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  1. -Peter-

    Roman Legions During Gallic Wars

    matmohair1 said:
    :wink: hope this helps...












    Plates and Text































    An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Uniforms of the Roman World









    L'armée de César pendant la Guerre des Gaules





    -Peter- said:
    I read the other day that bronze was still used at that point for the lorica hamata, but can't remember where I read it.




    Bronze mail fragment, Lunt Fort, Bagington, Warwickshire


    Absolutely fantastic, really appreciate this!
  2. -Peter-

    Roman Legions During Gallic Wars

    hruza said:
    So called "Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus" (currently in museum of Louvre, France and Munich, Germany). About 100 BC so close to Ceasars Galic campaign:




    And now in contemporary reconstruction:





    Brilliant, thanks for this.
  3. -Peter-

    Roman Legions During Gallic Wars

    hruza said:
    Do you mean Caesar's Galic wars, sacking of Rome by Gauls or do you mean Roman conquest of Cisalpine Gaul?

    Caesar's Gallic wars.
  4. -Peter-

    Roman Legions During Gallic Wars

    Wondering if anyone has some insight in to the equipment the Legionaries will have worn around the beginning. I read the other day that bronze was still used at that point for the lorica hamata, but can't remember where I read it. Just trying to build a bit of picture, as I'm struggling to...
  5. -Peter-

    Open University / Being a mature student

    Comrade Temuzu said:
    I can't speak about being mature, but I did go to open university. The only reason though was that I didn't get into regular university at first, had to finish my bachelors degree studies in history at open university first.

    I'm not so sure if completing random bits and pieces here and there is going to be of any benefit to you; I don't know where you live, but I imagine just completing courses in classics isn't enough to give you any kind of authority or enough professional knowledge to be allowed to teach for example. That probably varies from topic to topic and country to country though.

    The idea is that it can be a gateway to more options. Primary school for example requires a degree, then 1 year teaching training. Secondary I'm not so sure.

    kurczak said:
    What's the "job opportunity" option?

    Businesses most likely - I run a small business now and would probably help expand, or take a different path. I was due to study sports coaching when I was younger, but decided that was too limited (bit of a regret), and was offered a lot of grants when I was younger and healthier!

    I've enrolled on the course anyway, if not just for my shear interest in the subject, will just be an expensive hobby  :smile:
  6. -Peter-

    Open University / Being a mature student

    Big Bad Pent said:
    Hmm how much flexibility is there in OU degree courses? You might be able to study a more employable field but tailor it to your interests. Potentially do a joint honours.

    They're very flexible with how long you can take to complete the courses, but recommend 32-36 hours per week to complete a course in 3 years, so two may be a little ambitious for me, as I do need to work around 20 hours a week in order to pay bills etc.
    Definitely an option to do another straight after though, since SFE couldn't care less about loaning people money for courses.

    I gather what a lot of people do is go in to teaching after these kind of courses, so that is the generic option.

    National Founding Figure Respecter said:
    Would this course mean a great financial investment for you? I'm a student at a regular university studying Classics and my experience is that although I love it, it's definitely not something that could lead to job prospects. That can feel a little dismaying once you realize you've put a lot of time and money into it. You can always read academic books on your own and there are even lectures from prestigious universities available for free on Youtube.
    On the other hand, if it does turn out not to lead to job opportunities, you still have your trade and I wouldn't say the time and money would have been wasted. I don't know how those open university programs are so I may not be giving the best advise here, just sharing my thoughts anyway. Good luck whichever thing you go for.

    It wouldn't no, it would only really mean taking on less work, which wouldn't really bother me. The sole reason I want to do it is because the prospectus is pretty much a list of everything that interests me, as it probably would a lot of people on here! I do get what you mean though, but on the other hand if you do find a job related to your course, it'll certainly be more rewarding than if you were to study something generic such as Business, which has great prospects, but not in particularly interesting jobs.
    What year are you in to and how are you finding it? What have you studied through your course?
  7. -Peter-

    Open University / Being a mature student

    Anyone have any experience of this that they can pass on? I'm currently considering an Open University course as an investment for a potential career change. I'm 27 now, and I'm a self employed tradesman, earning decent money but not necessarily happy in what I do, nor is it a job I can...
  8. -Peter-

    Will you pre-order Bannerlord?

    Taleworlds are the only company that I'd pre-order one of their games. From my point of view they've always respected their customers by delivering a concept that was completely missing, not rushing out rubbish in money grabbing attempts and taking their customer's ideas on board and implementing them. Certainly can't say that for many companies.
  9. -Peter-

    Recommend a Documentary

    Captured Joe said:
    -Peter- said:
    Great channel for Youtube style documentaries on battles/wars
    Very nice, they have videos on some really nice subjects like the battle of Ankara which I don't see very often!

    Great isn't it, covers a lot of wars that you don't see pushed very much over this part of the world despite them being some of the most interesting.
  10. -Peter-

    Recommend a Documentary

    Great channel for Youtube style documentaries on battles/wars
  11. -Peter-

    Recommend a Documentary

    Sanz said:
    Ah, the good old days, right? When History Channel was actually about history rather than Aztec demigod alien conspiracy theories and Hunting Hitler and ****.

