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  1. Ted Striker

    I need a list of all these settlement icons

    Some are obvious, like a blue ! for a quest or a white catapult for being attacked, but what are some of these other? I've seen what looks like a white tent and some other icons I can't identify. Where is the list of these new icons? (new to me)
  2. Ted Striker

    Workshop upkeep?

    The Trade perk "Market Dealer" lowers shop upkeep by 20% but I don't see where the upkeep is even listed? All I can find is "Daily Wage", and the perk doesn't lower it. In fact after taking the perk in a test save I didn't see it do anything at all. Is there a workshop upkeep stat somewhere...
  3. Ted Striker

    How is the economy now?

    When I last played this last year the economy was all kinds of screwed up. Workshops barely gave any income and caravans were just fodder - a total waste of money. Smithing seemed to be the only reliable way to make money outside of constant combat but it felt so cheesy. Have they made...
  4. Ted Striker

    duplicate thread

    ignore, this was posted in wrong forum
  5. Ted Striker

    Glad that beta version was tested before going live /sarcasm

    Why on earth would you add these massive money nerfs without testing them? That's what beta versions are for. - Troops start deserting my caravans right away, literally within a minute after loading the game - About 10 minutes later caravan is lost - Another caravan about 10 minutes after...
  6. Ted Striker

    Too easy to use two handed/polearm on horseback?

    Polearms especially but all those large two handed melee weapons. I am able to use any large two handed weapon on horseback just as easily as a one handed sword while maintaing complete control of my horse. Wtf. Dropping the reins should mean you lose mobility at the least, unless you are a...
  7. Ted Striker

    Caravan difficulties - one always profits, the other never profits

    Hired two caravans. One in Galend far west, one in Baltakhand far east. Both companions are basically the same shield maiden type. The Galend caravan consistently makes a profit. It varies but there's always something. The Baltakhand has yet to make a profit. I've chased it down and checked on...
  8. Ted Striker

    Increasing village recruiter relations when no quests available?

    Besides quests what other ways are there to increase recruiter relation? I'm stuck at 0 with a recruiter that has what I want. He hasn't had a quest for me all game. There has to be a way to increase it.
  9. Ted Striker

    So "Realistic" difficulty isn't "Normal" difficulty. Yikes

    So I was thinking the difficulty settings were Very easy - Easy - Realistic - ? - ?, or in more common terms Very Easy - Easy - Normal - Hard - Very Hard. I'm suspecting I'm not the only one. ("?" because I never checked what was past Realistic. I found Normal and that's what I wanted) Thought...
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