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  1. guilemaster

    Strange new issues with "Load Textures on Demand"

    So Warband has ran fine for me ever since it came out, but ever since today, I've had this strange issue where the game closes immediately after the little Paradox intro video segment (right before the game loads). This only happens with the "Load Textures on Demand" box checked in, but the...
  2. guilemaster

    A few questions on possibilities and impossibilities

    So I have a few questions I'd like to ask about some modifications that may or may not be possible. I'll list them out for organizations sake. 1. Is it possible to drastically alter attack animations? For instance, If I wanted to create a martial arts style game, would it be possible to alter...
  3. guilemaster

    West Coast Server?

    So I've been thinking on this a while, and I've been wondering, is there any interest in another North American server, west coast based? Particularly if the server ran a custom made map? I've been thinking of providing one, but I really only would do so with a lot of support for one...
  4. guilemaster

    Difficult Question?: Making parties with no menus?

    So I've been thinking about this for a while and I can't figure this out. I want to make a party, a settlement-like object to be more specific, that takes the player straight to a scene when you arrived at it. Is this possible? Has anyone done it?
  5. guilemaster

    Issue with cloaks too high on characters help needed

    So i've been working at this problem for some time and I can't find the solution to it. Basically, I decided to add the OSP pack cloaks by Dain Ironfoot, found here.,52336.0.html So I downloaded the files, and I entered the cloaks i wanted into my...
  6. guilemaster

    "Locations" tab is showing spawn points and parties?

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? Under "Notes" in the "Locations" tab(where it normally shows towns, villages etc.), it is showing EVERYTHING on the map. Spawn points, lords parties, everything. Does anyone know what could be causing it?
  7. guilemaster

    Faction-specific Destriers?

    Ok so on my Gaelic Kingdoms character, I noticed that I started out with an "Irish Destrier". It has since been lamed and it got me thinking- is it possible to replace these horses? Or are they one-time things? And do you gain one if you join a faction?
  8. guilemaster

    Game Crashes at Beginning Quest?

    So it seems to have a lot of problems for me. I get black screens that stay for extended periods of time when making my characters face, and right as the little fight for the tutorial mission starts, my game crashes me to the desktop? I need help.
  9. guilemaster

    Mappack Friday!

    So on Friday, the Golden Kingdom's US based server is running a sort of event. Some of you may have noticed that our server runs a few custom maps. Well tomorrow on Friday, I'm going to add over twice as many new maps! HOORAY! This means I'm going to need some testers to help weed out bugs. So...
  10. guilemaster

    Quick question about making maps work for the "conquest" gametype...

    So I'm looking at module_scripts right now and I don't see a section for adding maps to the "conquest" gametype. There is a section for headquarters and I'm thinking that I should just put it there, but I'm not sure. There is a section for deathmatch, battle, ctf, headquarters, siege, and...
  11. guilemaster

    Dedicated Server trouble, help needed

    Ok so I have been scanning this site all over, and I still have not found a way to solve this. I am using the dedicated server files found at TW's site, and I set up my .txt files correctly, but whenever I try to run a server, it only ever shows up in the "Join Game" section when I change from...
  12. guilemaster

    HDR Issues with Single Player...

    I have all settings maxed out, and for some reason, every once in a while, it gives me a message in red lettering (where casualties and such are normally shown), saying that it can't render some HDR texture, and it turns the option off. I can then go into the menu and turn it on, and its fine...
  13. guilemaster

    Warband Physical Copy?

    I'm wondering if they're selling physical copies of the game. Does anyone know, it'd be great to know, thanks.
  14. guilemaster

    Fatigue in Mount and Blade?

    What would you guys think of a fatigue system in Mount & Blade? It could add an interesting new level to the gameplay. Fatigue could be like your health, only that it regenerates when you're not doing strenuous activities (fighting, running, jumping). Also, when you become fatigued, negative...
  15. guilemaster

    Lagging at the beginning...

    I've kinda got a strange problem. When I first start playing, the game is running fine, with a solid fps. However, after about 5 minutes, the fps goes down by about 20 or 30. Then, after about 10 or 15 more minutes, it returns to a solid fps and remains that way for the rest of the time. It's...
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