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  1. Artizan

    Best-dressed Warrior

    Focus Storia Wars, Jan 2020 article - Dracula
    & his Army in defense of Europe against the Ottomans

    Vlad III Tepes


    Wallachian Executioner


    The Moldovan army, Transylvanian recruit and Cavalryman serving John Hunyadi


    Transylvanian stradioti and Black Army mercenary


    Large Host (Oastea Mare), Moldovan, watchman and crossbowman


    Small Host (Oastea Mică), Moldovan archer

    TBH they look more from 16th-17th centuries instead of 15th.
  2. Artizan

    Janissaries with huge plumes

    This is Sultan Suleiman during the Battle of Mohacs, 1526. Süleymanname of 1558, Topkapi Saray Museum ms Hazine 1517.
    The black wings may be on the slung, blue shield with gold pattern of the cavalryman at top-left. His green robe can be seen to the left of the Janissary in red coat firing his musket. But, the wings may belong to that Janissary.

    Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
    just noticed what you were talking about. but there is a second janissary on the bottom left corner with eagle wings attached to his cap and no cavalry there. and the other cavalry doesn't have any shield at all anyway.
    and more miniatures of janissaries with plumes:ács,_Turkish_miniature.jpg



  3. Artizan

    Real-World DLC Idea: Mount&Blade II: Ottoman Conquest

    I am planning a dlc or a standalone game about Ottomans but not this period, which I found mostly uninteresting. A 15th or 16th century Ottoman would be more interesting, otherwise it will be just another medieval game.
  4. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Seem you take me for some idiot when you answere.

    Yes, I know .obj don't export rigging (been using .obj from early 90:s)

    What other format? What software to export it? Point me in that direction if you know.
    From Bannerlord, that is.
    Not some rigging which will never work in Bannerlord, I can do that by myself. :wink:

    Rigging=bend arm, leg, spine and so on = namned skeleton, joint and so on in different 3D software.

    You should know what I mean.
  5. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    No, I mean "rigging", for movement, animation of joints.

    "tpactools" don't export OBJ in right format but that I've solved, nothing to do with rigging thou ... :smile:
    obj does not support skeletons, you have to export with the other format.
  6. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Nice work! The UV seems a bit stressed but really nice work.

    Rigging, you say it's "skinned to the Bannerlord skeleton".
    Do you mean "skeletons" as rigging bones?
    I have no idea where to find and implement bannerlords rigging in models.
    the textures have infinite padding until they intersect, maybe that's what you refer to?

    tpactools can access to skinned/rigged bannerlord models which you can export.
  7. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Thanks, don't worry its all game ready assets, around 20k tris totally(for the one on the right), some 4k and 2k texture sets, and skinned to the Bannerlord skeleton. I am at work right now (which is 3d art for a video game company) , I will show the wireframe and uv sets when I get back to my computer. Also welcome to forums, my one suggestion would be to edit your reply instead of posting a second right after your first one.
    here are the wireframe and one of the texture sets:

  8. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Thanks guys, I finalized the armor set and posted it on artstation:
  9. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

  10. Artizan

    SP Fantasy Hammerlord

    wow looters became shreks.
  11. Artizan

    Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    An ottoman-turkish turban helmet from 15th or 16th century:

  12. Artizan

    Mod İstek ve Fikirleri

  13. Artizan

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Crossbows are not priority.

    Deal with it. Maybe you'll be lucky and they'll be making them accessible before the end of the week.
    and are you a dev to decide that they are not priority? Mind your business maybe.
  14. Artizan

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Yes I'm doing that. Crossbows aren't a priority, you'll get them eventually, maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

    what do you know about the game? a newbie bossing around, telling people crossbows are not priority? it is one of the core weapon systems that has been in the games since the earliest versions and we not being able to play with them is a serious problem. what's next? horses and swords are not important too?

    What bearing does that have on anything. It's not as if you're a dev. It just means you were born earlier. You just sound more or a **** now if you think that's important.

    Do you want all those who registered new accounts to bow down to our veteran overlords

    it means I know more about these game series than a guy who started playing a week ago.
  15. Artizan

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Just because the ''necessary things'' aren't in the current patches doesn't mean they aren't working on the important issues, and the crossbow isn't one of them.

    My reply is as necessary as your question.
    ''If you would like to experience everything that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has to offer, then we strongly encourage you to hold off on buying the game until the full-release.''

    Now, if you're going to be an ass about some detail like crossbows, maybe you should consider going back to play Warband and come back when the devs are done with the game.
    you registered 5 days ago and telling a guy who has been in the mount and blade community since 2006 what is necessary and what's not.
  16. Artizan

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    No, you'll be stuck with the same inaccessible crossbow for all your life. Do you feel like your question was necessary?
    is your reply necessary? it seems devs need to be reminded of this bug since they have been ignoring it since the release, and fix stuff that doesnt need fixing.
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