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  1. Resolved General "Create new module" button creates incorrect module

    After you create module, you will not able load into it. Im not very good at modding text files, but it seems that something wrong with their format.
  2. Resolved Scene Editor Inspector does not remember the last used folder

    Unlike Resource Browser, Inspector (screen below), not remember which folder he used. Its annoying a bit when you need constantly reimport maps (have to use bookmarks, but still not very convenient). I thought this was a bug, because the folder is also remembered during scene open.
  3. In Progress Scene Editor Editor crashes after selecting "Shaded Wireframe" mode

    Summary: Scene editor crashes after selecting "Shaded Wireframe" mode on Main_map scene. How to Reproduce: Open Main_map scene, then select "Shaded Wireframe" mode on toolbar, then several windows with shader errors will appear on the screen and then game crashes. Specific Tool: Scene editor...
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