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    [CFL] Suggestions and Discussion

    hello i think human scum that ddoses merc servers should be banished from community thanks ok
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    I can only assume that this would be caused by a change during the match that made resuming it completly impossible or would put the athletes in danger.
    If during our match the servers died for a longer perioid of time and we we would end up moving the sets that weren't played onto a different day that would be underdstandble. It's not the case though.

    Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious as of why you chose to not answer my question. 1 week should be enough time even if you're busy.
    Wish you could atleast man up and admit a mistake instead of waiting it out.
    The team that handled the situation poorly (which i think everyone can agree with) now gets a pass and probably thinks what they did was fine.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    Why is it so stupid splitting the match up? I would have chosen that if I was you.
    It ruins the competetive integrity.
    Can you name a single situation where a competetive match was split into 2 halfs played on 2 days? I'll wait.
    A recent example: football players nearly dies on the field during first half - match ended up not being split but continued.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    However given that both teams said they could not at all play on the other teams days the fair thing seemed to be to give the default as one map each for a day proposed by a team. It has not been made clear why this was unacceptable to DoF but it seems DoF were able to play on Thursday after all so it is surprising that you are still complaining.
    You don't seem to understand at all what our point is do you.
    In theory the 50-50 map split on 2 days makes sense and is fair. It's stupid and noone would ever chose that option but atleast both teams are in the same boat.
    Our confusion is based on the fact that our second (and therefore only viable option) is to play on a day that is alot better for the opponent team than us, eventhough we offered to play on 3 days which are all normal days.
    This is what I want you to explain.

    @Ikea Knight
    This is not about me agreeing to your decision. Instead of answering my actual question the last 3 times you guys beat around the bush explaining the part that I didn't need to be explained. If you just answered my actual question we would've been long done.
    If you can explain your decision in a way which makes me understand it (not agree with it) then this is done. I simply think that you can't do that.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    That would indeed have been bad but that is not what happened.

    I Refer the Honourable Gentleman to the Reply I Gave Some Moments Ago...

    Why lie?
    ? how is he lying that's literally what happened?
    You offered us a garbage 50-50 split days option that noone would ever want to chose or to play on a day that's good for the enemy team. What happened to playing on a day that's actually good for us and standart (weekend).
    Again: I think explaining your decision is 5 mins max and all could be sorted, you're not doing so because you can't.

    ***Admin edit***
    Insult removed
    // atleast clarify that i insulted the teugata idiot mr admini thanks for you hard work
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    Am I special for having read the rules or are you special for flat-out ignoring them?

    § 6 Scheduling
    (1) Matches should be scheduled by posting in the fixtures thread before 19:00 BST, Wednesday of each week.
    (2) If a team cannot contact their opponent, that team should post at least two dates and times for their match in the appropriate thread before Tuesday 23:59 BST. If the teams have not agreed a match time before the scheduling deadline, the admins will post a time of their choosing.

    (3) Teams may subsequently agree a non default time by posting in the fixtures thread.
    (4) If the two teams agree, matches can be played at any day & time before the match deadline. If a match is not played by the deadline and neither team posted, the result will be a 0-0 loss for both teams.
    (5) Each week ends at midnight BST on Sunday.
    you don't seem to understand, we didn't agree to play the match on a set day we were given 2 ****ty options to chose from by the tournament admins.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    Shouldnt be a hard thing to explain.
    The options we were given suggest that you're siding with VW in this manner. With the information that I have this is a really weird conclusion. So either you can properly explain why you're siding against DoF in this case or your decision is stupid. If I lack critical information please do enlighten me. It's a very simple concept.

    No, you are usually busy on weekdays cause of work etc.
    You seem to be a little bit special so I'll dumb it down for you. Almost all matches throughout every tournament are played on weekends (during the week does indeed happen - mostly as extention being monday - but that's a very rare case). So when it comes to a situation where a team can NOT play on the weekend at all (or refuse to) they're the unusual ones.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    No I'm not actually throwing a tantrum I'm simply calling you out on your bull****.
    First of all offering to play tuesday on tuesday doesn't even count what stupidity is that.

