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  1. Joseef

    Need More Info Speaking to Alynneth Freezes the Entire Game

    Summary: Speaking to Alynneth brings up introduction dialogue. Clicking "I am (Player). And who are you?" option freezes the game. I don't think it's an issue of giving it time because I gave this issue over 15 minutes before and it stayed frozen. I suspect it might have something to do with the...
  2. Joseef

    Resolved Lord Parties Get Stuck on Cliffside Near Rhesos Castle

    Summary: In two separate saves, I've had the same issue: Lord's Parties get stuck on a bit of inaccessible cliffside near Rhesos Castle. I can't explain it, but not even cheatmode = 1 teleportation allows me to engage them. They are stuck. If you cheatmode teleport to them, the running animation...
  3. Joseef

    Tournament in Myzea - "Prize is Fluffles"

    I crafted a decently strong sword in a smithy. As a joke, I called it "Fluffles." Figured it's one thing to die to "Grimblade" or whatever other edgy named sword, but dying to "Fluffles" would just be embarrassing in the Calradian afterlife. Anyways, this thing apparently shows up in a tourney...
  4. Joseef

    POTENTIAL HIDDEN FEATURE: Directional Double-Tap on Horseback

    YOU CAN DOUBLE TAP FORWARDS/BACKWARDS TO MAKE YOUR HORSE CHANGE SPEED FASTER. It even comes with voice lines. I heard my guy shout "go!" and pop the reins to make my Aserai run faster. Glorious. This is very important.
  5. Joseef

    Resolved "Party" Overworld Movement Speed Stuck at "Army" Speed

    Summary: Player's Party speed is slower than it should be after dismissing all other parties from Player's Army. "Party Speed" map tool shows correct speed value modifiers, but final value is incorrect (it remains the same as the previous Army's speed). Issue remained until I entered/exited the...
  6. Joseef

    Ability to Disallow/Implement Policy for "No Raiding"

    Having your companions burn a village and slaughter all it's people as you're stuck in a siege to capture it's parent castle isn't fun. I would like for Bannerlord to have a toggle-able "no raiding" feature. I figure this could work in at least one of two ways (if not both): 1. Have a "tick...
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