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  1. Earth Dragon

    A better way to Earn high Tiered troops

    It’s just hilarious to see threads that are asking for the exact opposite that others were asking for. So then it became easier to level troops, now folks want it harder again.

    This is why there has to be direction and a plan by the devs as you’ll never be able to please everyone. I agree with the “needs to be harder” folks, with castles being better places to store and train troops to help supplement loses better.
  2. Earth Dragon

    What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    Supply lines + Party AI overhaul and commands + Unfriendly territory is my dream combo in bannerlord for now, it is improving the strategical gameplay soo much instead of the mindless armies attacking deep into enemy territory without consequences that is vanilla.
    There are consequences, they are just soft. How often does an army roll up on you when you’re sieging?

    Probably not as often as it should happen. Armies shouldn’t be allowed to siege for a month, but they can as the opposing army is on these absurd long campaigns themselves.

    There would definitely need to be an overhaul to how food works, and I’m not sure that’s necessary. There are things like Cohesion that could get taxed more the further you were away from your lands.

    But at the end of the day, I think faction “priority targets” should get added and worked on. This would determine what they want their empire to look like, which would then direct the AI as to who it would declare war on and which lands it would try to conquer. The further a castle is from these territories, the lower the weight would be for them attacking it
  3. Earth Dragon

    Castles need a notable (sergeant)

    Some of you guys are going a little TOO ham. There is no reason to bar you from recruiting regular soldiers in towns. So let’s curb that one. There would also be nobles in towns, though I don’t think you can get those troops from towns anyway as the (three?) notable types in towns don’t have them on the docket. I could be wrong.

    Castles were staging areas to oversee and maintain a Lord’s lands. There is an odd myth perpetuated by some in these forums that they were “stop gaps” to allow and bar access to regions, but I’m assuming these folks watch/read too much Fantasy. They should concentrate on that role more then any other.

    Currently, they do offer a huge benefit of not being susceptible to revolts. This could change, and if it does, it should be harder to lose them due to this. A contact that could give you missions wouldn’t be a bad idea, maybe only available if you own the castle?

    Being able to store (garrison) and train troops needs to be a bigger deal. Unfortunately the “we need to be able to get higher end troops faster” folks won out, as castle’s training troops could have been a primary function, but now there really is no point as it’s easy to go from nothing to a high tier group of 200 troops in less then a month
  4. Earth Dragon

    Rebellions, another failed feature.

    This thread’s premise is very misleading. This is hardly a failed feature as the main gripe the OP has is the way they decide who gets what lands. Not to mention, it is also your responsibility to stick a garrison in a Town that would buy you more time to get back, as the militia has to be able to overpower them.

    A way to tell you and update you on fief status that made sense (no you should NOT be able to know exactly what’s going on in a town on the other side of the map by the minute as that’s about as in immersive as you can get during a day and age people communicated by messenger and bird) would be appreciated. But there should be a risk if you just waltz off and never check on your claims and just assume all is good
  5. Earth Dragon

    What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    Many, many times. I was once in Seonon with only 200 men and a Derthert army of over 1000 passed us by for a castle that had 300+ (garrison and militia but no army) ...

    Is that really my fault?

    it seems the only way to take part in a siege defense is if you're guaranteed to lose idk.

    You've completely missed the point friend.

    The issue here is the fact that taking part in defensive sieges as a player is far, far too rare as evidenced by the numerous people who have expressed that problem.

    It's not us... It's how the game AI works.

    Though nice to see someone on these forums defend the AI in this game. You, sir, are a rare breed indeed.
    Drop the smugness, you cherry pick cut out the part that noted there needed to be a re-balancing of the AI formula
  6. Earth Dragon

    Former General Manager Ali Erkin

    I agree with Terco.

    For all we now Ali left for personal reasons beyond his control; besides bannerlord development is not in the hands of one man. I don't think this is worth discussing.
    But maybe it should be in some ways, which is the part worth discussing.

    Bannerlord feels at times to be a Vessel with no helmsman: the wave and wind are just taking it wherever now that they are in the sea they wish to be in.

