is not giving it a "good effort" in the slightest from where I'm standing.
    Yeah, silly people expect something actually more elaborate than a reskin-of-a-reskin now that the company is such a large studio with such a large budget. All those dev blogs touting this and that feature that ends up either completely scrapped (seriously, the "building castles won't work because balance" is such a cop-out excuse) or a placeholder.

    Hell, look at the situation with autocalc. Taleworlds went on trying to "balance" lord party composition long before they finally realized (not least because people kept drumming about it) that autocalc was a serious issue in the respect with its "throw digital dice, pick who dies" original form.

    So, somebody got tasked to remaking it into something more usable. The end result? It STILL doesn't, last I looked at it, really consider anything like numerical advantage, unit types, or map terrain. It's complex enough in terms of "mano-a-mano" matchups, but completely ignores the fact that it's supposed to serve resolution of, at least, a party vs party conflict, not some gladiatorial "line up and attack one by one" fights.

    And this isn't just autocalc, I've seen the same approach applied to pretty much every game element. If you don't plan ahead, this is exactly what you end up with - trying to "fix" the symptom, not the cause, and then throwing bandaids that completely ignore the larger picture because you're so fixated on "fixing" just that one problem you got told to resolve.

    This game lacks basic elements that would tie it together into an enjoyable experience. Cities starve (because no pre-planning ensured prosperity was not a one-way street in terms of food consumption), so Taleworlds is fixing the interaction between villages and towns... completely ignoring that it's something that WILL get disturbed by (presumably) enhanced banditry implementation (or we're left with "whack-a-looter-lord" for final release), or even increasing party sizes in later game having a meaningful impact on marketplace offering in later game. Much less the end result of several in-game years of constant raiding and pillaging that villages can't recover from with current implementation, either. Or even the coming changes to lords' parties or kingdom campaign AI implementation.

    My impression at this point is that Taleworlds are trying to put together a complex piece puzzle while obsessing on one corner, then realizing other parts are empty and going tunnel-vision on another.

    And I'm sure a lot of people involved, at this point, are in the burnout stage as well - when you see limited progress, you end up disillusioned about a project no matter how enthusiastic you started.

    It's not that WE, the customers, need a roadmap first and foremost. Taleworlds needs one (and not necessarily one with time schedule), if only so that they understand their own creation and what it should try to achieve.

    (And yes, I have been a part of multiple gaming projects, large and small, both professionally and - for years now - as a hobby. Which is what a lot of my criticism comes from, because this is no longer the 1980s - or 90s - where people were still figuring out "how to gamedev.")
    True, I've been of the "let them work in peace for however long and judge by the end result" crowd of former defenders. I didn't follow the dev blogs religiously. Didn't even know castle building (you know, the thing that individual hobbyist modders managed to get into Warband with all its engine limitations) was scrapped.

    My bad, should've done my homework in that regard. Didn't know they went with the asinine "villages aren't individual entities, not really" change, either. Things like that.

    Still would've shrugged and enjoyed the game if it a) worked, b) made it enjoyable.

    Instead, I've had my fun with the field battles (at least small scale ones, because the mosh pit behavior and pathing on sieges pretty much makes them things to get over with, not enjoy). Nothing much else there to enjoy, anyway. Came over to see if there's any news of the supposed "big patch" that got delayed last Friday because "holidays," but at this point I'm just playing other things. I enjoy participation in EA, but as I wrote - this isn't one, and it certainly is not a "playable game" beyond the initial impression at this point. Taleworlds doesn't even seem to understand that they have tens of thousands of man-hours worth of testers at their fingertips, and to get the most out of it they SHOULD be directing people's attention to specific parts of the game they want tested. Which is something going back to a roadmap (or just simple EA communication), because then you can point at it and simply explain that Feature B is not really implemented yet, and won't work well, but you'd appreciate any and all feedback regarding the newly re-implemented Feature A.

    Studio of 50+ employees (working from home or not), all these sales, and they couldn't have even bothered to set up somebody to organize the "testers" for most effective feedback, much less just "community management" in general terms. Meh.

    I don't mind the $45 I spent, either. I'm just annoyed at all the wasted potential.

    This is the truest post.
  8. Archers need a nerf.

    There are multiple problems with cavalry vs. archers:

    - horses can't really trample -- they tend to just make archers slide out of the way when they collide and take 3 charging damage
    - quickly moving a bow -- even so much that the archer's feet need to shuffle -- has zero impact on accuracy
    - bows do too much damage
    - bows fire 2-3x faster than archers did in reality (aiming is wayyyyyy too fast)
  9. Why the hell is the Tannery so overpowered?

    However, if a system is that off kilter that the first step is a nerf, that leads me to believe the design was inherently flawed.

    If anything it'd indicate the opposite.
  10. Why the hell is the Tannery so overpowered?

