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  1. Remove Looters

  2. War .. War .. War .. with 76 relationship friend ???

    Well, the fact that they like you because you released them after some battles or gifted them a hand crafted weapon, doesn't mean they don't want to take your lands or kill your peasants which is somehow realistic imo. If kinship or good relations prevented wars, there'd been much less warfare in medieval times since many ruling dynasties were related to each other one way or another.
    Though it'd be cool to be able to take/grant hostages as a token for peace and keep them for an agreed period of time. Declare war while other party still has your kin as hostage, he's executed.
  3. Sadakat Arttırma

    Krallık politikalarında sadakati arttıran birkaç tane var. Nüfuz kullanarak oylamaya açabilirsin. Oylamada ihtimal az gözüküyor olabilir ama bazılarına sadece bir ya da iki lord karşı çıkıyor, lehine çevirebilirsin nüfuz kullanarak.

    Mesela bir tanesi sadakati 1 arttırıp krala ödenen vergiyi düşürüyor ve oylamada ihtimal 0% gözüküyor ama oylamaya açarsan sadece kral karşı çıkıyor. Ondan daha fazla nüfuz harcarsan geçiyor oylamadan.

    Ayrıca şehir seninse yemek miktarı elverdiği miktarda asker koy garnizona, güvenlik artsın ki sadakata da etkisi var. Değilse güvenliği arttıran politikaları da oylatip aktif hale getirebilirsin. Sadakat ve güvenliği +1 arttıran iki politika aktif bende bir süredir ve başka kralliklardan aldığımız hiçbir şehir isyan etmedi daha, npc kontrolündeki şehirlerde bile sadakat 30un altına düşmüyor.
  4. Bannerlord was a grift

    66 pages of discussion about a game the company didn't even bother recording conversation sound, therefor despite npcs are animated to discuss something in a scene, they're awkwardly silent while doing so. Hats off.
    Can't judge if it's intended to be a scam or not but no doubt this is extremely lazy development for it's price tag. They're somehow getting away with such things as if they're still an indie company, which also amazes me somehow.
  5. Death in battle - make it an optional setting! Context:

    This death ratio alone and how long it's kept as is a proof for me that no one in TWs actually play the game as a regular player. Unless you avoid big battles where there are ally NPCs involved and form armies only with parties led by companions, it's simply impossible to progress while keeping your faction in tact. They promised to fix it soon, let's see what they come up with.
  6. Resolved Food shortage in high prosperity cities

    Legend says it was a constant topic ridiculed during never ending feasts Harlaus kept in his great hall: that one imperial city which grew so rich, they starved themselves.
  7. Prisoners

    Anyone knows what the chance of npc lords escaping from a town/castle is?
  8. Remove the feature that half the army cheers when enemy flees or make it configurable

    The person who decided implementing this should be forced to do eliminate bandit parties mission for the rest of his career.
  9. Unpopular play style: Vengeful merc

    I once executed 35 of their lords in one go, never had a more satisfying moment in the game than that. Though they no more seem to form up 3 x 1000 armies at the same time, so... thank you Taleworlds?

    Only thing I appreciate about these guys, they don't stand still in a fight and wait for me to come over like other factions. They send their HA up front, get them all killed and charge with the rest to get those killed as well. Very thoughtful.
  10. Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Pointing the mouse over an ongoing battle on campaign map no more shows the number of soldiers involved in combat. Is this intended?

    Also when I receive a ransom offer for a lord I hold captive, the text tells I should be paying and if I accept, lord gets released and I don't get paid.
  11. What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    Is there any period of peace in a medium-long term campaign? Teach me how!
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    RIP Long Glaive. Has ANYONE seen it in 1.6 or 1.6.1 games being sold in the Khuzait towns? Good gear has been so rare lately.
    I saw it in a khuzait town for 70K.
  13. Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    Lance recruitment system, damage/armour ratios and battle AI all from the mod 1257 AD. That mod was epic.
  14. Minor Factions

    I wish they removed them from the game completely or at least make them stop populating like flies so i can execute them all.
    One thing i hated the most in warband was those lords just kept coming to raid your village no matter how far it is and in bannerlord, they're multiplied and called minor factions. I am pretty sure these were put in the game only as a balancing piece so Southern Empire won't vanish in a year or two like Swadia always did.
  15. Noble Genocide

    Out of curiosity, is death chance formula in any form connected to how many NPCs are present in battle? I'd battle 100 NPC parties in a row one on one, none of them die but then I'd join a big field battle and bang, 2-3 of them die, ironically most of them my allies. Feels like the game is cheating.
  16. Lords ALWAYS want peace at exactly the wrong time.

    Southern Empire war has been going on forever. ... Probably 1/2 their military is mercs.
    Rhagaea and her magical abilities to hire every single minor clan during a war. This woman probably ****s gold, otherwise I don't know how she's able to afford it. Ehm...
  17. Patch Notes e1.6.0

    otherwise you are the only one hunting down fleeing enemies while the rest of your troops is busy celebrating🤬..

    Be cautious while doing so. Yesterday I had a 1000 vs 1000 battle and enemy started retreating way earlier than I had expected so I couldn't order my guys to charge in time. Then I was like "meh, then I'll farm some XP on my own" but when I started chopping, they stopped retreating, regrouped and attacked me. Then they took position on a nearby hilltop and next 10 minutes, they just stood there ready to fight while my army was still celebrating. I couldn't resist further though and pressed tab eventually. Thank you Taleworlds.
  18. Need More Info Brother Marriage- Missing Spouse

    Assuming you checked clan menu to make sure where she is exactly, took a look at both tavern and keep, the best you can do, if you own a settlement, is to assign her governor there. She'd appear in the keep after you re-enter the town. Also sometimes members in clan menu appear as holding instead of waiting, which means they're in limbo, so it's best to give them a few days to appear somewhere, waiting.
  19. AI defending siege engines

    It's become beyond maddening at this point. Whenever I siege an AI town or castle the siege engines the AI builds never matches the engines once the battle begins. The AI most of the time builds Ballistas. I'm fine with the building whatever they want. I really don't care. Whatever engines the AI wants to build is what they should have during the battle. If the AI builds Ballistas they should have them no Mangonels. 90% of the time if the AI builds ballistas once the battle starts they have mangonels. Again, this is fine, but I would have built appropriate siege engines to destroy them. How am I supposed to siege properly when the AI has different siege engines then the ones they build on the campaign map?

    Even if I build Trebuchets and destroy all they siege engines, the AI will still have engines once the battle starts. What is the point? If I can plan and destroy the engines why should the AI still have engines or have different engines?
    Yes, this is extremely annoying. You expect defenders to have one or two ballistas based on what game shows you, start the assault and all of a sudden they have catapults instead, destroying your siege engines. Then you're stuck with ladders where Bannerlord really shines.
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