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  1. Spear infantry vs Cavalry (and anything else)

    I think the shield wall formation is broken in general, I have also noticed that charging into spearmen shieldwall does not kill any horsemen and the spearmen dont seem to attack at all, you can stand right next to them and they would simply not attack you. I think you are the commander of the spearmen yourself and put them in charge mode they should do a lot better. I think its a combination of many things that are broken, the AI being too dumb to issue charge command, the collision mechanics of zipping right through shieldwalls and the spears being bad in general.
  2. [Guide] Optimising single-player performance - Stuttering? Got 8gb RAM? This might help

    I feel like 8 GB of RAM is bare minimum nowadays, im running Windows 10 and its already using 4-5 GB simply on idle. Also 8 GB of RAM for 80 € is way overpriced, its more like 40 €.
  3. Please nerf archers one way or another.

    I think one possible nerf that has not been mentioned could be lower rate of "fire". 12 per minute was the average rate of "fire" for English longbowman in 1300s and it seems like archers in game shoot way more then that without any fatigue. This nerf was done in Viking Conquest and 1257 AD mod and it worked pretty well where archers were not completely useless but they couldnt mow down everything with ease.
  4. Why is there no plate exactly ?

    Very informative post thanks.

    Of course i did not refer to the technology of the Khuzait, it was merely when fighting against them, i think the other factions with huge economies like Vlandian and The Empire have no way to counter Khuzait, their high tier infantry and archers just doesn't do it. They are good though fighting other infantry, but against Khuzait they have nothing, Khuzait is pretty much strong on all fronts, specially mounted and from range and their spearmen is not half bad either, not to mention the Noble Son's troops like Quangli. Unit wise they are the strongest in the game overall.
    Vlandian arbalests do pretty well against the khuzaits, you should try them... You do need like 70 of them to get the full effect.
  5. Black African Faction

    Your level of ignorance is mind boggling. Do you get your historical knowledge from films and tv? If you know anything about the battle of Hastings you would know that the Norman knights were skirmishers. Light cavalry in game. They did not charge they harassed until the Saxon formation broke and gave up the high ground. The heavy cavalry in game are more like those used during the 100 years war such as at the battle of agincourt, 14th century. lmfao
    You need to open a history book. 1st grade for starters, Normans were the first to use couched lance against the Byzantines in 1060 - 1071and they were heavily armoured. What tactics they used in the battle of hastings is irrelevant.
  6. Black African Faction

    Get the dates out of your head. This is not 1000 or even 1200. Plate did not exist in 1000. Neither did knights with lances. The longbow hadn't even been invented! The technology is the high middle ages 15th 16th century. The game is, lets put all these factions loosley based on reality and put them together with similar levels of technology. Historical accuracy goes out of the window at that point.

    I showed you a screen shot of the south western map below the Aserai....
    Man your historical knowledge is subpar to say the least... Longbows existed well before year 1000. What do you mean by plate? If plate armour then i dont see that in the game, only maille, lamellar. The game is definitely not set in 1400 to 1500 lol what the hell... And normans used heavy mailed knight with a lance and they existed during the year 1000.
  7. Black African Faction

    This post feels like a massive bait, would not have been against an African faction until this dude started screeching racism at everything. Also there are no Chinese or Indians or Japanese in the game either is that racism as well?
  8. Black African Faction

    The arms and armour are most definitely not 600-1100. Not even remotely. Not one single faction is historically accurate for any time period where they all existed together. They have improved the tech of some factions. Celts & Vikings. Downgraded the tech of others. There's no cannons or basic firearms which existed at the same time as heavy plate. Lamellar armour is mostly fantasy unless you go back to something like ancient Persia. Leather armour is fantasy There really is no valid argument for historicity when we have so many anachronisms.

    The map is big enough..
    Lol lamellar was not fantasy and existed well into the 1400s and the weapons are realistic enough to the time period it is set in, with a few exceptions like vlandian full face helmets and mamluke armor.
  9. Quick Questions/Quick Answers (Unofficial 'Ask Questions Here' Q&A Thread)

    Caba`drin said:
    aNkh said:
    Is it possible to not use the fancy textures in the Gameplay Pack, because its making ma game crash in the loading screen,
    i think
    The textures shouldn't be particularly onerous in the Gameplay version. Do you have "Load Textures on Demand" ticked?
    Please see the FAQ on crashes and follow up, if need be, in the stickied Support thread.
    My game stops at the "Loading textures" every time at the same spot and yes i have load textures on demand ticked.
    i get no errors or anything it just stops and i have to use task manager to close the game. Could it me poopy ass computer?
    OS: Windows Xp SP2
    Ram: 1GB
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T2050 1.60 GHz
    Video card: Intel GMA 950
    My computer is quite the stone but it has done the job so far. It is a laptop as well.
  10. Quick Questions/Quick Answers (Unofficial 'Ask Questions Here' Q&A Thread)

    Is it possible to not use the fancy textures in the Gameplay Pack, because its making ma game crash in the loading screen,
    i think
  11. SP Native Native Mod Compilation - NMC 1.153 beta2 released

    I get following error message:
    SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 922: Invalid overlay ID: 484; LINE NO: 166
    At script: update_agent_hp_bar
    At script: update_agent_hp_bar
    This happens when i get into a battle and after that i dont see any messages in down left corner.
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