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  1. Cowbbebop

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    yes that's already in the game, it's working
    Good to know. That was immersion breaking.
    happy that mexxico did it finally.
  2. Cowbbebop

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    It was added months ago. Are not they running? You should try this when enemy is close to a settlement gate.
    Ah good news. I didnt test last build and i guess i didnt read the changelog enought carrefully. I will test it. Thanks for your response.
  3. Cowbbebop

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    We will deal with this. They should run away to nearby settlement if it is in radius and if path is not going over enemy.
    Hello mexxico, is there any news about this? Is this still in you to do list ? Thanx for your hard work
  4. Cowbbebop

    The good, yet terribly made game. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

    it would partially solve something this game is in dire need, and that's RPG mechanics.
    I couldn't agree more on this sentence. RPG mechanics is terribly missing and more than this, the non adressing fixing stuff like price, aging going too slow (etc) add incoherence to the game. The all thing feel like a terrible waste.
    Anyway the lore was never the strong point in MB, more like an excuse to play amazing sandbox mechanic. The true gem is Viking conquest (and all the other great mod) with mechanic at the best of what the engine could do and a very interesting lore, perfectly translate by the balance and atmosphere. Well VC was made by a modding team if I remember correctly...That explain a lot of thing.
    Talewords do not know how to tell a story, this is not what they do.. we are asking too much. They need to fix the game and let the modder give us the beautiful gem to come.
  5. Cowbbebop

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I did like the option to switch between 2handed and 1handed with the bastard sword, it would look cool and occasionally throw someone off when they're focused on the specific animations. It wasn't totally useful but wouldn't the better option be to simply default to 2handed mode and leave this in as an added option?

    We used to be able to duck while slashing too, which was badass. It didn't sync properly though and had issues so I understand why they removed it, but I hope they bring it back.
    Yes they should add it as an option. Like add some subtile variation in attack animation.. but i am dreaming here.
  6. Cowbbebop

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Because the "change stance button" doesn't work half the time and trying to two-hand your bastard sword after unequipping your shield often ends with you getting killed by even the worst classes in the game.
    The game in singleplayer is already too easy ... sorry but follow this demand is going to the wrong direction.
  7. Cowbbebop

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    It was asked by many people, especially from the multiplayer crowd, because it's useless. If you take your shield out you want two handed anyway, wasting the time to press the button only gets you kil
    Whatever is giving you freedom and immersion is usefull. This is exactly what this game is laking of. Jesus, multiplayer crowd should focus on better thing to improve the multiplayer circus
  8. Cowbbebop

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Why did you, talewords remove ability to switch between 2h and 1h sword?? This kind of little thing make the game better. Why get rid of this..????. this make no sens at all
  9. Cowbbebop

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    We will deal with this. They should run away to nearby settlement if it is in radius and if path is not going over enemy.
    thats a good new.. thx for this info
  10. Cowbbebop

    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    this game could be the game of the decade if the lore and the rpg side was better exploited.
    But no it is disappointing, every thing look very generic in the game, especially npc because the personality trait does nothing, The combat is way too easy, the map is too full of city, villages and castes that you feel the map smaller than warband, no space no wilde. You are too important and powerful way too soon and in the other side, it s way too painful to lvl up your ability. That idea of "influence" was the worst idea ever and totally unimersive. You call to arms people who hate you or you never met and lead a army like it was nothing... army is nothing, siege in nothing because it is happen all the time in the game... so there is no drama and no intensity : Easy to take a castle/ easy to lose one. NCp party can't even get refuge in friendly settlement when they are chased.. they run stupidly until you catch them.. No real dialogue option , nothing to do except war and find a robotic wife to get her gear, get a city, become too powerful, get bored and start a new campaign and dreaming about the beautiful mod in progress on modb.
  11. Cowbbebop

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    So it is official, we are nearing the end, with only balance, improvents and "minor" features on the horizon.

    On one side, I am disapointed that the TW gave up on any meaningful roleplaying quality of the game.
    • No real quests outside of the main questline
    • No enhancements to dialogs to add more player variation
    • No Trait influencing dialog options for players
    • No enhacements to Persuasion (which currently is stupid from a RP standpoint, because you pick ALL the options, only the order in which you pick them is up to the player)
    • No improvements to marriage, which is just so terrible from a RP standpoint
    • No feasts, or any events of any kind. All there is is Combat (oh, and Board Games).
    • No dialog support for game features (as a second method to using the menu)
      • No dialogs to give immersion for Kingdom Decisions and Diplomacy
    • No support for Scenes. (Please give me a REASON to visit these scenes!)
    • No interesting companios
    • No gang-related features, making Roguery only meaningful (you guessed it!) in Combat, in the form of Raiding and Loot
    • No further point to Minor Factions, except as extra parties for warfare.
    • I could go in...
    On the other side, this means release is much closer than I hoped, which means modders can finally take over...
  12. Cowbbebop

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Is there a plan to make npc party get refuge in friendly settelment when there are chased by hostile one? (Seems logic.)
    And when does the « challenging « setting is going to be really challenging ? Or you dev are happy about the difficulty level in one to one combat ?
  13. Cowbbebop

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    @mexxico Is there a plan to make npc parties (when chased by hostil one) be able to refuge in friendly town and castle ?
    It was implement in warband I think..
  14. Cowbbebop

    How to make castles matter

    I think a Total War style area of control would do the trick, where if you're at war, you can't go within so-close of a castle without directly engaging it.

