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  1. Pt.C

    Khuzait is just insane at this point

    Told you so, ea now.
  2. Pt.C

    Dual wielding combat

    The truth is, if history were real, it would be legendary weapons skills that neither the common people nor the pampered courtiers could see for themselves.
    This requires a lot of stamina and superior weapon skill. It's impossible to fight anywhere all the time, and MB has no stamina, so it's very op in this game
    It is extremely rare and modern people without highly skilled. Just like the bow made in modern times by imitating the bow making technology of ancient England, only professional hercules can pull the bow string. DW it is suicide for ordinary people. Because it is ordinary people, it is noob in legend's eyes.
    It's one word: hard core.
    Such an army certainly does not exist, but individuals certainly do.
  3. Pt.C

    random wars

    Fight to the end when the military strength is 1 : 0-1.5 and do not accept the peace agreement. As long as the IQ is normal or higher, can play games, never lose.
    When > ≠1.5, try to account for more interests before the peaceful negotiation.
    When > ≠3.5, the earlier the peace negotiation, the better.
    After all, not all battles can be fought by highly skilled players, and each NPC or soldier is not as tough as the player.
    So, the outcome depends on the situation.
    And, TW is definitely not 996.
  4. Pt.C

    Can a mercenary become a lord who can get a fief ???

    Nobles, small camp, mercenaries, give nothing to the latter two.
  5. Pt.C

    Dual wielding combat

    In fact, in the discussion of this kind of thing on the forum, the comments and results are only: dual wield and double standard.
    One part engine problem, one part brain problem.
  6. Pt.C


    A year?
  7. Pt.C

    AI cheats in recruiting

    In the current version, ai doesn't care about money or influence.
    They get everything directly from the system, but the ceiling is low.
  8. Pt.C


    The prosperity of the town, the number of household registration, the output of raw materials from the surrounding villages, the flow of villagers and caravans, the number of bandits around, the number of shops of the same type, whether the war is spread.
    I don't know if there is a practical relationship between the security of a town and other factors.
    It is suggested that the blacksmith shop be built together with the wood workshop, easy to buy equipment.
    Hoping to set up a gang to rob the store/kingdom Treasury on a mission or event.
  9. Pt.C

    Можно играть M&B BannerLord ?

  10. Pt.C

    Stop ping ping armies: armies should need to rest/camp from time to time

    The lowest moving speed determines the overall speed, or a long line.
  11. Pt.C

    Show your banner

    In fact, I'd like to see some adult patterns.
  12. Pt.C

    Devs should steal some MODs!

    Kenshi、Rimworld、The Elder Scrolls etc.
    Maybe these aren't bad enough.
  13. Pt.C

    Armies not attacking each other at war?

    This. I know this isn't a strictly historical game but has more than a nod to it. If you look at conflicts like the Hundred Years' War, commanders avoided field battles like the plague unless they were pretty much certain they could win. Consider the English retreat, avoiding battle, that culminated at Agincourt. The battle was only fought because the English couldn't escape.
    Under normal circumstances, passive-aggressive tactics could easily lead to a court-martial...
  14. Pt.C

    Phalanx Formation Please

    The collision volume in the game is not suitable for all squares, the horse can easily penetrate all infantry, as long as there is no spear to stop, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred million, a line of shield-bearing infantry could not stop a horse, so long as no spear could hit it, the shield has no stopping force, and infantry is as easy to push as straw.
    This is the current game system mechanics.
  15. Pt.C

    Armies not attacking each other at war?

    ⭕:Hello, enemy.
    ❌:What's up?
    ⭕:I'm going to tear your house down.
    ❌:Cool, let's to see who destroys faster!
  16. Pt.C

    Executing prisoners?

    There was a funny bug about this behavior before, undead lord.
  17. Pt.C

    Where is my wife ? :/

    Liena No.1
  18. Pt.C

    Armies not attacking each other at war?

    In ea, no matter how outrageous it is, it's going to look normal......
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