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  1. Buttered_Oranges

    New Idea for Clan Party Recruitment Control.

    I think the player should have the choice of controlling the amounts of specific troops they would like their clan parties to recruit. The system would use the custom battle-like sliders to request their party to recruit this amount of this type of troop. You should also be allowed to select...
  2. Buttered_Oranges

    Resolved Game Fails to Launch. Giving Error about Direct3D 11 and how it is not present

    Bug prevents game from even launching. Bug reproduction: In my Case, Launching the game How often it occurs: every time i launch the game The Game will be in a white screen for 10-60 seconds then give me those error messages in the image above. CPU: i7-8750H GPU: GTX 1060 Max Q 6gb Ram...
  3. Buttered_Oranges

    Bannerlord Error With Direct3D 11

    When I try to launch the game. I get an error message where it says, Direct3D 11 has been removed or reset please restart the game. I've Tried everything. Verifying the files, Launched the exe from the files as administrator, reinstalled my graphics drivers and I have no idea what to do, my...
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