    Maybe there is a helmsman, but the Captain/Officers can’t make their orders clear.

    Maybe there is no Captain?!?

    But this ship is just bobbing at this stage, and I’m not fully confident it’s gonna pull back into port, or even which port it will pull back into
  7. Earth Dragon

    What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    I bought this game 10AM EST on release day... I've played it as recently as yesterday, and I have yet to experience a defensive siege battle.

    This is somewhat your responsibility though. What 90% of people complaint on this front keep asking for is dumb AI that throw themselves at a lost cause.

    There is a better happy-medium, but how many times did you break the siege to run to the keep? How many times did you wait in a settlement as you saw the army approaching? How many times did you do anything to initiate the situation period?

    Those questions are for anyone complaining about the lack of siege defense participation period. If you aren’t exploring what systems the game already puts into place for things to occur, it weakens your ability to reasonably criticize. This is why those 90% of suggestions to “fix” the problem are unreasonable or made by people who would just avoid defending often anyway
  8. Earth Dragon

    Lacking goals for late game

    Despite all the additional mechanics TW tried to implement, the game is just a battle simulator. I personally would recommend to slow down the war pace. Maybe make recruiting harder and resource dependent. Rebuilding of parties should take lot longer. The recruits are not clones after all. Villages are raided people killed where does those new recruits all come from :grin:
    Unfortunately there is nothing meaningful to do in peace time. Yet, I think the majority of the players likes this fast pace and the other game mechanics are not interesting for them.

    So there's nothing left for me to do, just hope someone will someday create a game with similar battle mechanic with proper economy, technology and kingdom management/world diplomacy.
    It’s hilarious you post this, only because a handful of people were griping that’s rebuilding a party should be easier after a lose hahaha
  9. Earth Dragon

    the new death in battle sucks

    I don't really understand why companions even need to fight. The only reason I have them is for the bonuses they give to medicine, scouting etc. Does anyone actually recruit the companions that only have combat skills? There should be an option to have them accompany the party but not onto the field of battle.
    This has always been up to you to keep them safe when a battle breaks out. Making them horse archers with their own unique number assignment can keep them away from the fighting.

    Combat oriented guys are good for mission completion. There is a mission for pretty much every skill that a companion would have. It’s the Scout and Medic I honestly normal skip on so I level up faster
  10. Earth Dragon

    Blacksmith Exploit.

    It’s being addressed. The adjustments they do make always brings a cavalcade if gripes. It’s how I find out what items finally got a reasonable adjustment as I just don’t do smithing at all at this stage
  11. Earth Dragon

    For both immersion's sake AND the gameplay... no XP for slaughtering shattered soldiers.

    You really shouldn't be getting any weapon or any experience (maybe roguery?) for chasing after and slaughtering the retreating soldiers who never fight back at all. And the group that retreats should disappear from the map, as they melt way into the hills, so to speak. So there's no regrouping of 1-2 dudes who suddenly feel brave enough ten minutes later to face your fully reorganized army?

    If I can miss a living target and only have a limited amount of time to down them, then absolutely there should be XP.

    This may be one of the weirdest asks I’ve seen yet. Doesn’t this also modify things like merciful and such? So there’s repercussions for you doing it, so no point in changing this. It’s 100% practical, limited, target practice
  12. Earth Dragon

    Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    And let’s not get such bullet point focus: this game is an amalgamation of these cultures throughout the Dark Ages versus a snapshot of the their appearance and cultures of inspiration in the 11th Century.

    The big thing missing, if we’re trying to snag “fuzzy” history would be flails: it was specifically the Kievan Rus that employed them. Good luck getting the physics to work devs!!!
  13. Earth Dragon

    Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    Well the adjacency is why I'd like to see some elephants. It'd be quite nice, and nowhere near as ridicolous as Lizardpeople. The whole historicity argument just doesn't make sense in this particular case, as it also isn't very historical to have Celtic peoples in that part of the continent adjacent to Norman knights from the 11th century.
    People keep saying this, but there WERE mainland celts that hadn’t quite been gobbled up yet

  14. Earth Dragon

    Party wages are too high in 1.5.6 beta

    I think we should remove loyality and security variables from castles because they do not go rebellion. I said this last week to design team but these two variables have several more minor effects too (if security is less than 25% tax is decreased by 10%, which is not good design imo because alredy loyality effects tax and security effects loyality)

    current situation :
    loyality effects rebellion
    loyality effects tax
    loyality effects building speed
    security effects tax
    security effects loyality

    If loyality and security is removed from castles production can always continue and tax (which is so low compared to towns) can always be collected. These will not create any problems.

