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  1. lolbash

    Yet another idea thread - Noble customs / etiquette

    1: This isin't how human relationships work,

    2: This sounds like a hard annoying limit to hamper your progress in playthrough and sounds like ass.
  2. lolbash

    Dev Blog 09/05/19

    Considering that upping game difficulty will now do multipliers like increase their movement speed on world map. I don't think they are trying to simulate the real world with their influence mechanic, and thats a good thing. Real world stays in the real world, and games do what they are good at: being fun to play.
  3. lolbash

    What else remains to be explained?

    Roccoflipside said:
    Because that statement implies one of the biggest problems modern society faces, racism and the related isms, doesn't exist.

    Way to jump to conclusions.

    Count Delinard said:
    Lolbash said:
    Do babies born hating a random country? [...]
    This is a shallow way to add in personality to NPC. [...]

    NPCs wouldn't be children though but fully fledged out adults with their own life stories, why couldn't they have some randomly generated reason for hating them like *Sturgia razed my village and murdered my family*?

    I can't exactly see how this could lead to placing a blanket ban on the entire faction. What if the lord who raided the village was executed for treason and disobeying orders by the king? What if they had a civil war, and the original lords were either imprisoned or killed, and the rebel leader takes Sturgia name for his county, would the NPC still hate the newly reformed Sturgia?

    Seems like these responses are coming from a lack of understanding of what racism is and how a racist's mind works.
  4. lolbash

    Has anyone gotten into VR?

    New Steam made VR system

    Seems the tracking to be be both the front facing camera like the Microsoft's MR headsets, and base stations like the Vive. I can imagine extremely precise hand movements. Will also come wih valve knuckles. 1000 dollars for a headset, controller, and 2 base stations combo.
  5. lolbash

    Mordhau is released, bl getting outdated every passing day...

    Does Mordhau have 500v500 bots fighting each other at 60fps minimum?
  6. lolbash

    What else remains to be explained?

    NPC has strong feelings about a particular faction.  Maybe they hate the Vlandians; and if you do quests for Vlandian lords and improve relations with them the NPC is more reluctant to hire troops to you (cost goes up).  If you join Vlandia, maybe they outright refuse to hire anyone to you.  Conversely, perhaps an NPC loves Sturgia, and if you've fought for them a few times they have a %change to give you troops for free -- 'for fighting the good fight'.  I think I would remember that NPC when I finally become a lord or king.

    Do babies born hating a random country? When I was born I hate the Ukraine country. /s

    This is a shallow way to add in personality to NPC. I can't recall any sort of example where people just randomly hate a random country, or race, without any sort of reason, even if stupid.

  7. lolbash

    Traveling Fairs/Random Events on World Map

    Wishlists threads are getting revived now?
  8. lolbash

    Co-Op Difficulties

    Coop will not be in Bannerlord at release.
  9. lolbash

    More weapon slots ?

    The RPG elements other than stats to calculate speed and damage, have no effect on the combat, which is why I play this series. Introducing more limitations that require me to play the RPG part pf the game, is going to hamper the action part of the game. I do not want to see any more "You need 10 shield skill and 14 strength to use this shield" in the game.
  10. lolbash

    More weapon slots ?

    But really, that's how RPG's tend to work. As it is a game, with limitations, it can't be readily compared to real life, and as you're so fond of pointing out all the time Gameplay>reality.

    Its fun>realism, and I also don't find RPGs fun, your argument is based on a false premise.
  11. lolbash

    More weapon slots ?

    I think the number of weapon slots should be related to a skill (e.g. weapon master) to simulate having more ability to manage more weapon due to having more training,

    You telling me if I train in pistol usage I will finally be able to carry 6 pistols? Yes, totally how reality works  :facepalm:
  12. lolbash

    Stop being cagey about releasing information, please

    Should we infer from this that the release is way off? What does "mentally prepare them" mean, that the beta is nowhere near?

    How the hell did you come to this conclusion from one sentence?
  13. lolbash

    Combat: Archery

    hruza said:
    Lolbash said:
    Black people in medieval Europe is not fantasy.
    I said knights.

    A black person became a samurai. The probability of a black knight is also likely, and complaining about realistic representation in a fantasy setting is stupid to begin with.
  14. lolbash

    Lets be honest, will you still buy BL?

    Lets stop bumping a troll thread, thanks.
  15. lolbash

    Combat: Archery

    "Different types of massive media" also recently featured plastic armor and black medieval European knights. Should have made you already bit suspicious about "massive media" as a reliable source for historical matters.

    Black people in medieval Europe is not fantasy.

  16. lolbash

    Skills don't make any sense at all

    not how reality works.

    If you train in a one handed sword you are most likely also going to passively learn skills in other areas too, like using the sword as a banner to raise morale.

    This is unrealistic

    Bannerlord is not a real life simulator, it is a video game set in a fantasy world and does not need to adhere to the laws of reality. This is most likely some sort of way to balance different classes and make many other playstyles viable. You are overreacting over a simple perk change.
  17. lolbash

    Will the game have more focus on lore, worldbuilding, and story?

    I don't need to know that Borcha was born in Ichamur or that the Rhodoks rebelled from Swadia or whatever to have fun beating bandits, lords, or siege castles. I would much rather that they put the effort writing stories into actual gameplay.
  18. lolbash

    Shield glitch still in Bannerlord?

    So you didn't read?

    Memoefe said:
    BayBear said:
    I’d rather not play the “move my shield up and down” minigame every time I encounter archers, it’s simply not fun. Warband has extended shield hit boxes for this reason.

    It's same kind of game as 'move my sword up and down and left and right' everytime you encounter an enemy.
  19. lolbash

    Will the game have more focus on lore, worldbuilding, and story?

    If I want to read about lore or stories I would buy a book, not a video game.
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