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  1. Jarl Malcolm

    🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    Oi folks, Updated 26/06/2020 for Beta 1.4.2, see below for 1.4.3+ (Post Code Refactoring) I wanted to make this thread to try to funnel the feedback over the Alpha - Beta - Main Branch. I propose trying the make a list of the most striking features introduced to the game by the Alpha - Beta...
  2. Jarl Malcolm

    High Tier Armours in Shops

    Oi folks, This thread is a suggestion to make High Tier Armours available in shops. I have an idea using the item modifiers introduced in Beta 1.2.0. The Beta 1.2.0 mentionned that now, Towns would produce some higher tier armours and would sometimes sell them, but the present rate of finding...
  3. Jarl Malcolm

    Suggestions to make Vassals/Monarchs more recognisable on the map

    On the World Map, without holding Alt, every party is only identified by the Coat of Arms of the Faction and a number. In order to distinguish the Lords from the Caravans/Peasants/etc. I have two suggestions : 1 : ADDING TITLES This has been said many times, but can't be said enough, add the...
  4. Jarl Malcolm

    Barter for Minor Faction Troops

    Oi folks, In my games, I often end up declaring war on minor factions in order to capture then recruit their troops. I also release their captured leaders so being at war with them increase my reputation with them and give me their troops. Since this is possible and a weird way to obtain these...
  5. Jarl Malcolm

    Need More Info Jawwal Camel Rider - Distorted icon and wrong formation

    The Jawwal Camel Rider icon in the party screen is distorted, also, the Camel Rider is classed as an infantry in the formation, meaning you have to manually asign him to cavalry each time you load.
  6. Jarl Malcolm

    Comments about Aserai Troops and Culture

    Just want to say, I really enjoy the game, I have a Sturgia playthrough and it's been an absolute blast. But, I wanted to start a new game, as an Aserai Merchant, since I've seen in the e1.0.4 patch notes that the Recruit / Tribesman issue was supposed to be fixed. NOTE : e1.0.5. came out as I...
  7. Jarl Malcolm

    Need More Info Sturgian Castles missing ground

    Nevyansk for exemple, if you go to the walls on the other side of the Siege, you'll see no ground, no trees, it's empty. I'll try to link a screenshot later.
  8. Jarl Malcolm

    Troop Trees Adjustments

    Suggestion to add dedicated Archers in the Battania main troop tree. Strugia has a Horseman option in the main tree and the elite Druzhinnik in the noble tree, that's perfect. Battania should have the same with an Archer in the main tree and keep the Fian as the elite noble option. Also...
  9. Jarl Malcolm

    TaleWorlds Coronavirus Measures

    I saw the news, published today by TaleWorlds, but no thread to discuss it. So here it is. TLDR: They are working from home, the 31st of March EA release is maintained.
  10. Jarl Malcolm

    Post your Favourite M&B Screenshot

    Oi folks, While waiting for Bannerlord, I thought we could share our favourite screenshot (one or two each, let's say) from any Mount & Blade games, with a little context! Share yours! Cheers
  11. Jarl Malcolm

    Empire Factions Interactions

    Oi folks! This is my first post, but I've played Warband for years and I've been closely following the development of Bannerlord, So far, everything looks great, but I wanted to know if anybody had information about the interactions of the three Empire factions? Will/should they be allowed to...
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