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  1. Geroj

    Problem with Quest in story mode

    Hey! I have to chase some guy who hid letter in north, somewhere in cave near Hordaland ...but where? There is Odins cave visible from start of my game, is it that one? I tried to circle around town to find another hidden cave without luck, so I tried Odins cave and there is like 15 soldiers 4-5...
  2. Geroj


    I think this weapon is really wrong made in game, on 200 or higher skill i cant hit man 20m in front of me, but skilled (and i say skilled not expert) slinger can hit head at 15-20m without problem and standing man at 30-40 and its range is compared to composite bow also projectiles -rocks have...
  3. Geroj

    Problem with mesh

    Hi, i started adding my things to MaB -and i maked new goods, i done all -mesh in brf, texture in dds, add lines to module.ini and add items by item editor...I started game, all good, but when i play game and want buy my new things it crash and tell my that no mesh found...but it displays all...
  4. Geroj

    Help pls

    Hi, i start modeling in Wings 3D -but i have problem, i dont know how to add my models to M&B...yes i read something about that, but i thing it was for old BRF editor... So can you someone write some steps how to add things to M&B? thx
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