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  1. Nate

    B Tutorial Other How to get WSE working with Steam

    Intro This tutorial is for how to get the Warband Script Enhancer (WSE) working with a Steam version of Warband. I'm not an expert with this stuff but I learned a lot from trial and error and, since there wasn't a detailed tutorial for making Steam Warband work with WSE, I figured I might as...
  2. Nate

    Does Crouch Throw Off Your Aim?

    I was playing late at night (well, late at night for 'Merica, when there are like 8-12 people on) and a little birdie told me that he had heard crouching throws off your aim. Neither of us could confirm this rumor's veracity. So does anybody know the answer to this question? I'm guessing...
  3. Nate

    Test itp_no_pick_up_from_ground

    Can some of you modders test out the item flag 'itp_no_pick_up_from_ground'? I tried using it in a quick battle and it wasn't working for me. All the items I attached the flag to could still be picked up normally.
  4. Nate

    Recharging Ammo Quantity Problems

    recharging_ammo_quantity = ( #tuple begins   15, 0, 0, [ #conditions block begins     (get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"), (agent_has_item_equipped,":player_agent","itm_recharging_arrows"),   ], #conditions block ends   [ #consequences block begins    ...
  5. Nate

    Best TK Ever

    To be fair, it was probably the fault of the guy who was aiming the cannon, not the guy who actually fired.
  6. Nate

    Forum Profile Name Change

    Here's a question to liven up a dead subforum: How would I go about getting a forum profile name change? Should I PM a moderator? If so, should I PM a specific one? etc. I want to change it to Pawn, but unfortunately a recruit user who has been inactive for a good 4 and 1/2 or so years has the...
  7. Nate

    Difference between 'key' and 'game_key'

    What is the difference between the operations 'key_is_down' and 'game_key_is_down'? The same goes for 'key_clicked' and 'game_key_is_clicked'. Is the game_key type meant for within scenes only or something? I tried searching for a while but couldn't find much of an answer. EDIT: Found something...
  8. Nate

    MS 1.132 Build Error

    It's very possible that I've missed something obvious, but so far I haven't been able to think of it. My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit. My Python version is 2.6.6. My Warband folder is the Steam version and thus is within my steamapps common folder. I added Python to my path environment...
  9. Nate

    Python Version for Warband Module System

    "1.2 Requirements for using the Module System The module system consists of Python scripts, and as such, you need to have Python installed on your system to be able to work with them. You can download Python from's download page: There are more than a...
  10. Nate

    Something I Should Have Noticed Long Ago

    My Nord footman character recently became a vassal of the Nords. This is what happened. "Your relation with Kingdom of Nords has deteriorated 22 to -40." "Your relation with Kingdom of Nords has increased from -40 to 12." It seems highly illogical to me that my faction relations with the Nords...
  11. Nate

    [BUG] Nakedness and Script Errors

    I'm not sure what caused this bug exactly, so I'll describe the events leading up to it. 1. I set Control Block Direction from manual to auto, Damage to Player from normal to 1/4, and Combat AI from good to poor. 2. I rescued four of my companions from Shariz's dungeon. After that, I switched...
  12. Nate

    Ban Polls not Working Again?

    The log was taken from US2, March 5. While investigating a claim from another player that 'New_Player' was able to rejoin a server that he had been banned from based upon a poll, I found this was correct. Now, 'New_Player' is not at fault for anything, as the reason he had been banned was...
  13. Nate

    Provocateur Database

    EDIT: The list is less of a 'Ban on Sight' list now and more of a watchlist/database. We can use it to identify pirates, constant troublemakers, etc., but for the most part a player's being on this list will not constitute a Ban on Sight for him. EDIT: I'm still working on the target template...
  14. Nate

    Nirnaeth's Folly and Repentance

    Recently on the HK forum, Nirnaeth asked if some of us may speak on his behalf. I agreed to, as he seems to be a fine chap and I felt that, whether or not there was any chance of changing things, he deserved my assistance. He also promised to stitch the holes in our hoborags if we did this...
  15. Nate

    Rhade's Complaint

    I felt this was important enough to warrant pasting here.
  16. Nate

    Revert to .635

    Is there anyway I can temporarily revert to version .635? Some of the servers are running it instead of .640 due to the graphics problem.
  17. Nate

    Undercover Adminning

    So I've heard stories of admins when they go undercover by using alternate names in order to catch problem players off guard. I was wondering whether or not I can kick/ban a player after enough evidence has piled up without a warning. I wouldn't want to blow my cover, but at the same time I do...
  18. Nate

    Archer/Crossbowman Athletics

    I was 'inspired' to make this topic after playing some Battle mode today. I was a Nord infantry and the last enemy left was nk_Hail-something, a Vaegir archer. I was equipped with a Leather Jerkin (6.0), Leather Boots (1.3), a One Handed Battle Axe (1.5), a Nordic Sword (1.5), and I think one...
  19. Nate

    [Suggestion] Decrease Heavy Armor Cost

    The cost of heavy armor wasn't as big of a problem when Battle mode netted larger gold amounts for players, but at the gold income's current level, buying heavy armor is usually out of the question. For example, the Rhodok infantry's approximately 1.7k gold armor is very impractical now. Why...
  20. Nate

    Duel Server Rules

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