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  1. rapier17

    taleworlds does not care about the experienced players multiplayer scene

    I can't really add much on what others have said before me, but from my standpoint Warband's multiplayer was lightyears ahead of the current excuse of a multiplayer. Which is amazing, really. I've read the 'reasons', if you can call them that, behind the changes but they make little to no sense to me from my experience of the multiplayer.

    There is an argument to be made that I and others have been blinded by the many hours* we put into Warband's MP, but then you should also ask yourself why we all put so many hours in? Why would you take a successful formula that worked and, instead of refining and improving it, rip it up to replace it with the current confused mess? It doesn't even have Battle mode, the staple Warband MP game mode! I can only hope that there will be an overhaul and something done because I don't want to play with the current system. It puts me off instantly, whereas Warband had me hooked from the moment I set foot in the MP beta.

    As such I will undoubtedly stick with the SP stuff, but I'm really disappointed at how the MP has been gutted rather than built on; I was really keen to play it and now I feel hugely let down.

    *More than 1500 personally, probably nearer 2000 inc. between non-Steam & Steam versions.
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    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

  3. rapier17

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    It is the bayonet drill for all the way up to the 1750s, if memory serves. It is directly built off of the 17th century drill for using a pike; the right hand about the butt of the weapon, the left supporting the weight by the chin, and you 'push' the weapon forward when you thrust.* In the latter-part of the 18th century, when British soldiers were shown the 'new' way, with the weapon held at 'the rest' (hip height), apparently they found it hilarious compared to the tried and trusted way. The newer drill marked the difference between the old way of fighting as a whole unit, and the new of fighting as an individual soldier in a melee.

    As you infer from your comment, it worked beautifully against the Scots, as your entire unit would wait until the Scots were paces away, swing your bayonets to the right, at the exposed armpit as the Scots raise their weapons, and thrust home. It didn't always work, though. At Killiecrankie in 1689, the Jacobites tore apart an English army equipped with plug bayonets. As the Scots advanced, the British jammed in their plug bayonets, ready for a melee and then were unable to remove the weapons and thus unable to fire. That was the only time Britain used the plug bayonet before moving quickly onto the socket bayonet.

    *Our command to thrust, from the original drill manuals is to "Push your bayonet to the 'fore!", "Push your bayonet to the left!", "Push your bayonet to the right!".
  4. rapier17

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    Roran 13 said:
    First event of the year. My swordplay needs some work, but it's so nice to almost have a full civil and military kit at the start of a year. I'm the sallet-wearing guy.

    Those are fantastic shots!

    Yes, I know, I'm terrible with this thread. I tend to only post when I've something to post about stuff I've done. Be assured, though, I do read it and look at pictures, just take my silence as being like this:


    Now, I've not been a very busy re-enactor since I posted about Spain. I had an event at Milton Keynes Museum in May and came back from another at Chiltern Open Air Museum last Sunday, which was a bit of a laugh. Also bloody. Milton Keynes was a standard gig for us; we turned up, set up a camp, did drill displays, talked to the public. Nothing unusual there. Burnt powder, fixed bayonets, marched around, etc.. Last weekend at Chiltern was a little different. We acted out the part of a redcoat patrol aiding a Thieftaker in apprehending dangerous highwaymen! Whilst the Saturday was ruined by rain (few people showed up), the Sunday was a bright, sunny day, with lots of families and children present.

    During the day the Highwayman held up other re-enactors and was chased occasionally by children and we redcoats. I had a few interesting incidents which resulted in a pistol in my face before the Highwayman escaped, followed in not-so-hot pursuit by myself and other redcoats, but pursued diligently by children. At the end of both days we tried to apprehend the Highwayman, were ambushed by his comrades and had a shoot-out (which the forces of law & order won. Huzzah!). A good chuckle of a weekend all told. Except for my bloody problems. Literally bloody.

    As usual I borrowed a musket (I can't have one yet as I'm still not licensed but I shoot under supervision) and as we didn't have a spare Queen Anne musket I was armed with an 1840s Brown Bess flintlock. The lock was unusual to me, the hammer was in a slightly different place, a different size and slightly different shape. This might not seem like it would make a big difference but on both days I cut myself, bloodily, on the flint; something I have never done before (from around 70 shots). On the Saturday the powder residue on my finger helped to clot the cut. On the Sunday I bled like mad for 30 minutes before I sought First Aid. Each time it happened at the start of our drill display, so I did both with blood streaming off of my hand! I didn't fight in the skirmish on the Sunday, but 'died' when we were ambushed as I was too dizzy from blood loss to trust myself with powder and musket - it only takes me to forget to withdraw the rammer or do something wrong to endanger myself and others.

