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  1. BenKenobi

    The Mariner's Shanty

    Time for some activity!

    For the first time went through border check / customs duty because we sailed from ... Slovenia to Croatia! :grin:

    Also, had a kind-of-racing ship borrowed that had some quirks like not being able to have sunroof deployed together with sails and only around 5kts max speed on engine, but it managed to do 5kts on sails on 8kts wind which I found quite impressive. Especially considering my knowledge of sails doesn't go beyond horizontal tell-tales good, flickering tell-tales bad.

    Also did 8 knots on sails which may very well be my top speed so far. Would be slightly higher, if it were not for waves. And if I deployed genoa in full. But since I am a sail noob, I havent figured out how to set the main sail so the ship does not fight its own rudder (or tilt so heavy the rudder stops responding) with full genoa and therefore had to have it on +-3/4 of volume.

    Finally, we decided to try dinghy photoshoot which turned much better than expected, except for the fact that we did it on the last day with 2-3kts wind so there is nothing sporty about the photos. First half of the week has 15-20kts of wind. Duh, talk about being unlucky.

  2. BenKenobi

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

  3. BenKenobi

    What made you awestruck or astonished today?

    Since there is no "What made you proud of yourself" thread, I take this one to present my greatest life achievment so far! Personal life, job or academic successes are one thing, but this is beyond all this:


    I must be a literal god of parallel parking. Between my black car and the one in front of it is a space of about 2mm. The cars are not touching and to my best knowledge have not touched. Could not be arsed to reverse 10 cm just for the photo
  4. BenKenobi

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    They now experiment (not even in the beta test branch yet, though) with giving purpose to party loyalty that should in essence be similar to faith.
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    If it's mostly green, it is the Russians. If it's mostly blue, it is the French. If it's mostly white, it is the Austrians.
  6. BenKenobi

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    I think the "tanks and military vehicles" was an artistic licence of the chronicler for a ragtag group of trucks, halftracks and horse carriages, because from the description of the skirmish that took place afterwards, we know that upon sighting the Germans, two Soviet soldiers - a rifleman and a submachine gunner - opened fire on the German column from a tower. The German column then reversed and retreated with no losses on life, though leaving behind an abandoned Kettenkrad.

    Hard to say whether two men would be able to stop a column spearheaded by actual tanks. Although, to be honest, if I were a German on 9th of May, I would probably also not be that keen to fight anyone actually shooting at me.
  7. BenKenobi

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Starting little soviet republic, aren't we?
    Aye. To be honest, as far as logistics / city builders go, it is the best one I know.

    That being said, I haven't played it for at least half a year because I am still designing that map in the editor :grin:
  8. BenKenobi

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    Talk aboud bad luck

    On 9 May 1945, Red Army tanks reached Třebíč (a city in Czechoslovakia). A short official greetings of the liberators took place on the central Charles square. Apparently, the cheering was audible in other parts of the city as well so when another column of tanks and military vehicles entered the city in Nové Dvory, a different district of Třebíč, citizens gathered in the streets, waved Czech flags and threw flowers onto the vehicles. That is until they found out that the tanks are not Soviet but German. German soldiers were also surprised that the people that hated them until now are greeting them with cheers and flowers. Citizens of the district then dispersed and hid in their homes. The German column continued until it reached the central square where it met the Soviets and a short skirmish took place.
  9. BenKenobi

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    So all in all that is why I am afraid and reluctant to see next generations being taught history by the videogame industry (without supervision - like there is any nowadays).
    Depends on the game :razz:

