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  1. Mikez Cheuk

    B Medieval Mount & Blade II: Shokuhō - The New Gekokujo for Bannerlord

    here is the overhaul mod I am looking forward to the most
  2. Mikez Cheuk

    My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    If they don't add something like advanced diplomacy or Custom troops I am gonna grill them on steam when the EA is over.
    Exactly the two most important features I would like to have.
  3. Mikez Cheuk

    My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    Gaining right to rule is a dumb setting. Never knew I have to stack about 50 or more RTR for establishing a stable kingdom until I watched a random warband video on Youtube. Please don't bring this back, devs.
  4. Mikez Cheuk

    So mod tools are out what mods are you hoping to see

    personally im hoping we get mods that brings some of the features from warband into bannerlord also a game of thrones overhaul
    Since I am also a KCD/skyrim fans, I would like to see a well-written, story-rich mod where you may not necessarily roleplay a lord or king, but a soldier/ wanderer leading your small warband as the story progresses. The focus of such mod might shift to realism and uniqueness of characters during the storyline.
  5. Mikez Cheuk

    BIG content drop this week! Right?

    You're in for a world of disappointment my friend. Seriously, stop expecting so much from TW, lower your expectations.

    Aye... Words of wisdom.
  6. Mikez Cheuk

    Once and for all let's get workshops done

    I only purchase shops in the mid-late game where I have tons of denars and I don't know how I can spend them.
    But they are meant to help snowball the denars for early game, such a pity it doesn't work that way. Hope the devs fix that, too.
  7. Mikez Cheuk

    Increase lords mortality rate

    Not sure if this is the mod "True Mortality" you are looking for since they seem to enable only companions death for now.
    But from what I have heard, TW is experimenting with lord mortality (rate and chances) and might implement it in future.
  8. Mikez Cheuk

    Isn't raiding villages supposed to be a dishonorable thing?

    Why is the relation gets deteriorated every time I drive off lords who are raiding my village?
    Not sure if this happens to everyone but it simply doesn't make a sense to me.
  9. Mikez Cheuk

    [PSA] Working Modlist for v1.5.2

    Haven't touched Bannerlord for months, so I picked some intriguing mods from your list and the game crashes. lol
    Guess for now I will play the vanilla version for v1.5.2.

    Ps: Thanks for the effort of sorting the mod list. Maybe I should roll back to the previous version to try out them some days.
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