    Still, a few pictures have turned up and I'll thrust these in your faces before I go and pack to be an ECW Royalist (pah!) at Skipton for this weekend.


    Note the reversed facings of the drummer. In battle his role is to stand out as a non-combatant and as an easily spotted figure for us to rally on. Louis XIV of France, the 'Sun King' has nothing on our drummer!




    "They're charging us, sir!"
    "Stand firm! I don't think they have the heart for it. Look at the man in the middle! Someone get him a mug of Horlicks, a blanket & a pillow..."



    That last one was part of a set of photographs taken by a member of the public. After we had eaten our lunch on the Saturday, after the rain had cleared off, I ambled over to where some of our chaps were chatting to the public. One of the said public turned, saw me and declared that he had to take pictures of me (something about being photogenic). He took shots of me for about 20 minutes and then we chatted away for another ten. He kindly sent me five of the images and this was the best of them. It was really weird having a personal photoshoot.

  5. rapier17

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Release date & trailer announced:

    Dear backers, 

    It's finally here: Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer with a global release date! Kingdome Come: Deliverance will launch simultaneously for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC, on the February 13th, 2018 in the Americas, Europe, and all PAL regions.

  6. rapier17

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Mamlaz said:
    Yeah, pike shot ftw;

    I have a particular fondness for "For King Or Country" for MW2, although it is a bit wonky. If only it would be remade in a newer form of TW.

    rapier17 said:
    For God, King & Parliament!



    There could only be one outcome - victory for Parliament!

    (For King or Country mod for M2: Total War - Kingdoms)
  7. rapier17

    Call of Duty WWII

    null said:
    When I played early COD games as a kid I always found the British missions much more fun than the US ones, and that was before I even had a bias. I remeber a particular mission where you had to attack a dam and you had one of those cool sideways guns. Or was that a different game? I dunno.
    That was CoD1, with the Sten. I'm biased so I always prefered the British missions, but the Soviet ones were good too. American ones were alright.

  8. rapier17

    Call of Duty WWII

    The Bowman said:
    Oh, let me guess, it that's type of game where the Americans fought the whole war by themselves, and the Soviets were merely helping, so why add them, right? There are just so many recent games (of different genres) that cover the late war period, specifically around the Western front that it's not even funny.

    Or, wait...Immediately after release, you can buy the Eastern front DLC for JUST 39.99$!1!!
    Or a British mini-campaign for £20 where they end up being 'rescued' by Americans. Because America.

    You're right, games revolving around the 1944-5 period of the Second World War are ten-a-penny. At least with games like H&D (1 & 2) they involved conflict from around the world and throughout the war; Norway, Africa, Burma, as well as France and Germany. What I wouldn't give to see a May 1940 'Battle of France' game with an in-depth story played from the perspectives of a member of the BEF as they're beaten back. Sure you'd only get the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I or SMLE Mk.III*, Webley, Boys, and BREN gun (maybe a Thompson 1928 for fun?), but it would be interesting to play where your side ultimately loses that particular campaign.
  9. rapier17

    Say cheese: reenactment style

    My reenacting year has begun, and what a beginning it was to!

    Every couple of years in Almansa, Spain, they commemorate the Battle of Almansa, which took place on April 25th, 1707, during the War of Spanish Succession. It was an interesting battle, with French & Spanish defending against British, Catalan, Dutch & Portuguese troops. Ironically Franco-Spanish army was led by an Englishman, and the Anglo-Catalan-Dutch-Portuguese army was led by a Frenchman! Upshot was that the Allied army was defeated, although not before the British contingent caused a few heart attacks by breaking through the enemy lines twice before they were pushed back. As such, being the only group doing English soldiers of the period, our group, The Queen's Regiment, were invited over to take part.

    It was a glorious event, brilliant from start to finish - and that isn't just because the people running it paid for hotel rooms for us! Although, a hot shower each morning, as well as coffee and hot food, was rather pleasant. Anyhow, we marched around Almansa multiple times, took part in a flag raising ceremony & commemoration for the battle, drank alcohol and ate good food, and fought in two of the best reenactment battles I've been part of. It was all go from start to finish; we were firing almost constantly, except for when we were being beaten towards the end (as per the script). On the first day alone I burnt through 18 cartridges (my bag held 24 cartridges), but on the second we shot less (11 cartridges left out of 24, and I double shotted a couple to get a bigger bang). Anyhow, there are photographs up already, so I'll post what I've found online so far:









  10. rapier17

    Get in the game you big turds!

    I was watching you take a severed head to the face.  :razz:
  11. rapier17

    Mass Effect: Andromeda announced.

