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  1. nicktheindian

    Some questions about Warband...

    You can also marry people for political gain. Go try starting on your own faction if you don't like not doing anything. I got tired of not going on long campaigns where nothing happened, and if something did, I would not get anything for it. After a while, capturing a lot of castles and not getting any reward gets boring. One time i captured four castles and one city in a row and didn't get a single one of them. I didn't have any land either.
  2. nicktheindian

    Is it fine to raid caravans of nations you are not at war with?

    The only problem is what the above poster said, and also your king will get mad at you. He will say that you are giving them reason to attack you. But if you don't care about losing a few points with him and the other faction, go for it.
  3. nicktheindian

    How long till marriage?

    Okay, I got married. It was weird though. I went to my king(Harlus) and said I wanted to not be with him any more. Immediately I got a note saying that the feast was ready. Maybe you should denounce your king and that will work? Hope it does.
  4. nicktheindian

    How long till marriage?

    I have the same exact problem... I think you need to manually gather everyone for the feast. That would totally suck because her brother is on another faction that I am at war with...
  5. nicktheindian

    Enemy Lord a prisoner...

    If you are a vassal to a king, another one of your friendly lords might offer you some money to get him off your hands. The only problem is it is not as much $.
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