    Pretty sure this is related to something weird in the code regarding workshops and trade goods. Tanneries take hides as input, and for some reason hides are treated very special in their production speed:

    private float FindTotalInputDensityScore(Settlement bornSettlement, WorkshopType workshop, IDictionary<ItemCategory, float> productionDict)
                int num = 0;
                for (int i = 0; i < bornSettlement.GetComponent<Town>().Workshops.Length; i++)
                    if (bornSettlement.GetComponent<Town>().Workshops[i].WorkshopType == workshop)
                float num2 = 0f;
                foreach (WorkshopType.Production production in workshop.Productions)
                    num2 += production.ConversionSpeed;
                float num3 = 0f;
                foreach (WorkshopType.Production production2 in workshop.Productions)
                    foreach (ValueTuple<ItemCategory, int> valueTuple in production2.Inputs)
                        ItemCategory item = valueTuple.Item1;
                        float num4 = (item != DefaultItemCategories.Hides) ? Campaign.Current.Models.VillageProductionCalculatorModel.CalculateProductionSpeedOfItemCategory(item) : 3f;
                        float num5 = 0f;
                        if (productionDict.TryGetValue(item, out num5))
                            num3 += num5 / num4 * (production2.ConversionSpeed / num2);
                num3 *= (float)workshop.Frequency * (1f / ((1f + (float)num) * (1f + (float)num) * (1f + (float)num)));
                num3 = (float)Math.Pow((double)num3, 0.800000011920929);
                return num3;

    Specifically, look at this part:

    foreach (ValueTuple<ItemCategory, int> valueTuple in production2.Inputs)
                        ItemCategory item = valueTuple.Item1;
                        float num4 = (item != DefaultItemCategories.Hides) ? Campaign.Current.Models.VillageProductionCalculatorModel.CalculateProductionSpeedOfItemCategory(item) : 3f;
                        float num5 = 0f;
                        if (productionDict.TryGetValue(item, out num5))
                            num3 += num5 / num4 * (production2.ConversionSpeed / num2);

    Hides for some reason have a specific production speed of 3 while others are variable.
  11. My game wife died in childbirth

    she died in childbirth at the age of 75? What did she break both hips pushing?

    That says 25.
  12. Why Do Villages Buy Junk?

    cuz ph4t lw3tz dude

    Seriously though, it makes no sense and needs to change. The economy is nonsensical and nonfunctional as long as TaleWorld thinks selling junk and hoboslaying are integral parts of the game.
  13. [Important] we need something like the skyrim's creation kit

    At the end of day, it's the volume of the modding community that matters.

    Not so sure about that...
  14. Traits can it be raised?

    Character Creation pretty clearly tells you when you get a trait to start with. Go make a character and read them. Example picking you treated people well gives you all but one positive trait.

    It doesn't clearly tell you anything and most of the sources of trait XP are nonsensical if you look through the code.
  15. Loving the "Declare War/Offer Peace" option... but...

    In the first place there shouldn't be so many wars. If anyone is worried about boring peace time, it could be replaced with skirmishes in the border between 2 kingdoms. Big armies on campaign should be ocasional events.

    Second, once a kingdom suffers a big defeat it should buy peace, not necessarily losing land even if enemy took a fief. Like someone said those taken lands are not well defended yet, so in peace negotiations the loser can recover that fief as part of their core lands, and buy peace with money, goods, horses,.... , or another fief not part of their core.

    This was common in war because both parts were losing money left and right and they wanted to end the bleeding. This solves the problem of factions wiped out too soon, and factions snowballing too fast.

  16. Loving the "Declare War/Offer Peace" option... but...

    Right now its pretty pointless you make peace and the faction you made peace with from my experience just goes to war again in like half a day. They need to add some kind of time limit like the factions can not go back to war for a week or month or whatever.

    They need to add a reason they shouldn't.
  17. "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    Looks like both aren't even implemented. Good. Get rid of this nonsense.
  18. Rather than looking at more ways to punish player for Executing, change AI behavior.

    I disagree, you forgot the whole point to this : Keeping your prisoners, barter them for peace. Replacement heroes would just serve that purpose, allowing an ennemy to keep defending itself while still letting you keep a bargaining chip.

    It decrease the need to execute a lord simply because it's worth it to keep them alive and less usefull to kill them. Aaand there is no increased penalty for you should you chose to do so

    What 'bargaining chip' would you have if the enemy doesn't actually need that lord? If they have a ready and willing replacement, why would they need him? The game mechanics do not support the silly replacement lord mechanic. It's another bandaid on top of a bandaid which is on top of a bandaid and the wound is still gushing and painful.

    The game needs a functional economy and logistical/economic limits to army sizes, not the silly number of lords * average troop limit = strength formula that it inherently uses now. That's the core of the issue and TaleWorlds is so far from tackling it that they haven't even acknowledged it.
  19. Rather than looking at more ways to punish player for Executing, change AI behavior.

    Guys, come on... This stuff is in the works already, just give it time. Once all the relevant features are in the game they can work on more robust solutions to the snowballing problem, but for the time being it's quicker and easier to tackle the issue the way they have so the game has some stability during longer campaigns.

    Executions fall under the same catagory of, "it's risky to remove penalties while there is no replacement system."

    Replacement heroes sounds like zombie lords with new names each time their zombie horde rushes you. Not a real solution.
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