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  1. Swadianborn

    Please Nerf Javelins

    It's so annoying to get bodyshot by 2 javelins and die while you have one of the best armors in the game. I beg you, please nerf them. Maybe not in multiplayer but in singleplayer, please nerf them.
  2. Swadianborn

    Seeing If A Price Is Higher or Lower Than Average

    I think it should be a perk or should be unlocked after a certain level of trade skill. That way it will be more realistic and merchant build will have another advantage.
  3. Swadianborn


    We should buy it from TaleWorlds website so they will get %100 of the money.
  4. Swadianborn

    Death Animation When You Fall From Somewhere

    I don't think there should be a death animation when you fall from somewhere and die. The character should just become a ragdoll.
  5. Swadianborn

    Pre Order

    Are you going to make a pre order option for Bannerlord? Bannerlord is the only game I would pay for pre order so it would be awesome. Edit: I mean something like collector's edition by the way not just buying the normal game earlier.
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