    Almalexia said:
    Do a lets play recording of your facial reactions when you play through this:

    Wellenbrecher said:
    Well at least with the team consisting mostly of Tumblr people and old ME fans the romance options are going to be good, eh?
    Oh... wait...

    Two dead-faced uncanny valley models look uninterested and inappropriate while their VAs do their utmost as their limited abilities allow to read tumblr fanfiction.

    That was painful to watch. Painful. The only bit I liked was the 'Kill me now' sentence, but even then that is only because, whilst there is no doubt it was meant to be humour, it was a true reflection of the situation and the best possible outcome.
  12. rapier17

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Been playing The Division (which must be spoken with a gravely tone, a little like Metal Geeeaaarr), and made a new character, so took the opportunity to get some shots from 'cinematic' bits.









  13. rapier17

    The Division - Upcoming Game

    I always prefered Rogue Spear as my #1 Tom Clancy game. Absolutely cracking game.

    The Division is pretty good. It is arcadey as hell (dumping 63x5.56mm bullets into a 'heavy' might only dent his armour slightly, and people survive multiple headshots from large calibre marksmen rifles), but it is enjoyable, the atmospherics are great. Story is 'meh'-ish, pretty straight forward, and the sticky cover system can be fecking horrible at times. But its customisation, extensive wardrobe, variety of weapons and their behaviours, tactical use of 'weak-points' on certain opponents, and adequeate AI, helps to make it a pretty good game. It's good. Not great, but good.

    Wait for a free weekend on Steam - it is what I did and I had a thoroughly good time, so much so I brought it in the Steam Christmas sale.
  14. rapier17

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    I suppose I could post some screenshots.

    The Division









    The Witcher III - Bear in mind when I say 'spoilery', I do mean it is rather spoilery. So if you haven't hammered through Blood & Wine yet, don't look, as it may rob you of a chuckle or two, or give things away. Otherwise I've just gotten a couple of the most recent of my 4,000-odd W3 screenshots. I didn't realise I'd hit the screenshot button that much. They've been shrunk a little for posting, it seems, but they are all 1920x1080.




























  15. rapier17

    Foxhole- Running With Rifles, But For People Without Jobs.

    It is worth a go, especially as it is free and a small download. I had great fun for the first three hours I've played and am looking forward to playing it a wee bit more. Camera takes a bit of getting used to, as do the controls and how on earth everything works, but once you know what you're up to its jolly good.
  16. rapier17

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Leifr Eiríksson said:


    Adalard the Merchant was always meant for a quiet life and yet somehow, after one too many beers at the local inn, mistakenly found himself amongst the Empire's proudest and bravest.
    The Unlikeliest Hero! Hail and Glory to Adalard!

    Poor Adalard, he came out of the pub and after getting lost he came upon a group of fellow Marienburgers. "What ho! chaps," he cried, "what are you queuing for?". The rearmost spearman turned on him, and in a sarcastic tone sneered "We're waiting for the ale ration." At this Adalard's sozzled brain perked - after all more ale sounded good! "Would you mind if I went in front of you?," he asked in all innocence. "Be my guest," the spearman replied, shoving his spear and shield into Adalard's hands. "Hold these for me," he cried and began to unbuckle his armour. "Would you wear this for me? I need to take a piss, and its heavy to carry." Beaming his consent, Adalard allowed the soldier to buckle the armour on to him and then, when the last buckle was in place, the spearman slouched off away from the group. If it worked once, Adalard thought, it might work again. He leaned in towards the fellow in front of him and asked if he could take his place, and to his delight the bemused man switched places. Before he knew it Adalard was in the front rank. He grinned to himself - at least he was going to get the ale first!
  17. rapier17

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!




    There is always one who is desperate to be in -every- screenshot...

    Also, that smug bastard was probably my best soldier in the battle, even if he does look like he was on his way to the pub before he was given armour, shield and spear...
  18. rapier17

    Naval Action - New Multiplayer Age of Sail Game

    Fair enough. If they can make it better than it currently is, then that is fine by me.

    Some really weird ideas floating around the forums at the moment, some people coming up with odd stuff. My current favourite is this:

    "This game needs a FANTASY Revolution!!"

  19. rapier17

    Holdfast: Nations at War! Released!

    BNS Marko said:
    right now the community is steering towards becoming a giant cesspool of idiots.
    Well, the NW people have to go somewhere seeing as Battlecry hasn't appeared.
  20. rapier17

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I don't normally get excited about such announcements but the Witcher universe is my favourite fantasy universe, so I am actually rather excited by this news. Do we know if it is a live action film or animated like CD Projekt Red's W3 trailers (can't tell on my phone from that image)?
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