    (this is just a friendly jab, nothing serious)
  10. BenKenobi

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I agree that ethical WW2 games should provide at least one campaign scenario where the consequences of Nazi ideology are painfully visible, like Allied liberation of a concentration camp or mass shootings if you play as a German. The player may feel uncomfortable for a moment, but these things tend to leave an impression and it's something that needs learning.
    One of the greatest scenarios in pretty much any HoI is the Götterdämmerung - a 1944 post D-day German defense (difficult but not outright impossible like the Jan 1945 one). The satisfaction from achieveing a 14 days stalemate on the eastern front or even from consolidating the Luftwaffe in the neveredning grindfests that Allied bombing bring is a wonderful experience. And it is quite hard to achieve that. I know the HoI policies on war crimes but I believe this is where holocaust events should come into play - as events that give you net advantages with the only disadvantage being the moral implications. Harsh crackdowns on civilians to suppress partisans and improve TC a bit? Authorise slave labour to help with the U-boat production? Yes, please. There should be some dilemma and there should be a concrete advantage of doing evil things (this also goes for RPG games where, even sticking just to stats and mechanics, being evil is usually flat-out worse than being good). Otherwise you either get games that avoid the topic altogether or games that take you on a roller coster ride to show you that genocide is bad. Duh.

    Secondly, the authors should have the artistic freedom to focus the narrative of the campaign in any way they like. If they want to stress the senselessness of 1945 fighting, so be it. If they want to focus it on comraderie, so be it. If they want to show relations between family members or the front and the interior, so be it. If they have any focus that does not revolve around war crimes, so be it. If the direction you seek with the German campaign is the same as all your other campaigns, except that your trucks have crosses instead of stars on them, so be it. Having nazis in your game doesn't require you to also include a proportion of nazi war crimes and the vehicle to your heroism / cowardice / sense of duty portrayal can be Mr Smith as well as Mr Schmitt.

    And, Jacob, I still wonder from where you take that CoH2 is denialist clean wehrmacht rubbish. You don't play as the Germans and consquently the Germans almost never get any screen time in the campaign (haven't played the Ardennes campaign, though, so if it is something related to that one, I can't know). Is it denialist because it takes a very far fetched hard stance on the Soviets while NOT taking any stance on the Germans?
  11. BenKenobi

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Little bit of Czechoslovakia and little bit of Greece


  12. BenKenobi

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I really wonder whether there is some sort of cultural obligation to stress the war crimes (and genocide) of a party and give them proper representation. The reason why it felt so goofy in CoH2 was because Soviet part was hilariously exagerrated and at the same time Wehrmacht was basically a faceless meaningless enemy, creating a strange contrast. From dramatic and story-telling perspective, however, CoH1 Panzer Lehr campaign worked really well even though (or maybe because) it didn't get into anything political or ethical beyond war is bad.
  13. BenKenobi

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Not. Another. Late. WW2. Setting. Please.

    A chance for battle of France wasted :sad:
  14. BenKenobi

    Euro 2020 Game

    Congratulations to the three heroes of Ireland!
  15. BenKenobi

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    It's Horse Carriage Platoon of k.u.k. Infaterie Regiment Nr. 28 "Children of Prague". But I wonder whether it would be possible nowadays to have an official photo of your unit where you hold 1 litre glass full of beer :grin:
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    What's on your mind?

    I played a lot of Rise of Nations when I was smaller. Russia's special units there include Cossacks and later Don Cossacks. I just now realized that the game being in English, I always took Don Cossack as a sort of Don Corleone status :shock:
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    Jokes and other assorted atrocities.

    Why are there pyramids in Egypt?
    Because the British museum in London is too small.
  18. BenKenobi

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    Somewhat loosely related to the UEFA LGBT debate in funny pictures thread, I have some three weeks ago sent a request to the Commission regarding observations submitted by national governments (Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania) in a 2018 homosexual-couple-case before the Court of Justice of the EU. Try to guess the one country that refused to grant access to these documents, citing protection of a legal advice :lol:
    There, there, Hungary :ohdear:
  19. BenKenobi

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    I think either you lost me or I lost you. I am saying that it is sometimes very hard to stay apolitical, sometimes even impossible, and hence either the language (not neccessarily the policy itself) referring to strong neutrality or the gestures regarding inclusivity, racism, sexual minorities and so on should be dropped (and you will still face pretty political issues from time to time) as the mix creates inconsistencies in the justification of your actions and, among other things, memes with Spiderman.
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