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  1. Resolved Missing Armor and Weapons from stores

    Was about to say the same thing. Everything except trade goods is refreshing rarely. But its mostly felt on armor cause its the least amount of items compared to others.
    Thanks guys I’ll try it out. This is my third character that I almost made a Kingdom with but gave up because lack of skill and armor lol.
  2. Resolved Missing Armor and Weapons from stores

    Hi, the issue is fixed with the patch e1.0.4.
    Hello guys, sorry to say thing but I still have this issue.
  3. Missing armor

    Hello guys thanks for the amazing game but I been having a little issue that’s been bothering me. I joined the Vlandian and this is my third character made. I noticed that Vlandian armor is obsolete and I can’t find it anywhere. I see all of the nobles using it and the only way to get hands on...
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