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  1. Karkus

    Resolved Bug with low loyalty penalty

    I have also observed this happening in my towns as well, at very low (sub 25) the malus was total, at 25 the malus was low (maybe -1 or -2) but by 49 the malus was -30, making building projects seem daunting, though as my loyalty slid closer to 25 it went much faster
  2. Karkus

    In Progress Verecsand Castle spawns defender Militia outside the castle walls when besieged and assaulted by player

    Looks like the gates are installed backwards, you can just open them from the outside
  3. Karkus

    In Progress Castle Doors on Verecsand Castle are backwards

    Summary: The castle doors are installed backwards on Verecsand castle with the bars on the outside, so you can just open them from the outside. Makes sieging pretty easy How to Reproduce: Besiege Verecsand, run up to the gates and use (F) to open them Have you used cheats and if so which: Nope...
  4. Karkus

    New profile themes

  5. Karkus

    New profile themes

    For some reason I am a dog 🤔
  6. Karkus

    New profile themes

    I am really feeling my new Dank Stacie persona! Thanks TW!
  7. Karkus

    In Progress No relationship penalty for kingdom decisions when leading your own kingdom?

    Also I have had at least 2 deaths per large battle since the last hotfix, often 3-4 which seems higher than it had been at the start of 1.5.9. This save is right after 3 consecutive battles with 3+ deaths
  8. Karkus

    In Progress No relationship penalty for kingdom decisions when leading your own kingdom?

    I am also experiencing this bug in 1.5.9 (no mods). I neither gain nor lose relationship through kingdom voting as King of Vlandia. I do gain relationship for releasing lords after battle. Happy to provide a save if needed
  9. Karkus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I get influence while serving in an army, just hover over the inf meter and it'll show you, it's not much, but it's added daily
    Not for leading an army, mind you, just joining someone elses
  10. Karkus

    What makes Lords solve issues and will they solve my issues? Too many of same issues all the time :(

    They solve issues randomly upon entry. I find making an army with many small parties and going from village to village with quests can be quite effective at getting those quests taken care of
  11. Karkus

    Resolved 1.5.9 can't expand/collapse party bar while in army

    I am also experiencing this issue. While in an army, the whole bottom right bar seems to be unable to be interacted with, I can't expand/collapse nor do most of the mouseover tooltips appear. The only tooltip that activates in an army is the budget one, but only if I hover the mouse over the coin icon to the left of the army panel.
    If I collapse the army panel, I can get tooltips for the parties in the army to show up when I hover over the inf/health/party/food/morale but still not expand/collapse the lower right bar nor see the correct tooltips
    Outside of an army all these things function correctly
    I think what is happening is that the army panel is incorrectly layered to be on top of the lower right bar instead of beneath it thus it is covering the functionality of the rest of the bar
  12. Karkus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    looks like i can't organize my troops in the party menu, i move them and they don't move, can someone else test it for me?
    I am also having this issue
  13. Karkus

    Resolved Unable to move troops up or down the troop list

    Summary: I am unable to reposition my troops in the party screen, attempting to drag them up or down the list does nothing How to Reproduce: try to rearrange troops in the party screen Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM...
  14. Karkus

    Resolved Crash when sieging, sometimes

    No this one seems to be fixed 🎉
  15. Karkus

    In Progress Losing relationship points with clans when opponent lords die in battle

    As the title says, when an opponent lord dies in in battle I take a relationship hit with a variety of clans as if I had executed them. Is this working as intended?
  16. Karkus

    Resolved Crazy fast parties on the map

    that's most likely it!
  17. Karkus

    Resolved 1.5.8 Beta sometimes the cursor vanishes when talking to a party

    I have just experienced the same bug in 1.5.8 while doing the quest Extorsion by Deserters, upon the arrival of the Deserter army i entered a dialogue screen with no cursor. I tried many times to no avail to try to click the dialogue choice but couldn't. I can access the menu but still no cursor or way to interact with it
  18. Karkus

    Resolved Crazy fast parties on the map

    Just started a new playthrough for 1.5.8 and I am seeing some really fast parties zooming by, I've seen speeds up to 38.1. The ones I have managed to get a look at before they zoom off seem to be joining armies
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