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  1. Holmgaardviking

    SP Medieval Bretwalda - Divided Kingdoms

    Looks good! Good luck with the project guys.
  2. Holmgaardviking

    SP Antiquity Burning Empires

    This really got me excited :smile: Best of luck!
  3. Holmgaardviking


    Seek n Destroy said:
    new update in the foreseeable future
  4. Holmgaardviking

    Blog 1 - RaW 2.6 what? Where? When?

    2.6 when? I miss this mod so much. You still open for voice acting?  :lol: Nah, my mic is ****tier than ****
  5. Holmgaardviking

    Metal, metal, metal

    When you thought Bill Burr couldn't be any cooler!

  6. Holmgaardviking

    History Dark Ages: know who they were and how they lived

    Flawed indeed, and it looks ridicolous!
    I'm pretty sure the armour would be used on the legs.
  7. Holmgaardviking

    Blog 1 - RaW 2.6 what? Where? When?

    RaW 2.6 hype hype. Chooo chooo, get on the hype train ?
  8. Holmgaardviking


    Map looks much better indeed.
  9. Holmgaardviking

    Metal, metal, metal

    This is just godly. Also goes hand in hand with dem spicy herbs  :fruity:

  10. Holmgaardviking

    Metal, metal, metal

    How come I've never heard this before? It kicks ass
  11. Holmgaardviking

    Rome at War: Media

    Rip nr5.
    It's a mighty fine looking gladius. Would be a shame to let it go to waste  :neutral:
  12. Holmgaardviking

    Upcoming Brytenwalda project

    Hello! It would please me and others to get a little sneak peak on the new project  :fruity: Just a little reveal, pretty please.. Anyway. Looking forward to whatever you guys are making. Surely it won't dissapoint with such an amazing dev team onboard! New website -->...
  13. Holmgaardviking

    RaW 2.55 open testing and work in progress versions.

    How is the progress going guys?
  14. Holmgaardviking

    RaW 2.55 open testing and work in progress versions.


    Have fun answering that for the billionth time Seek!

    Ok.. I'm not that lazy.
    The traditional corinthian helmet started dissapearing, or rather taking new forms some time before this mods time period.
    I think the main reason for the updated version was because soldiers would much rather have a helmet with better hearing and more visibility.
    The legacy of the corinthian helmet would be the Apulo Corithian and the chalcidian helmet, which they have in the mod.

    I did not look anything up for source, so please correct me if I'm wrong. 
  15. Holmgaardviking

    Gloria Sinica / 汉匈决战: Han Xiongnu Wars (M&B like)

    Is anyone else experiencing this massive wall of text?
    It happend in every looter skirmish so far..
  16. Holmgaardviking

    Metal, metal, metal

    Some guuud ****.
  17. Holmgaardviking

    SP Other Tainted Paths

    Looks quite cool! I will keep an eye on this.
    Also, good luck!
  18. Holmgaardviking

    Fitness and all things fitness related (AKA: Eat your goddamn oats.)

    Sartek said:
    Magorian Aximand said:
    Sartek said:
    GOoing to gym and running when the weather allows and I`m not particularly lazy is fine, but eating properly?

    That`s something I just cant manage. Hate cooking or....well, doing anything so much.

    That's definitely a challenge. If you want to eat well, and are struggling to do it consistently, I'd try to make just one small change at a time, until each one is habit. Completely overhauling your eating habits is a daunting task, especially when you're not a fan of the kitchen. So don't. Search for a Sartek friendly way of having a healthy breakfast, then try to have that four times a week. Once you've found a good one, and you don't even think about whether or not you're going to make it any given morning, then search for a Sartek friendly post-workout meal. And so on and so forth, until your habits are healthy. Success in the eating game comes down to (for many, anyway) the accumulation of small changes, rather than the implementation of one large change.

    This sounds like incredibly good advice. I really feel like if I wasnt quite as lazy as I am, this would help.

    But since picking up a dropped toothpaste package took me literally two months ( I vaccuumed around it, or pushed it a bit away), and I dont much care, I dont really see  it changing. It`s like....I know eating better would help me look better and get better results in the gym but....I cant be bothered.
    I'm just putting this clip out here, hoping it will help some you lazy/unstructered folks. ( I am in no way perfect myself  )

    I kinda relate to your laziness, so I feel ya!
    I've been watching a fair bit of material from Dr Jordan Peterson.

    A little unrelated to this thread I guess, but what the hell..

    Edit : I've been thinkin of taking up muay thai  :smile: The only martial art I've practised is viking reenactment. Aaaand yes, I know. It's not all that practical in real life combat situations, but atleast you get a decent taste of footwork, judging distance and in general awareness and movement.
    Sorry for my horrible grammar  :lol:
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