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  1. Figulus

    Beta Test Burnout.

    Hi, I'm a huge Warband fan and Middling Bannerlord Fan. I can say that because I bought Bannerlord at Launch and have played the Beta Branch up to 1.5.9 where I gave up. I still play Warband. There are a two main reasons (+loads of niggling little ones) I stopped playing , the first one is...
  2. Figulus

    Does sandbox mode allow mods?

    Hi , Thought i'd have a go at sandbox and created a character (several in fact) but every time i go to load the save the game crashes. So I ask does sandbox mode allow mods? (as I have a few which work fine for campaign) Cheers.
  3. Figulus

    Kudos Devs in fixing drag & drop on party screen. (1.5.9)

    Hi , Credit where credit's due.
  4. Figulus

    Any word on working traits?

    Hi , Has anyone heard a response from the devs on when traits are going to work? Start every playthrough with one in valor and lose it in first battle...etc.etc.. Cheers..
  5. Figulus

    Hey Devs..

    Any chance of us having more variation of troop colours /separate of banner colours? Also, Vlandian board game still bugs out often leaving only three moves before freezing and forcing forfeit! Cheers..
  6. Figulus

    Have enjoyed Bannerlord but still prefer Warband.

    Hi , I'm enjoying a heavily modded 1.5.6 build and have played several campaigns but still massively prefer Warband. While I hope Bannerlord can improve with more development ergo playability , if it doesn't I can always revert back to Warband /1257 mod and have the whole of Europe to roam in...
  7. Figulus

    Many male Npc's all bald with same face???

    Hi , Came back to the game recently (1.5.6) and noticed significant % of male wanderers and town dwellers have their appearance sliders set to 0 and as a consquence are all small with no eyebrow and no hair? Also , about ten of the wanderers have the name, "Of two handed swords" ?? Any clues...
  8. Figulus

    Child soldiers???

    So , after latest patch about 10% of my army are tiny baby soldiers??? Literally
  9. Figulus

    Any update on when siblings can marry?

    Anyone know when marrying off our siblings will be possible?
  10. Figulus

    Attn Devs ; Fix Legacy and players will play for longer..

    Hi , As above please enable npcs (including fam) to marry/hook up and produce more Calradians...People will play for longer. Cheers.
  11. Figulus

    Sister ages quicker than brother?

    So Varic starts off 3yrs younger than Alda in my game (11-14 I think) Now Alda has turned 18 and Varic is only 13 wtf??? Why is she aging quicker?
  12. Figulus

    Kingdom decision notice glitch..

    Hi , the kingdom decision notice (and sound) appear every day in right hand corner of screen notifying about a decision that was taken weeks ago?? Can't seem to get it to stop. Even when I wait for it and quickly try to hit the x button it reappears. Anyone else seen this?
  13. Figulus

    Been away for a bit...

    Is it possible to marry off your siblings yet?
  14. Figulus

    Have Battle starting positions of some units changed?

    As above , my heavy cav used to spawn on the left of the infantry and the missile cav to the right. Ever since last hot fix that has reversed and my missile cav seem to congregate in a huddle to the left while the lancers are on the right?? Can anyone shed any light?
  15. Figulus

    Is Aim clan legacy?

    ..If so how will it be interesting as the map is usually decided in a single generation. My current character is 35 and Vlandian and we have half the map and are sitting pretty. The Imps are down to a fief or two each , Nords are on their last and the Camel humpers have three. So once again it's...
  16. Figulus

    Characters aging 1 year per day in Beta 1.5??

    ..At least for me. I went from age 26 to 28 travelling from Sargot to Ostican??
  17. Figulus

    Interclan Tournaments to decide monthly Marshals.

    How about Tourneys , once a month say , with reps from each clan in a faction to determine a nation's Marshal for that month/next month? Marshals would/could have veto on who raises armies and their destinations.
  18. Figulus

    Board Games in Sturgian castles 1.4.2.

    Hi , just having a look at 1.4.2 and as above the first thing I noticed was that npcs cant sit down on board game chair in castle in some Sturgian castles/towns , when invited to play. They just get close to chair and can't sit down..kinda stuck in a loop.
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