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  1. IT_Fox

    My servers aren't listed

    Hello, I've got a problem with my servers. No one can see them on the serverlist. They are shown on the favorites, but you can't join one of them without getting the 'Incorrect authorization key' error. My first thought was that there is something wrong with wine. So I removed it and installed...
  2. IT_Fox

    1.153 Server HTTP problem

    Hi, I've installed the latest version (1.153) of Warband on my Debian server (amd_64). When I start a Warband server it just prints the following message to the console: 'fixme:winhttp:WinHttpOpen (L"Mount Blade HTTP", 0, (null), (null), 0x0): stub' I can see the server on the serverlist, but I...
  3. IT_Fox

    [TUTORIAL] Ein Mesh in Blender riggen

    1. Vorwort: Da hier öfter die Frage aufkommt, wie man Körper (oder Ähnliches) riggt, habe ich mich entschlossen, dafür ein Tutorial zu erstellen. Dieses Tutorial bezieht sich nur auf Blender (genauer die Version 2.49b, da diese die Einzige ist, für die es meines Wissens nach einen Exporter...
  4. IT_Fox

    Counting the Inhabitants (Server Viewer)

    Hey guys, maybe you have seen it in a post from Patta, but I now will present you our server viewer officially. As the name says the server viewer is a viewer for a server. At the moment it's just for the Assassin Hunt mod, but we will include other mods later (like Race Wars Bloodshed) It...
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