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  1. In Progress Parked family members change cities

    the save file from the first or the second issue?
    i only have the save file from the first issue and probably forgot to put the thread link into description

    send the savefile

    From what I can tell, if you don't have a fief, and you leave family or companions in other cities, they always see to teleport back to one of these cities. Unless they are captured in battle, then they seem to bounce around a bit first. Spouses seem to head there to wait if they were in a party, while their party disbands, and until their party is disbanded, you can't do anything with them, or see them.
    no, thats not the problem, they teleported not into the "capitol" of radagos hidout quest, they just all get to gether in the city where i parked my last family member and the second teleportation happened somewhere else to my companion who got release from captivity.
  2. Hide exact army size

    ohh... ok
  3. Just realized how disappointed I was in the lack of strategic gameplay.

    just 2 things:

    1. the enemy AI is exactly the same dump and
    2. have more clans than the enemy and you will win the war
  4. hide exact army sizes

    for a more "extreme realistic" difficutly.

  5. Arrows don't inherit the lateral velocity of the riders that loose them

    Hell, I've even read complaints about the maps with comments along the lines of "tHeRe ArE tOo MaNy TrEeS"... ffs :facepalm:.
    And with this leading up to the topic of this thread, leave the pew pew robin hood straight bullseye for the lowest difficulty and the challenging ones include the kind of factors we've been talking about.
  6. Hide exact army size

    that sounds pretty good. i would suggest to put that on the extra realistic difficulty.

    i like i give +1
  7. Troops Who Won't Follow Siege Engines to Battle

    i think there was a middle button when you put your crosshair on the siege engine that a squad should get on that siege engine, but not sure and havnt used it a long time ago.
  8. Tell TW Your Ideas on Teleportation

    i am not of fan of teleportation and that npc´s just appear in some settlements immediatly, but maybe there could be an option like the perma death for casual players who just want to get fast through or so.
    for me, i want the hole day for day experience
  9. What's up with hideouts?

    i said it now so often.

    plz make hideouts spawns into some abadoned castles, just damn ruins and let the bandits be there sometimes and let it get as a bandit outpost for yourself you can upgrad with walls and so on.
    noone ever gave me good respond to this .. :*(
  10. I never had sex and it's Taleworlds' fault

    PLZ dont post anything in here!!!!
    you only FEED THE TROLL!!!!!!!!!
  11. What the hell even happened


    the TROLL won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stop posting in here. it just doesnt matter. you gave him what he wanted!!!
  12. Two Wives Haven't Gotten Pregnant - 1.5.6

    yeah, the first child really needs a lot of time. after the first, the second came very fast and i havnt waited in any settlement, that was just coming up. my thrid child is a bastard. she was in a town and was wandering the world and she got pregnant :xf-cry:
  13. Smithing and selling javelins

    i stay with some others here that you dont need this much high end troops to park anywhere.
    if he do smithing for the cost of his army and want to use smithing for everything he desires, as lon as its possible i dont care.
    i did it once in all my 10 new campaigns and i wont use it again for the javs. i will dump them in the wild. i only will use it for xp and the selfmade weapons.
  14. How to recruit vassals ?

    i dont know exactly because i never get to this point :LOL:

    but i think you have to "id like to discuss ..." something something and then comes the option "you want to join me.. " something something.
    then you have to win the talking game and after that you have to pay a lot of money. price depends on relation and how many fiefs they have
  15. Transparency on the Future

    yeah, at least 1 year, but i think it would be 2 years.

    i hope they will be done with the most bugfixing in the next 2 versions and will have more resources to develope the more "indepth" featuers.
    but who knows.
  16. In Progress Parked family members change cities


    just have to add one more issue. my companion was captured and is staying in vostrum. my small brothers wife gave birth and after i arrived in Akar they all moved to vostrum.
    i dont know if the birth is related to the moving family members. just wanted to add it.

    i dont have any fiefs.

    i hope you can find the issue quickly and fix it with the new hotfix.
    thank you
  17. What game version are you playing right now?

    But I am mostly looking forward to the 1.6 patch more than the 1.5.9, hopefully it'll have something good in it
    mexxico already posted somewhere that they are working on 1.5.9 and 1.5.10.
    he stated that in 1.5.10 villages of casltes will at least have one culumn for noble troops only.
  18. battle scenes with too many trees and bushes

    in the next update i suppose, the world map will be seperated in around 150? battle scenes.
    lets first see how this will turn out.
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