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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Yeah it is exactly what i thought. Tell worlds this is ridiculous. Im dead serious, call me. I will tell you in which ways the garrison system is broken and tell you how to fix it. This isnt even funny anymore.

  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Hotfix 01/06/21


    • Fixed a crash that occurred when killing the Family Feud quest NPC after persuading the target notable. (Also in e1.5.9 hotfix.)
    • Fixed a crash that occurred due to never-ending looter map events. (Also in e1.5.9 hotfix.)
    • Fixed a crash that occurred after selling prisoners to the ransom broker and giving the "gather others" command to one of our companions.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred after completing the Disrupt Supply Lines conspiracy quest.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in the inventory screen due to the equip/inspect panel of equipped items.
    • Fixed kingdom decisions that had no plausible decision outcomes in edge cases. (Also in e1.5.9 hotfix.)
    • Fixed a bug that caused player heroes to be duplicated in the main party. (Also in e1.5.9 hotfix.)
    • Fixed the menu entry freezes.
    • Fixed a bug that caused clan members to die in combat even with the 100% clan member death chance reduction.
    • Auto recruitment in garrisons now stops if the new recruit would cause the total wage of the garrison to pass the limit. This was previously causing the desertion of high-tier troops due to new recruits being added.
    Im just reading the notes rn but the part about auto recruiting... A garrison full of t5 troops already goes well above the highest amount you can set your troop wage to without setting it to unlimited. Doesn't this mean this change will do literally nothing to stop high tier troops getting replaced unless you want to store 150 men per garrison? Tell me im wrong
  3. Best smithing weapon value?

    What is the best combination for value for smithing weapons now that javs got nerfed? asking cause im gay
  4. The new garrison system has made it impossible to store troops in garrisons

    the only thing you need to do is make it so you have the option to turn off auto recruit and when auto is off make it so companions wont donate to the garrison. It really is that simple
    that's why i feel like they didnt test this even a little bit before putting it out
  5. The new garrison system has made it impossible to store troops in garrisons

    the only thing you need to do is make it so you have the option to turn off auto recruit and when auto is off make it so companions wont donate to the garrison. It really is that simple
  6. The new garrison system has made it impossible to store troops in garrisons

    Update: found one way to store troops. Have to max out garrison size. As long as the food is good it wont auto recruit. Will suck when i die and my garrison size is lowered but dont really have a choice atm
  7. The new garrison system has made it impossible to store troops in garrisons

    I have noticed very many issues with how this system was implemented. I like the idea but the really messed it up. The only way i have found to store troops in your garrison without them getting replaced is to have the total wage be under 2k and to bring it down until it stops auto recruiting...
  8. Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    I remember in the early months of release where we had actual big patches with meaningful changes, once a weak. Now we get a patch every few months that , to my opinion, does not add a lot of things to the game and is centered around bug fixes caused by the previous patch. I don't know what to think of no more. Have they stopped working as much on bannerlord? Are they happy with the product they currently have? I have been waiting to play again but I honestly don't see a reason to do that.
    I was thinking about that. I noticed that after the refactor things really got slow which is ironic cause they said that would speed up development. It appears to me that they are likely working on a dlc now with a skeleton crew working on the main game. That or they just buggered off
  9. Pls make my clan parties stop donating troops to my garrisons

    I cant even let my guys roam free anymore without them donating random garbage to my garrisons and driving up my fragile wage. Pls make them stop it is really annoying
  10. Killing an army needs to have a much bigger reward

    Mind giving a concrete example of the additional reward you want? I've seen people saying the rewards are too big and it's too easy to get rich from it and stuff. Personally I think it's good enough. You get loot, prisoners and basically cripple their power for a while. To be fair tho, I pick my battles. I don't jump into an evenly matched battle because I know of the risks.
    The only thing you get is money. Prisoners is redundant unless you lose very few men in the fight, otherwise you will still come back with less than you started with. And as for crippling their power it in no way does that. I have gone to war with factions and wiped 10 1000 man armies back to back. And as for what i would want i think it would be nice if wiping an army DID in fact cripple them for a time. Perhaps notables should have a bottomless pit of recruits to throw at you. Like if you wipe 10000 men then there should literally be no more levies left in their nations cause they are all DEAD. And when causality get so high for one war they should be willing to pay up. Idk if this only effects me but no enemy nation ever if willing to pay me a tribute anymore. I literally wiped an entire nation and even after we took their last city they were still asking for a 500 gold tribute.
  11. Killing an army needs to have a much bigger reward

    It has gotten to the point where the only time i engage armies in an even fight is when they are sieging one of my fiefs and even then there are many ways around that. The cost of losing men so heavily outweighs the reward of beating an army that it is almost stupid. At least with sieges you...
  12. The end result of nerfing ability to gain troops

    This may seem like a meme but this is unironically how i fight now. The gain of fighting and defeating an army in a field battleis so heavily outweighed by the cost of losing troops that it isnt even worth attacking them at all anymore. My current strat is to get all the boys together and...
  13. Does the game actually improve?

    So a while ago I resigned from playing Bannerlord, since there just wasnt any real big contend coming and it just got repetetive and boring for me. I allways read the patch notes, but 90% of it seems to be bug fixes and 10% minor changes. No matter how much gets fixed, it seems like the amount of bugs isn't getting any less at all. Of course you cant add much new content, if the game isnt even working right in its current state. So is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it still as bugged as it ever was and no new content is going to be added any time soon?
    top 10 questions science still cant answer
  14. Engaging an army is an automatic tactical lose

    A few reasons for this. First is they have nerfed the **** out of your ability to gain new t5+ troops. Second is the ai wills new armies into existence after getting wiped 8 times in 20 minutes. And third is you gain very little from wiping an army, you do gain a fair amount of gold when you do...
  15. How old are you, and how much you love this game?

    I only play this game cause im autistic
  16. Resolved Party leaders in my army donate troops to VOID in this castle.

    Number of garrison remains 0.
    i made a post about this a bit ago and they patched it in 1.5.7 . however companions still donate troops to your own garrisons for some reason but at least the troops dont disappear
  17. Companion death rate at 10%?

    10% is fine.
    Did you know the Medicine perk "Cheat Death" it halves the Chance a Clan Member will die in Battle.
    honestly how tf do you even get a medic skill to that level
  18. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    When I can find the time, I try to give an answer to every post I see in the UI feedback subforum and I would love to hear your honest feedback in there too.
    im too weak for this ****
  19. In Progress My companion parties are donating troops to my garrisons and then those troops disappear (only happens when in player made kingdom)

    Thanks for your save file. I examined it and found small easy bug there at 1.5.7 this will be fixed. If there is no garrison at settlement your clan member enter your clan member's transfers were not added.

    kk ty
  20. Face enemy direction

    Now we can't face direction as many times as we want?
    Because the first time you will change the direction and for the second you will face the enemy
    It's not convenient at all.
    i made a whole post detailing everything i hate about the new UI. unfortunately even though the new one is pretty universally hated and objectively worse than the old they haven't changed it back.
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