    Of course this is my preference it can change person to person. I prefer getting rid of nearly useless variables and reduce complexity if it does not add positives to gameplay. I am not aganist complexity but if we create complexity it should add something to gameplay.
    The other thing you guys can do Mexico is have bandit spans sync with security, so the lower the security of a castle or town, the more Bandits and Looters show up.

    There are plenty of ways to utilize these stats, and I like how low security affects income. That is a nice touch👍🏽
  15. Earth Dragon

    the new death in battle sucks

    this post had nothing to do with game being difficult i was talking about a feature i liked that they removed
    complaining about something in a game doesn't make one having trouble in life, as u paid money for this game i did too and if there is something i don't like i will say it that's why there is a forum u dont like it u can just exit the page being a **** to others u don't agree with wont help anyone .
    there are allot of people before u in this post who either agree with some parts or disagree with it all but they are respectful and i respect there ideas even some had same ideas u mentioned but they did it as humans
    Well I’m glad you like their style, but keep in mind that I never questioned your humanity, as you have mine, and only your maturity about the complaint
  16. Earth Dragon

    Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    Any sources on this ever happening in Calradia ?
    It’s a “history adjacent” game, so there is an acceptable amount of grounding.
    I also have no confirmation that Lizardmen don’t live in the “not” Mediterranean in Calradia, which is why no one uses boats, but that doesn’t mean I’d be thrilled to see Lizardmen as recruitable in coastal villages
  17. Earth Dragon

    What is the next major content after Rebellions?

    The fanbois would have you know that buying perfectly good BREAD is FINE- that DLC turning a perfectly good vegan bread meal into a hamburger is because you're a whiny little c%^t!

    Be HAPPY to your DLC overlords!
    Except it’s not always the case and unfortunately the whiners show up everywhere.

    Games like Stellaris put substantial amounts of effort and adjustments into each new major expansion, yet some still demand it for free and act like their $30 from a steam sale entitled them to all the non-stop work that those devs put in post-launch.

    I hate the price structure as much as the next guy, and was one of the few vocal people about where this was going 20 years ago when college nerds were BEGGING for Eastern style micro-transaction and DLC models. We asked for it, so we got it.

    But that doesn’t nullify the obnoxious people who feel they have a right to other people’s work and effort simply because they exist and they want it. Those people should be told to eat their damn bread and like it!! 😜
  18. Earth Dragon

    War Camels and Elephants

    I assume Camel Saddles have “bolt” status right now: there are different skins, they all have the same stats.

    I’m definitely one of the biggest advocates that camels need to be added to the market in all capacities. They’re weak inclusion in the game at this stage needs to be remedied at some point
  19. Earth Dragon

    the new death in battle sucks

    im asking for something they ruined for me and people who hate it too but a guy like u who call 90% of suggestions dump and wont work wont see that .
    games are made to be fun not be 100% realistic and live in it for 100 years no one will care what will happen in a game after 100 years because majority of people wont play that long . if im child its far better than being a jerk
    Easy breezy doesn’t equate to fun for a lot of people. But again, the assertion that 90% of people are fully against combat death is a false one anyway. Sometimes you as the player need to overcome obstacles, not just whine until they are removed.

    Your life will run much smother with that approach
  20. Earth Dragon

    Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    They weren't in Native Warband, but, you know, War Elephants are also not a thing atm...
    Unfortunately, they probably shouldn’t be in Native Bannerlord either. Elephants became dated once it was discovered you just have to move out of the way as they don’t adjust their direction once prodded into a charge
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