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  1. Wojski

    How to get wife pregnant? over 1 year married with she in my party

    Maybe she is shy doing it in armys tents with you... With your companions on the other hand...
  2. Wojski

    Musket Era I cant use The Deluge Mod

    Use installer from modB.

    The one from steam workshop should work but check the modules folder if its named Deluge, or "The Deluge". The second one is correct.
  3. Wojski

    EU Mod Battle Open Deluge Naval Cup

    <<<This entry is no longer actuel.>>>
    Ship name
    : Mokra Lisiczka (Wet Vixen)
    Team Tag: Lisowczycy
    <<<This entry is no longer actuel.>>>

    -Jak lecicie na 3/4 żagli, 6 węzłów na przechyle baksztagiem to nie boicie sie wypierdolić?
  4. Wojski

    Scene Design Contest

    incredible environments! some submission are top notch and could easily be included in the game.
    so sad only so little posted WIPs, I am surprised by all these amazing scenes. looking forward to play some of them !
    If you're able to add it to custom battle scenes list I can upload you my work so you can enjoy it.
  5. Wojski

    a couple of questions :)

    I am actually 3d modeler and scener for bannerlords deluge and a big XVII century enthusiast. My advice: get warband when its discounted on steam - it costs less than a coca-cola, or cigarette pack. Join a clan and get involved in events - best experience ever. Bannerlord - well leave it for now if you have hard financial time - i myself because of pandemic have the same. Sold my PC on which i could play bannerlord and left with wooden laptop so i can play warband atleast.

    Well I do not have any favourite faction, although i am polish so i should like PL Commonwealth but I like diversity of XVII century. Its sometimes chilly to just travel along steppes on your horse with a bow, sometimes its fun to shoot canon and lay siege on star fortress, the other time i like marching and fire muskets from a line then go melee with berdishes.

    Best wishes.
  6. Wojski

    a couple of questions :)

    This mod is finished and is not planned to be developed anymore.

    2,3 - these are some developers decision to bring balance and a historical accuracy ( i think its most perceived factor in this mod - unlike wfas which focuses on fast balanced esports like playstyle, Deluge is more clunky, slower, darker and yet more demanding in certain actions to do eg. Shooting cannons, carrying large weapons, reloading muskets, building fortifications etc.

    Factions tends to present historical accurate vibes with weapons and armors, unit formations etc. They try to mimic the real feeling of warfare in middle XVII century. Eg. You asked about Muscovite Tsardom: firearms wielders developed from early XVII century, so they are more orginazed in imitation of west countries: equiped with greater firearms, unificated clothes such as piechota nowego stroja, reiters. They lack of great and swift horses as PL Commonwralth though.

    You should really try out this module and play some events every tuesday - its fun!
  7. Wojski

    BL 3D Art Cannot import .obj file into OpenBRF

    Try exporting it as an fbx file. Im also trying to make a mod. I could use help with the weight painting. I have a few nice armor sets id be willing to share if u can help me figure a few things out. here is my discord. Claiton_Bigsby#2584

    Export it as a .fbx as mentioned before, export mesh only. Then you can dropt it in bannerlord.

    Hint: you can mark materials there bannerlord will find them.
  8. Wojski

    BL Other Adding new material as ground texture

    Cannot remember the author will update it later, he shared with us this and other stuff:
  9. Wojski

    BL Scening Heightmap for the "Valley of the Kings" ?

    I tried that one too but result is similar. And, i dont want to use modding kit before preparing a proper heightmap.
    Maybe i just need to give up for Valley of Kings; hobby project.

    But, you or others can bring this place to Bannerlord's sp/mp..
    One day we may see it right? I hope you -the modders- do it in the future.

    Thanks for the answer btw @FoozleMcDoozle
    I used as well, and i was satysfied with the result. The trick is with the scale during importing it and finding out depressions and other areas under sea level - but you can actually set that from website level.

    It does not its work to historical campaign though since scale is too small.
  10. Wojski

    Paying for 3d models

    Did you found some1 already?
  11. Wojski

    Scene Design Contest


    Forum username: Wojski
    Scene name: slavic_village


    And after harvesting season we went for the war.

  12. Wojski

    BL Scening Villagers/NPC Not Spawning...

    I kinda did it your way, some animals started roaming, but those retarded villagers spawns like that:


    IDK what i did wrong, debug tool doesn't shows anything.

    ++ quick talk background doesn't work either way.
  13. Wojski

    BL Scening Villagers/NPC Not Spawning...

    Im struggling the same issue ATM. I got a question, how did you saved your map as empire_village_003? Did you copied files of the map to empire_village_003 folder or did another way?
  14. Wojski

    Scene Design Contest

    You can find an explanation on how to both create bandit camps and use the debug window to check if you placed the correct amount of entities in our documentation. To check if the scene works to the fullest extent, you would have to replace it with one of the native villages and test it during a campaign.
    Very well explained, thank you for your effort.
  15. Wojski

    Scene Design Contest

    Is it possible to look at any vlandia village? Is there any example?
    You are able to do so, but unfortunately without ground elevation (dont ask me why I either have no clue) should be down: Native/SandboxCore/SceneObj/.
    There are 3 bandit camps in every village scene. The feature has been there since the start. They're usually hidden in the forest areas or at some other remote location, just have a look around :xf-wink:
    You mean 3 "tents" or simmilar size structures with some rubbish around and some sp_npc animation about sitting, talking and waiting?
    Im struggling RN with coding eveything, and this one is bothering me most. When i look on some sp villages those 3 camps around villages looks like they are grouped and scripted, but I ain't sure about that. And how to test if my map works?
  16. Wojski

    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: Wojski
    Do you have a mic? Guaranteed.
    Would you be interested in being a captain? I don't think so.
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: Yes sir.
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? I work on two switches, so some weeks I am available after 10pm CEST.
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? As long as those hoe rats brings me scratch.

    Wait, are EU players can also join?
  17. Wojski

    Impressions from a new player

    Today I discovered couched lances
    Feints and chamber blocking incoming soon!

    Fyi, glad that people apriciate this awesome game. I started my journey also a bit late, 2 years ago with warband but I caught up.
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