    This would allow castles to do their job by blocking choke points in the geography, like valleys, rivers etc.
    and it will bring a deeper strategy systeme. Castles also need to be relocated ..
  15. Cowbbebop

    How to make castles matter

    Well first of all, castles should be a refuge for friendly party. When you chase some npc they never take refuge in friendly castle or town even if they are just front of it. They just run until you catch them... this is ridiculous.
    Then Castles should have some advantage that town doesnt have, like troups or whatever.
    The garrison is a real problem in this game. Garrison is only usefull to prevent siege... Garrison should be able to intervene when there is a fight close enought or at least intevene when his lord fight close enought : Castles should give you the capacity to control a territory..
  16. Cowbbebop

    We need alliances

    About critisisms :

    Yes it is late for deciding adding that big features. Sometimes I think how we can add alliances feature and I realize different problems. Thats why I cannot join discussions for now. I need to think all problems all together. For example : what will be side effects or costs of announcing a new alliance, what will happen if one alliance is ended - suddenly war peace calculation scores will change and this will trigger new wars to start, so there will be more war peace declerations (which is not good for stability of game / bad for gameplay). How will be diplomacy screen ui for allied factions? What will happen when alliance is declared if there are existing wars or tribute payments including factions which declared alliance. There are tons of different problems and we need to find answers to them before start coding. Also if we can not solve these problems in a good way we cannot add this feature thats why I cannot give 100% guarentee for adding alliances feature for now.

    I wish we had all game design 8 years ago (when we start this project) and we follow that design document. Probably we could finish game sooner if that kind of development is followed. If this was the case all these problems would be already solved. We are trying to add features one by one and this is not best way to create a detailed game like Bannerlord because all different features are connected each other and we should think all together not one by one. Adding features one by one is dangerous (can broke existing mechanics). However Warband is also developed that way too and be a great game. But even Warband example I think this is hard way to develop a game.

    Actually I am not diplomacy guy also, my responsible areas are generally campaign ai, army and party ai, economy / trade, recruit systems, food / money management of parties / clans. I did not worked at diplomacy features for Warband also. It was obvious diplomacy side of Bannerlord was very weak and players want developments at diplomacy so I wanted to help development at August started examining these parts. However I am not real owner of these parts. Critisisms are right but they are not helping our current situation.
    Thx for all this and your dedication to the game. I have a Few question : is there something plan to improve the use of castle ? Why Some npc party dont refuge in friendly town or castle when they are chased by hostile party? Will militia and garrison be able To Get out and help owner or friendly party when there is a fight near by?
    thx a lot for your response and sorry for this poor english.
  17. Cowbbebop

    Getting Taken Captive after winning a battle as an army

    So I have been getting captured by the enemy after winning a battle as part of the army and not getting downed during the battle causing me to lose all of my troops and a lot of items? Anyone else having this issue?
    Same bug here.
  18. Cowbbebop

    [MP/SP] Dynamic Blocking Debate

    I prefer current system much more. You are just exchanging one limitation (need to release button before blocking in to another direction) for another one (having to limit your movement by the direction you're blocking). Frankly later is much worst in my opinion as it limits what you can do in combat while the current mechanics does not.

    Of course if it was only an optional feature that you can turn on or off like current autoblocking, why not. How it would work in a MP, to have two different blocking mechanics that could potentially lead in to exploits, I don't know.

    That said I would much more prefer if devs improve combat AI instead of adding more mechanics to the combat that can potentially make AI even less competent. Right now AI does not block much at all and is very easy to exploit once you have bit of experience. I would prefer if AI was capable of blocking more consistently and fighting AI with equal skill to mine would be more equal match.
    So much thing to polish first.
  19. Cowbbebop

    Anyone know how Yadomejutzo works ?

    I would like to know too
  20. Cowbbebop

    There is no challenge in1vs1 AI combat...

    The video was pre-change, the change made sense as they had no way to turn down the melee skill of archers without also impacting their archer skill. They just need to adjust this new system so that the jump in skill lvl is representative of the previous difficulty levels.
    I cant remember if they implement once this superbe ai or not. It seems to me they never did.
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