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  1. Ottolexius

    In Progress [1.5.8 Beta] very bad siege performance and lag

    Very bad siege performance with latest hotfixes. Fps drops heavily and game stutters. You guys fixed it in first release of 1.5.8 it was all good but with the hotfixes sieges are unplayable at all My pc specs: RTX 2080 Ti , 32 gb Ram , i7 10700k and fps drops to 10 or 15 to 30s in siege...
  2. Ottolexius

    Need More Info FPS drops in Siege and Battles 1.5.6

    I am having heavy fps drops especially when fighting with Battanians and sieging their castles My rig is i7 10700k + 32 gb ram + rtx 2080 ti My fps went down to 13 And every patch is being worst than ever with these issue
  3. Ottolexius

    strange graphic glitch after last patch in battle scenes

    in battle all characters are in black boxes this started after last patch
  4. Ottolexius

    One handed sword position bug

    Some one handed swords position of grabbing ia buggy character hold them from the guard but not from the hilt espeacially sabers and our own crafted weapons
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