    I'm always in for allowing teams to find the best time to play for both sides resulting in the best competition possible. But if one team is being straight up **** refusing to play the entire weekend, not because they're unable to field the number of players required to actually play the match, but the fact that they lack certain players it's crossing a line. Especially considering the way they communicated it. Given also the context that it's ****ing summer and european football cup running surely playing on the weekends should be considered the default option.

    You're giving the team that tried to allow for a proper scheduling 2 completly stupid choices to pick from.
    Playing the match on 2 days- one map each is so ridiculously stupid i won't even call this a choice.
    So then why is our other option to play on the day they want to play on which is bad for us. How does this make any kind of sense.

    If I was a member of the other team i'd tell my leaders to get their **** together and change their approach of communication. Either you ask nicely if you're very limited to playing on specific days which are not normal because of you wanting to field the best roster possible (which is fair) or you simply suck it up and accept the fact that you're the team thats being beyond unreasonable and agree to playing on a day where you can gather enough players to play.
    Also considering they played last weeks match during the week too, if they're unable to play on the weekends troughout the tournament i would've simply not signed up with that roster.

    I don't even care about the result I'm playing here for fun without any care about winning or losing, but this is such a clownshow that it needs to be pointed out.
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    [BEAST 5] Suggestions

    Very impressed by the admin team that somehow manages to **** over the team that offers to play entire weekend - including friday - instead of the team that offers to only play thursday. Especially given the context that it's not about gathering enough players to play the match.

    Thought nothing could beat a competetive match that both teams want to lose, but here you go.
    Superb display of incompetence.
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    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: kawaii
    Nationality: German
    Steam: Steam
    Prefered Class: inf/archer
    Past Teams / Experience: AFatum
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    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Am I allowed to request an unban for Svengali and deletion of innuendo? Because according to the rule, second account should be banned, right?
    So you haven't logged in for a couple of months yet have another account that played matches this season? :unsure::unsure::unsure:
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    EU Native Battle In-progress European Infantry League!

    so it's a sword and bord tournament and not an infantry league :geek:
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Gameplay is really disgusting atm for sure.
    Even if you play against the team that is braindead pushing it's usually boring as they just die.
    Always surprises me how people have played the game for thousands of hours and are still this terrible, and I'm not talking about mechanics.
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    INT Native Battle Completed [Warband 5 Day Cup] Announcement and Signups

    honestly no clue what you are refering to? Our 10 people roster this tournament? The fact that we like playing together?

    Nobody is attacking you, I don't know why you feel the need to lash out. I was merely stating how I think 8v8 can be a good thing.
    never mentioned malta in any kind of way its more a general game approach nowadays
    sorry for offending nobody
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    INT Native Battle Completed [Warband 5 Day Cup] Announcement and Signups

    It's a good incentive to move away from stacks with the opportunity to be creative when building your roster
    yep guess running a team with enough players to almost field 2 teams is the solution after all 😎
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    INT Native Battle Completed [Warband 5 Day Cup] Announcement and Signups

    seems like were not playing cause 8v8 is trash for current playerbase so hmu
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    INT Native Battle Completed [Warband 5 Day Cup] Announcement and Signups

    Thanks for the feedback so far! To answer a couple of questions that have reached me on steam and elsewhere: With the tournament starting on tuesday we are looking at Wednesday, Friday and Sunday as deadlines for matches.
    Also: people that were prebanned in the WRC will also be banned in this tournament.
    would be cool to maybe see double elim instead so tournament isn't instandly over if you lose once
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    INT Native Battle Completed [Warband 5 Day Cup] Announcement and Signups


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    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    not like we dont know most people will sign up for whatever because they just want to have some fun matches at this point
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