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  1. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Server is up. Let the exploration commence.
  2. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Danath said:
    The storage area doesn't work very well
    The farmer needs several containers for crops and seeds near the farm area.
    The cook needs containers for ingredients and ready-to-eat food, and needs a water source close, also the oven and a house with a cellar.
    The blacksmith needs a kiln for charcoal, alloying crucible, anvil, and finery forge, everything close.
    The tailor needs tanning tubs, water source, and containers for silk worms.

    And the final point: containers should be kept inside the houses so they don't decay. So no storage area-work area. It would like very tidy, but a total waste of time going from the storage to working zone, loading carts and stuff.

    The stone mansion storage area is for processed/completed items e.g. cooked foods, wine, clothes, weapons, tools. It would be like a combination dining hall and armory with a cheese factory in the cellar. I think the transport and storage of raw materials could be managed on an individual basis through cupboards in cabins or local containers.
  3. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Here's a city plan I sketched out for once we've found a suitable location. With the amount of people we now have I envision a more communal layout, so I've gotten rid of the individual homesteads of old and divided the village into three fairly standard zones: agricultural, residential, and industrial. The plan will probably be increased in scale depending on the population.

    green - farms. can be extended to the north and wrap around the sides of housing.
    dark gray - stone mansion. storage area. temporary housing for new residents. also a place for cheese production with a cellar.
    brown - log cabins.
    the center - oak tree (green), village idol (white), poppies/decorative plants (violet)
    peach - leather production, kilns, ovens, etc. trees should be planted here for fuel access.
    blue - the water source. alternatively, we might consider moving inland since raiders are more likely to target riverside villages. in this case a well would replace the river.
  4. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    I've finally amassed enough LP to get Lawspeaking. Now before I spend the LP needed to get this skill I just want to make sure that noone else has acquired it. This is correct right?

    I still have 7 rustroot available for prospectors and a bunch of perception FEP foods.

  5. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    We've been given 10 rustroots to start off, so whoever decides to prospect needs to be careful with their use of the roots and needs to be familiar with the land and how prospecting works. Forum search and wikia page are probably a good idea.

    I have items for prospecting and items for our foragers to help them find rustroot.

    Wellenbrecher will be taking some rustroot. Kronic I'm not sure if you're volunteering to prospect or forage. Devercia is volunteering for forage items?

    City planning is definitely a good idea this time around. I don't know whether anyone ever got the lawspeaking skill, but it would be a good idea to have a lawspeaker once we find a mine. If anyone wants to sketch up a city plan, I'm sure everyone would prefer having an organized village over the mess we've been dealing with.

    We don't really have anything worth haggling for at the moment. We're producing ~q15 items to their ~q100+ items  :smile:
  6. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Rejoice! Priapat has granted us a starter kit for prospecting full of high quality perception foods and rustroot. With this we should be able to locate a mine and gain access to metal at last. Priapat gives us this gift however, with the request that we stop expanding to the northeast so I suggest that once we find this mine we do indeed abandon our current location.

    For now I think we should designate our prospectors so we know who to distribute these items to. I think that there is enough for two prospectors to work effectively.
  7. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    The next person who harvests two entire fields of wheat without replanting the tiles will have their house burnt down.
  8. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Unfortunately carrots have a bizarre growing cycle so now I've run out of carrot seeds until I visit the wild patch again.

    And I don't understand why anyone would grind LP through tree cutting since digging clay is both easier and less destructive.
  9. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Onions above Q10 are harmful to your health when eaten raw. Either replant these or cook them into something.
  10. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    BloodLuster said:
    I just raided that settlement near the swap south east of Priapat!
    Mostly dried skins a bow and quiver and some fancy clothing!

    Please don't raid these guys. We really don't need any enemies in this game and as Wellenbrecher mentioned, some of these guys are our friends. I'll be trading carrots to explorers/foragers for chantrelles since I need the dexterity attribute mainly.
  11. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Tuckles said:
    I'm thinking of becoming a beer or wine maker, but we still don't have a cauldron.

    Edit: How do you expand your inventory?

    And is there any way to increase the size of a log cabin?

    I don't think you need a cauldron to make wine, but you do need glassmaking to make the bottles. Inventory can be expanded by equipping a backpack made from leather. A log cabin can be expanded by building a cellar, which requires a pickaxe.

    Tuckles said:
    Anyone know where to get grapes and/or wheat? Oh and/or chickens.

    Wheat is being grown right now in various plots around the village and I think Hagen has some grapes growing. I've been looking for chickens to put in my coop as well. Only managed to find 2 so far.
  12. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    I was doing some river exploring, but fortunately I disembarked to chase after a rabbit moments before the crash  :smile:.

    The village is not so much a village right now as it is a cluttered collection of homesteads. I think we should consider relocating in the far future once we have found a mine and this time have an organized layout. Also, is anyone volunteering to take up the Lawspeaking skill needed to claim a village?

    Any winemakers either? Considering taking it up to help our explorers.
  13. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    I'm specializing my attributes in farming and cooking. I think we could use some hunters/foragers specializing in exploration, survival, and combat as well. We also need a Lawspeaker in order to claim village territory. For whoever raises the 20,000 LP required to purchase this skill, I think having the final say on the village name is a fair incentive.

    I would suggest someone specializing in exploration to look into prospecting for mines, since we'll really need metal in the future.
  14. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Welcome to our shantytown - where 3 houses for 13 people happens. I see much deforestation in the near future  :smile:

    Specialization: I've gotten Wheelmaking and Basic Mechanics in order to construct a loom, so don't use your LP on those two skills.
  15. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    At some point it would be nice to have an organized layout such as these:

    But for now I think that we're fine as is.
  16. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Whoa when did that happen? And are these the neighbors from that city to the NE?
  17. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    Ah... I was just about to finish my boat and cross the river in search of that ever elusive wheat.
  18. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    I am Kaldrys. Please help yourself to whatever materials/tools you need except leather. And feathers. And plant fibers. I need to build a bed  :smile:.

    I've got flax and onions growing so they should be ready for harvest fairly soon. Feel free to use some, just be sure to replant. Also from my explorations there is a wild onion patch to the east on the SW corner of the yellow region. Further east of that there is a larger yellow region where there are wild flax seeds. And about 10 minutes NE of the farm there is civilization. Hopefully they don't feel like locating and/or crushing my little utopia.

    Now if I could just find some wheat seeds I would be set. Think I'll have to try looking across the river or trading with the city folk.

    @ Wellenbrecher

    Solution to your bear problem: join our growing village  :smile:
  19. AvaRice

    Haven and Hearth

    I've got a little onion farm up and running with onion patches, apple trees and the occasional chicken to sustain me. Apparently I've set up just SW of one of the major player-created cities in the game too so I should be able to trade there in the future for any needed resources. If anyone wants to join me my hearth secret is set to "Taleworlds"
  20. AvaRice

    What happened to co-op?

    RaVeN said:
    Remember what we all thought before Warband was announced? "Multiplayer will never happen! Its too hard to do!"

    But campaign co op? I cannot picture that, if your friend is in your party, who controls the party?

    One person designated as party leader. Everyone else just joins in on the battles.
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