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    Any updates since 2012?

    Hey all, I bought the game when it was first released, because I liked what I saw in the first Mount & Blade. Mounted combat gives you such a rush. I last posted in 29 May 2012, and I left the game because I was disappointed that I couldn't play the benevolent lord that nurtures his village to...
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    nox's plan to bring Warband features over

    Hey all, A few months ago, nox, a newly recruited programmer, talked of his plans to bring over Warband features to Fire & Sword. I checked his recent posts and he hasn't been posting lately. Does anyone know what has happened to the plan?
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    Getting Lords to follow you

    Hey folks, What are the criteria to get Lords to follow you when you ask them in the field? I'm guessing relations is one, but how high does it need to be?
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    Some questions on conquering castles

    Hey all, Currently I am building a character that focuses on army size. I put a lot of points into Leadership and Tactics. For Campaign AI, I play normal, and my army size is only 89. I find it very difficult to increase the size through either more Leadership points or renown. So far I have...
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    Mercenaries from camp, expensive?

    Hey all, Now that we have v1.139, troops can now level. After buying some Muscovite Mercenary Riflemen from a mercenary camp, and upgrading their weapon from a bow to a pistol, they are really expensive, about 100 thaler per recruit. Whereas a Mercenary Marksman from a tavern that is of higher...
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    Quick question about sieging with allies

    Hey folks, In the past if you asked a Lord to follow you, and you sieged a town or castle, he wouldn't follow you into it. Just now when I tried to test it, it "felt" like Lords can now join you in sieges. But I couldn't test it because the Lord I asked to follow moved away due to taking too...
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    Version control

    Hey all, I'm thinking of modding a few things I disagree with native, but now that v1.130 got released, it made me wonder how I can keep my mods in tact with new updates. How do you all ensure your changes aren't overwritten?
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    Party = object, slot = attributes?

    Hey all, Sorry if my question is simple, but I don't even know how to search with the correct terms. What I want to ask is about the attributes, or "slots" of objects. Q1. Where can I check the whole list of attributes of an object? Q2. E.g., the village has the prosperity attribute. Is this...
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    Attending Feasts, no relation gain with host

    Hey all, Usually if you attend a Lord's feast, talking to him will give you a 1-2 relation gain. But in my current game, when King Graveth throws a feast, talking to him won't gain any relation points. It also happened with other Lords who hosted feasts, talking to them won't give me any...
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    Angry father

    Hey all, I made the mistake of seeing a lady without her father's permission, and everytime I ask him for permission he would get angry and my reputation with him would decrease by 1. I now try to ask for her hand in marriage, and the father says the same thing. Q1. Is there a normal way to...
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    Player enterprises

    Hey all, I haven't played the game since starting over due to a new patch. I didn't feel like starting over, so I took a break. But I wish to know whether player enterprises are in the game yet. Player enterprises are buildings that you can invest in, to produce more of a particular trade...
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    Cattle numbers not changing?

    Hey all, I just discovered that the cattle numbers for villages aren't moving. I've bought a few cattle from a village for one of my villages, and after several days, it still remained at 40. Some of my villages have 0 cattle, and they have never increased. Can someone check whether cattle...
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    How to get caravans to go to your town

    Hey all, After some in-game data analysis, I find that the richest towns in the game have the most number of caravan visits. Despite them being low in production or having item shortages, they are still the richest because caravans visit them the most. Does anyone know how to get more caravans...
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    Warband Native Expansion

    Hey all, Back in Mount & Blade 1, there was a mod called Native Expansion. What it did was enchance the original gameplay of Mount & Blade. Are there any plans to create a similar mod for Warband, which expands and enhances the gameplay in Warband?
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    Module System up to date?

    Hey all, On the download page, the Module System zip file is named But when I unzipped and compiled it, the version is v1.111. It also contains some recent changes like the Guild Master telling you how the wealth of the town compare to the other towns. I'm...
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    Town Relation, any use?

    Hey all, I'm not sure what benefits you get for having high relation with a town. I checked the scripts file, and the only role town relation plays, is that you get a trade penalty if it is negative. Otherwise I cannot find any benefits you get for having high relation with a town.
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    Did the new patch 1.110 fix income bugs?

    Hey all, For those of you who have patched their games, has the patch fixed income-related bugs, like half-wages?
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    Get quests from many villages at the same time?

    Hey all, I notice that I cannot get quests from more than 1 village at the same time. If I get a quest from one village and it is still outstanding, I cannot get quests from other villages until I complete the one I have. Does this happen to anyone else? Edit: I just want to say that it is...
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    Trade deficit = Poor Prosperity?

    Hey all, I am trying to alleviate the item shortages that Veluca (Rhodok) has, in order to increase it's prosperity. What I do is buy items from other towns, and sell to Veluca. But I do not sell items from Veluca to other towns. This is because Veluca only produces Wool, which isn't...
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    Village Wheat Quest

    Hey all, Has anyone gotten the village wheat quest in v1.105?
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