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    Official Screenshots and Video Thread

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    World of Tankcraft

    The D1 is actually quite fun to play, especially when I'm in the mood to go as slow as a T95 and not be able to penetrate anything that isn't 2 feet away  :razz:
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    Screenshot Mega Thread




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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    _666_ said:
    Dont wanna be mean here or anything, but have you ever tried to improve, Volkonski?  :razz:
    Ive been following this thread for quite a long time and to me it seems like youre just doing the same thing over and over and over and over..
    First idea that comes to mind while looking at your tanks, which could vastly improve your work, is proper use of smooth/flat shading with edge split, then maybe even move on to texturing etc.
    I'm improving slowly, if you look back at my earlier work they're most blocky and really really ugly, now they're just mostly blocky and slightly less ugly which to me is an improvement  :razz:. And I have tried to use edge split but it went horribly wrong as I ruined one my favourite designs (Panzer SK VI Mammut) and I forgot to make a back up. If nobody is liking even the concept of them (Antonis I know you are the exception  :razz:) I can always just stop posting them.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Decided to redesign the AV-1 18 tank as I severely botched up the chassis on the last version. This time I've gone for a BT, T-34, KV-1 and Maus styled tank instead of just T-34 and Maus. It's coming along nicely I reckon, just need to add tracks, redo the MG port, redo the wheels, remake the commanders cupola as it's a placeholder, make it generally more smoother and less boxy and add the fine details (engine grill, equipment, exhaust etc) and it should be good to go for texturing  :grin:.

    AV-1 18

    EDIT: AV-2 20, based on the KV-2. Made purely for giggles, I'll touch it up once I'm done with the AV-1 18.

    AV-2 20
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    The Official Art thread

    GERRY said:
    Volkonski said:
    I absolutely love Valkyria Chronicles, Nancy Dufour is my favourite character (mainly because she looks and acts like my girlfriend  :razz:).

    I hope your girlfriend is not 15
    She's 22 and I'm 21
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    The Official Art thread

    I absolutely love Valkyria Chronicles, Nancy Dufour is my favourite character (mainly because she looks and acts like my girlfriend  :razz:).
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    World of Tankcraft

    The 76mm does do more damage, but I don't have that unlocked on the M4A2 Sherman III and it's not as fun using the standard AT guns. With the 105mm derp I may only do minimal damage, but it does knock out quite a few modules so I've been using it as either a city hit and run brawler or a medium range artillery piece.
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    World of Tankcraft

    Well ****, there goes my money making scheme of using the M4A2 Sherman III with the M4 105mm derpgun, gun rammer and coated optics and sniping from afar  :sad:.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Jaakko said:
    It's tracks are tiny and have very little clearance  :wink:
    The tracks are placeholders, they're from my earlier model the Panzer SK Ausf K 105. I plan to make new ones as soon as I make the chassis and turret look a lot more prettier than what it currently is.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Currently working on a new tank, this one named after our resident Antonis just because I'm nice (I sincerely apologize for placing your name on this piece of crap I call a model). I made it inside half an hour mind and I'm still working on it so bare with me, I just felt like I'd show you it anyway. This is the AV-1 18 (Antonis Vasiliy Mk1 191:cool:, it was designed by a collaberation effort between the Greeks and Russians to come up with a cheap and easily mass produced tank that could counter the ever rising threat presented from Austria.

    AV-1 18
  12. shadowarcher


    Congrats Antonis!, I really wasn't expecting a release of this. I'm now gonna be torn between playing this and Sayazn, although I may just play yours a bit more  :razz:.
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    Little Bit About Yourself

    Name's Mark and I finished studying a BTEC National Diploma level 3 in Games Design at college in 2013. As for what I want, I haven't a bloody clue...although as Docm mentioned a sandwich would be nice right about now  :lol:.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Antonis said:
    Nice! Will we see a firearms mod, then?  :smile:
    Perhaps you will and maybe you won't  :wink:

    Rigadoon said:
    Volkonski said:
    Here's a LasPistol, just cus (still working on it so excuse the typical shoddiness that I always exude  :razz:)











    Nice model though.
    Thanks for the tips  :grin:
  16. shadowarcher

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Here's a LasPistol, just cus (still working on it so excuse the typical shoddiness that I always exude  :razz:)

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    say cheese

    Nah, I look way different to how I did when I was 17 . Plus my account tells you my age  :razz:
  18. shadowarcher

    say cheese

    Yes she does, why else would she say she wanted to be my girlfriend on sunday?.
  19. shadowarcher

    say cheese

    Epicrules said:
    So you're calling her your girlfriend now?
    Yes, she broke up with her ex 3 weeks ago and we got together last Sunday and she's living with my grandparents  :smile:
  20. shadowarcher

    say cheese

    Antonis said:
    Volkonski said:
    Got a few pics with my girlfriend today




    Volkonski, duuuude! You look like a crossover between Axl Rose and Simon Pegg. I'm saying that as a compliment, btw. But it can't be unseen.
    Thanks man, my girlfriend gave me that bandanna and now I've got some aviators to complete the set  :grin:.

    Vraelomon said:
    Me too. Wait, aren't you like 21? That's pretty Rad then  :lol:
    Yep, I'm 21 now and 22 in August.

    krik said:
    Damn I imagined you being way younger for some reason.
    What did you think I was?
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