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  1. Flavius Belisarius

    The Community and Myself Deserve a Refund!

    I..... I am just so dead inside after reading this.... nearly 600 hours of entertainment, which is almost how much time I have on Warband. And he thinks he deserves a refund. If this is a joke by OP or Tale Worlds, congratulations, my faith in humanity has withered away a little more now.

    The game is not perfect, the game is not done, and many of us have strong opinions about it. But can we all agree that we share a passion for Mount and Blade? (If not, then why are you here?!) So, with that in mind, can we just act like adults and not dip our fingers into the drama jar.
  2. Flavius Belisarius

    So they took Mexxico down

    Hello friends,

    Nobody did not take me down:smile:

    I just started using my yearly vacation. I know it is not a good time but needed to do this because of special reasons.

    Thanks for your care and interest,
    Yay! mexxico lives! Stomp!! Stomp!!
    So... Patch to marry Rhagaea when?
    COOMER! Quit creeping on the old lady!!
  3. Flavius Belisarius

    Bandits, looters and other malcontents

    It would be really fun it the bandit group got so big that it could take a castle. Then a new faction would be born with a Bandit "King" or "Queen".
  4. Flavius Belisarius

    What's his name?

    The Morrigan, for she sees all.
  5. Flavius Belisarius

    Lore on the game, maybe a few cinematics by TW

    We don't even have perks and you already want cinematics.
    Worse, we have duplicate perks and neither work. (horseback archer)
    This thread is about the lore mate, you already made one for perks. So lets not try to hijack it.

    I personally would love a lore tome, that would give the world more of a soul and be able to become a backbone fore tale worlds to base. When writing a story you first need to have a stable history, that would explain why people do this and not that. If TW had that then the error of the emperors daughter's age would not happen. It is easier to conform your story to a pre dictated history than to conform the history to the story. An example you be George R.R. Martain, he created the history and then his characters actions flowed due to that history.
  6. Flavius Belisarius

    I'm slowly starting to hate the Vlandians

    Its a strategy game! Use some strategy against them!
    You are actually crying that the infantry AI is not crap!
    There are some time where you lose it all, its not satisfying if you just save scum every time.
  7. Flavius Belisarius

    The Final Release Date

    I did refund the game. Then I figured it was worth the $40 to keep poking at it.
    I was mostly wrong and frankly haven't touched it for like 3 weeks.
    Hell I don't think the devs have much touched it either lol.

    If you like the game so much why are you on the forums? Go play it.
    I wish you just refunded the game mate.
    All you do is cry about it on the forums.
    We get it, you don't like the game.
  8. Flavius Belisarius

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    I also think, in general, there should be ceremonial armor for the emperors/empresses because that kind of stuff looks rad. Maybe even ceremonial horse barding, too, like the Byzantine emperors had.
    I agree with the faction leader armors. It would give the devs the ability to make the imperial factions a bit unique and definitely show off the wealth of the empire.
  9. Flavius Belisarius

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    TBH I think it is fine as it is. The Empire represents a late roman/byzantine Empire in a civil war, similar to the third century crisis of the Roman Empire.
    There is no reason why the empire factions should have major cultural or military differences. That would destroy the civil war atmosphere.

    The only thing I could imagine would be to add maybe one special troop tree to each faction.
    These echos my opinion exactly on the matter. It should be a civil war. If each faction had a slightly better version of one of the unit trees then it would work.

    1. southern empire has a better version of the palatine guard- due to the ties of the imperial family and the factions that are close to it.
    2. Northern empire has a better version of the cataphracts because of the wealthy senate families and being near the east.
    3. Western empire has a better version of the legionary due to the veterans that follow their commander.

    These units would have their own unique armor that would reflect the standards of the faction in their armor. laral wreaths for the northern empire crowns for the south and military might for the west (centurion crests?).
  10. Flavius Belisarius

    Why has it been in development for so long and so little was done?

    i actually didn't complain once, so keep your arguments to yourself kiddo. BTW. constructive criticism is good. This thread is useless, but the idea that EA means problems are 'too be expected' and criticism is viewed as entitlement is why companies will keep selling you unfinished work.
    You say criticism is good but keep my arguments to myself. Shure thing "kiddo". What you are doing is not "constructive criticism" is just crying about something that cant be changed.
  11. Flavius Belisarius

    Why has it been in development for so long and so little was done?

    Your attitude is why devs know they can get away with it. Your part of a larger problem with the gaming industry.
    His attitude is fine. You bought an EA game and are now complaining about why it is early access. Yes, we all wanted this 5 years ago but it didn't happen and we are no longer in 2015. We are here now with the game so be happy with that.
  12. Flavius Belisarius

    The Sturgians look ridiculous

    I was so excited to play as a Nord or a Viking in this game, until I saw how ridiculous they look. In particular the pointy helmet with the ridiculous little red doilie on top is so absurd I just can't handle it. Their appearance is so silly, I actually switched factions over it. Someone please mod these terrible looking Vikings!
    As everyone has already said they are inspired by the Kevan Rus but Taleworlds wanted to mix even more Nord elements into them, they even went to put the lore to justify it. What is came out to be was a hodgepodge mess. I believe that they will be getting a more Slavic look and many of us on the threads think that a DLC of the nords would be great as many of us just want some proper Vikings and other a great Slavic kingdom.
  13. Flavius Belisarius

    Ambush Mechanic


    Something like this, please. :razz:
  14. Flavius Belisarius

    [DISCUSSION] Thrust attack and Spears

    Thanks for your suggestions, for me it still feels like spears could do better, even the ai has a hard time with them in tourneys.
    Don't even get on that subject, one of the biggest brawl threads hear on the forums, is the one if spears are op or not. Trust me, look it up, get some popcorn and start reading.
  15. Flavius Belisarius

    So after about 30+ hours of playing.

    if that was the case, the game should of never came out EA
    EZ fix
    This must be your first EA game right?
  16. Flavius Belisarius

    This time last week we were all excited

    This time last week we were all excited for Bannerlord, wondering what it would be like, how it would compare with Warband. Oh how our dreams were crushed. I mean, it's ok, but it's not as solid as Warband.
    Wow an early access game is not as solid as a game that was the update of another game after publication? Please save the crocodile tears for when the game is fully released in a year. We begged, threaten, and pleaded for the opportunity to get this game after so long, and now we have and can see VISUAL progress made to the game and not post of progress in a blog. I am really displeased with everyone who is ripping into this game just a week after being in the begging party.
  17. Flavius Belisarius

    Unique Armors and Clothing for Faction Leaders.

    I absolutely love the armors and clothing in the game. The amount of detail that goes into each is incredible. Though I was wondering if we could get unique faction leader outfits for each faction/culture. Armors and city clothing that would only be available to faction leaders and those that...
  18. Flavius Belisarius

    Why are the Battanians so OP?

    There is a problem with snowballing currently in the game, there are dozen of posts about this and I believe the devs are on it. But just because they are supposed to be barbarians does not mean they cant be good. I give you the examples of the Lombards, Vandals, and Visigoths that invaded all of the western empire and the majority of Mediterranean Africa.
  19. Flavius Belisarius

    Please remove smithing tiredness mechanic

    remember in Warband where there was a waiting time after you learned a song from a bard, if that was brought back then I would be okay with it. I just don't get the random assortment of pieces that you have to work for. Just give us that ability to grind the resources, not some mear chance of us getting pieces.
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