    The general lack of interest in History is frustrating. So much to learn from it, yet seems to be massively overlooked. The school I attended didn't even teach history previous to WW2.

    This channel is a great watch for those interested in Roman history.
  12. -Peter-

    Dev Blog 10/08/17

    Amazing to see the progress since first coming on here 9 1/2 years ago. I'm sure it was just a husband & wife team back then!
  13. -Peter-

    Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    Ed Sheeran has one of the most recognisable faces in England and they didn't even try to make him look different. Even had his hair gelled in a Medieval era forest.. He was awful as well, as was This is England boy. At least with top actors like Sean Bean, when they're included you soon forget who they are and think of them as their character.
  14. -Peter-

    We who are about to Die! Made by an old m&b modder - me!

    Looks great! Loving the mosaic. Looks like it has the potential to be an addictive time-killer.
  15. -Peter-

    Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    Really annoyed me that they desperately went out of their way to incorporate Ed Sheeran. The show was never about trying to include famous names etc, bit of a sell out imo, and kind of broke the illusion for me.

    I'm glad they're reducing the season to 7 episodes and 6 the next as it's gone downhill since season 5 began. Really wish they'd prolonged a lot of the storylines while they had the chance, so much has been rushed that it's kind of ruined it. Imagine if they'd put as much effort in to Rob Stark's battles as they did with BOTB etc.
  16. -Peter-

    Recommend a Documentary

    Traditional style, docu-drama whatever, pass on your suggestions! Just watching this below, probably one of the most realistically portrayed Romans I've seen. Or at least to what I imagine them to look like. Also stumbled upon this yesterday, basically the narrator is claiming there was no...
  17. -Peter-

    The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    Jacobhinds said:
    -Peter- said:
    I've always had visions of battles in England in particular being almost in slow-motion after a while due to the mud.

    This got me thinking, I wonder how likely it was for a medieval English battlefield to actually become muddy or boggy during an english spring or autumn. A lot of England is actually drier than the continent, but I still read about battles in mud more than I would expect.

    I suppose it depends on the part of England... Northern England you have about a 2 week window to get battles in while the ground is dry!
  18. -Peter-

    The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    Almalexia said:
    Part of the issue was the whole scene was greatly obscured by the dust and sand kicked up (having watched it recently), and while that was probably accurate to the history, I could see how that could obscure some of the distinctions between armies. Was less of an issue at the Battle of Hydaspes, but then that had its own issues with weird psychedelic cinematography. A bit of a shame because as far as I could tell the costuming was pretty historically accurate. Or at least they didn't give everyone Persian War era hoplite gear, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    I'm past really expecting much degree of historical realism in film/TV media and I just watch things for their entertainment value, even if its in a kitschy way. If its actually reasonably accurate and teaches the public something, great, but historical media is better approached from the academic viewpoint as a means of drumming up interest that people can then use to learn about the topics on their own, rather than being directly informational. Like, Top Gun might have not really taught what it was genuinely like to be a fighter pilot or the tactics involved in aerial battles, but it sure did drum up a ton of interest and recruits to the Naval Aviation department.

    You make a very good point, I suppose it's easy as someone who already has an interest to pick things apart and want realism, but it's not necessarily going to interest others, which I suppose in turn reduces the chance of such films/tv shows being produced at all.

    The sand thing was great imo, as was the whole boggy ground of Battle of the Bastards on GOT, as it's something that's easily overlooked. I've always had visions of battles in England in particular being almost in slow-motion after a while due to the mud.

    Amontadillo? said:
    Costuming was great, though. Generally I rather love the movie, despite all its (many) flaws.

    Same, it's a great film. I still loved The Last Kingdom, Vikings etc as much as certain parts annoy me. Even Braveheart I loved despite it being more fantasy than historical.
  19. -Peter-

    The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    null said:
    Those shields look so stupid.
    As well as their round shields, Saxons started using kite shields in the 11th century, or so I have read.

    Would be keen to see a show that actually depicts Saxons accurately. Would be neat.

    Definitely. I'd love to see a show that depicts battles realistically as well, formations, hesitation etc. Not just sprinting full force at each other with no fear of death with loads of extended individual battles going on. I suppose there's some aspect of that with the shield walls in The Last Kingdom but it's done a bit ridiculously.
  20. -Peter-

    The Last Kingdom's Depiction of Anglo-Saxons

    Jacobhinds and matmohair1 thanks for the posts, really interesting stuff!

    The Roman use of propaganda is something I've only recently come across so really interesting to read. Something I read the other day said the Romans used the fear of an attack from "Barbarians" to get the public to be in favour of war/expansion. Obviously I imagine some of the time the threat was real, but I wonder how much of it wasn't. Julius Caesar being a big culprit!
    here's so many things we can learn & relate to from the ancient world.

    Matmohair1, the Greek part is a perfect example, it'd be ridiculous. Or in the Rome series, if during the battle of Philippi they gave Antony and Octavian's men Hoplons... bit of a sell out in my opinion, would have taught people a lot to show how similar they were.
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