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  1. Getting stuck in Harbour of Osvk

    There needs to a suicide chat command if it doesn't already exist or a way to jump out when you horse dies in this specific section of Harbour of Osvk
  2. Native Compatible Role Play server to be aired soon, info inside!

    While randomly browsing the Warband Discussions, which is something I rarely do I stumbled upon this thread. I am extremely intrigued and definitely have high hopes for this server as long as your admin team can refrain from mistakes I've seen made from other roleplaying communities, you seem more than capable though. I am pretty excited if everything you say you are doing goes as planned. Around the release of PWmod I attempted to create something similar but failed due to lack of support. Best of luck and can't wait to join when it's up. I'll be joining your steam group and registering on your forums asap.
  3. 1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    I can manage that, sounds great, see you at training.
  4. 1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are very convenient for me, while the rest of the days are iffy depending on events during the week.

    I am on North American, Eastern Standard Time, GMT -5

    I'm looking forward to training.
  5. 1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    Hibiki said:
    Blueprint said:
    Hey, I am very interested in joining your regiment. I haven't played Mount&Blade or online gaming in a clan in quite some time and am pretty excited to get back into it. My timezone is GMT -5 (US: Eastern Standard Time), hopefully that works well for you.

    Many of us are NA players, so that certainly works. Trainings will be pretty flexible to allow everyone to attend.

    Shall I put you down as 1stEPI_Rkt_Blueprint (or another name you prefer?)

    Yep, that's all fine. I can't wait to play with you guys soon!
  6. 1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    Hey, I am very interested in joining your regiment. I haven't played Mount&Blade or online gaming in a clan in quite some time and am pretty excited to get back into it. My timezone is GMT -5 (US: Eastern Standard Time), hopefully that works well for you.
  7. 4th Era Serious Roleplay Information + Rules

    Sarashi said:
    Lyon665 said:
    This mod, and knowing that fellow RPers are out there, have convinced me to buy this game. Money is tight, but I'm counting up the pennies around my house. Hope to be able to get involved with this awesomeness soon!

    Also visit "The Globe" thread in General Discussion, its a RP mod even better than this there, even if ((sadly)) noone plays it regulary T_T
    I have heard of this, but when I downloaded and installed the mod, there was absolutely nobody online at all. Kinda sucks when you are trying to actually do some roleplay.

    Lyon665 said:
    I have a number of friends that are RPers, so I'll be sure to pass this idea along.
    It's pretty hard to roleplay with PWMOD V3, as local chat doesn't even work half the time. They really need to fix this before any roleplay can happen, unless you don't mind typing the same thing 5 times into chat to get it to send. As of recently, all I've gotten was complaints on the server and how roleplaying is completely ignored. I say If we can get enough people to schedule regular roleplaying events, that we password lock the server for people who have applied to join the event. This could even be a nice way to progress the "story". Character applications would consist of a quick quiz of roleplaying concepts and a basic character background (as I stated earlier in this thread).

    Is it too elitist? Would it balance roleplaying and prevent trolls?

    I also had another idea of how to incorporate M&B native lore into roleplaying, to give it more flavor rather than just "Red" and "Blue" kingdom. I'll post more about it later. What do you guys think? Any thoughts or ideas?
  8. A Role Playing World like no other... (Questions for a potential modder))

    You have a similar dream that I have, that these mods could be merged to make a truly persistent roleplaying world. I have no python experience, but it seems very possible to do to a limit. If you wanted mutiple maps on multiple servers, which would be more difficult to work with but would allow you to leave the details of each separate area vast and interesting.  I don't think you can forward servers to players, so they would have to manually change to the server where they are IC, or you could make gates that would upload the location to the PHP sever and only allow the player to join (with his stuff, because I don't think you can just kick him) the location where they are IC.

    I have attempted to start a serious roleplay community in Persistent World, and I think you might be interested: Here

    I do not have any python experience, as stated before but I do have lots of technical knowledge involving server, and database handling and management and administration experience. I'd be willing to help you, as I am trying to learn python among other things, but until then I think a strictly enforced roleplaying environment for Persistent World is the best bet of getting this of the ground. PM me if you are considerably interested in actually doing this.
  9. 4th Era Serious Roleplay Information + Rules

    Svenn said:
    You could perhaps set a server password and only PM it to people who express a desire to be a part of your idea - in this here thread?
    I did think about this, by forcing people to complete a basic quiz on roleplaying concepts and send me a basic character background. I decided against it at launch because I wanted people to join the sever and at least have some sort of player base so that sever wasn't limited to like 7 people who submitted applications. I also didn't want to come off as an elitist, as it seems lots of people from M&B are new to the concept of roleplaying. If trolling and deathmatching does become a problem, I will probably end up making applications to join, though.

    Sushiman said:
    You can't join servers by I, so you need to post the name of the server. And where is it located?
    It is in fact the server called 4th Era Serious Roleplay, and it's located in Northern Virginia about 20 miles from DC; so east coast USA. I play other games online with people from California and England all the time and their pings are fine, so don't be put off by the location.
  10. 4th Era Serious Roleplay Information + Rules

    socks said:
    I assume if your character is killed you should make another one?

    Also, about the naming guide: here's a few more extensive ones.

    I have no specific guidelines for this, as I don't want to enforce permanent death at the moment with the current playerbase of next to nothing, especially when people spend a long time developing detailed back stories for their characters.

    But in my personal opinion, I believe in permanent death except in cases of DM or Bandit roleplay (as bandits have to kill the player to rob them currently), I feel if the death was roleplayed out then the player should consider their character gone. If you don't want to lose your character, why would you engage them in lethal combat? I find it gives a stricter sense of realism, as players actually care about their lives in game, even if they really don't.  Right now, i'm leaving it at the players discretion. If they think the roleplay was good enough they can go ahead and PK the character if they want, but I'm not going to enforce anything, yet. But that's like, just my opinion, man.

    Also thanks for link, I'll edit the main post with it.
  11. 4th Era Serious Roleplay Information + Rules

    4th Era Serious Roleplay Welcome, roleplayer. In spite of recent events spent on several other servers on Persistent World and the horrible experiences I have had as a roleplayer there, I have called it upon myself to create a serious roleplaying environment for people who aren’t just in it for...
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