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  1. KhalidIbnWalid

    "CROSS AND CRESCENT"(preperations/teaser)

    Well male_pilgram is also known as Poor_Farmer , he  is a small tard  that cries admin admin randomer randomer everytime that someone touch him , but still i wouldnt say that playing on RCC is impossible. i had realy nice RP going almost most of the time on RCC . i Can confirm that few admins are abit hard on players , but still its they that are paying money and not i . so its acceptable for me that they have slightly more power on the server and they can bind rules as they want . It will be alot easier if we dont point our anger at few players , just try to RP people.
  2. KhalidIbnWalid

    "CROSS AND CRESCENT"(preperations/teaser)

    I didnt play on the server yet , but i love the idea of no rules , and not because iam a randomer , but it makes the stroy more beutifull.  It will be totaly nice if the players of this server will try to roleplay , as i see the map screenshot is amaising and finaly someone got the real story of the middle ages in one map !!! I hope the server will be on when i come back from work '!!
  3. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Hellow rebel , you are mistaken us for  admins on RCC , we Are just a Clan and we have no power to ban or unban people , if you wish to be unbanned you might need to speak with someone else  as an example with people who are in RCC clan. Sorry that we cant help you  and have a nice day .
  4. KhalidIbnWalid

    [RCC RP Event] The Land of Changes

    Hey there, after i missed the last event because i was too idiot to know how to do it , i wish this time to be a SWADIAN SOLDIER under the name  George_The_Angry.. Thank you alot
  5. KhalidIbnWalid

    [RCC] Ban

    i do not see how making fun of this guy is helping anyone ... :smile:   
  6. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Dear Friends ,
    Iam here to say that i wont be playing for the next few weeks, i have a huge exam that will decide my future as a law student . its important for me  so wish me luck . i wish you fun and nice playtime . take care and send me pm if there is anything new .  Dragon_Hide stay in contact please i will check the forum once in a while , the clan is going well we have new recruits so keep it together :smile: and have fun  !! 

    happy new year !!
  7. KhalidIbnWalid

    [hosting a server]

    Thank you .
  8. KhalidIbnWalid

    FACTION- The White Lion (House/Throne) UPDATE: 3/5/2011 [New Poll!]

    Hellow there ,
    Best wishes and lots of luck with your clan , From the Kingdom of Igneus .
  9. KhalidIbnWalid

    This guy needs banned PRONTO

    lol Suck my balls ?  i guess its guys from CrpG that cant play there because they are still in farmer levels , they come to releave their sorrow on us sissy roleplayers
  10. KhalidIbnWalid

    [RCC Server] The Assassin's Order.

    Hey there ,
    We wish you luck with your new clan .
  11. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    * Squires and Nobles : Lord_bulwyf, Jomp ( unlimited amount can go here, just need to prove yourself as a true Noble. )    Dragon i think Jomp changed his nick , Jomp if you read this please send a messege with your new nickname .  And btw He is a good soldier and he needs to be in a higher possition , not necceserly in a leading possition but maybe a knight or something . 
  12. KhalidIbnWalid

    [hosting a server]

    Hellow there ,  i wish to host a server , that will be used as a exercise server for me and my friends .  The problem is , that iam on university network witch means i cant open or close any ports. now as far as i understood , you can pay ammount of money and get your server hosted , in my case...
  13. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Guys, is everything ok ?  you seem to be inactive ..!!! say / suggest something
  14. KhalidIbnWalid

    This guy needs banned PRONTO

    I confirm that , was randomed by him minimum 5 times, also my clanmates .
  15. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Hey man ,  its fine , just got off the server , and got randomed like 8 times by a guy named Johan from finland , with his insults and randoming i lost the mood to play ...he said even that he will report me for calling him retarded , after hee randomed me somethin like 8 times ...i hope i will get your support if he realy does report me from some sick reason .  Jomp and raku were there , they saw what happend
  16. KhalidIbnWalid

    RCC Server Rules - Discuss Here

    I totaly agree N0body , we need more rules ,and we need a TW faciot that will take care of crimes during the game , it will be also nice if the randomers will have also 2 warnings with a clear explenation  about what they have done wrong . 
    Many thanks in the name of KOI and keep the good work ,
    Khalid .
  17. KhalidIbnWalid

    this mod is dieing

    Guys its christmas, you cant expect from people to be onlie at this time of the year. but i surly accept that there are less players, and in my openion that  rcc is the best Eu server but they need to make a change maybe with the maps and rules , it will be nice if there will be a faction that will explain for starters how to play and whats the rules of the game because most of the new players dont know about forums and they dont read the rules in the forums . i try always to explain and to help new gamers to start with a nice rp , i play under the Clantag KOI and explain to them how to trade , and i wish that others will do the same , afterall we are a small comunity and we need players so we can enjoy this game . If anyone needs any help anytime you can find my under the nickname KOI_KhalidIbnWalid , i mostly  play with another few KOIS but  if The king of the Clan  KOI_King_Dragon_Hide is online , i can do nothing without his orders . any case i will try to help as mutch as i can . By the way our clan is still recruting you can find it in the Forums under the Kingdom of fire or Igneus , we play basicly as a team and roleplay is a essential rule for us . dont fear to join even if its your first time playing rpg , most of the other guys speak better english than me and still i try to roleplay and most of the time it works so give it a try !!!

    I wish you all happy christmas !! 

  18. KhalidIbnWalid

    Suggestion Thread

    To make the Ultimate Rp , you need a doctor that can heal , i belive its possible to make with an weapon thats has  a negativ worth !  and you need a wall where TW can add Names during the game , and it will be the Wanted wall , this will be  enough realistic, and  help to reduce the usage of the global chat witch i find totaly rp destroying ..
    Happy christmas .
  19. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Heeeey people,
    Just came back from Germany`s capital  .  was nice ..i see you are joining the event , i might also join iam going to check it right now. any plans for the event ??? are we going to be in the same team ????? 
  20. KhalidIbnWalid

    [FACTION]: The Kingdom of Igneus

    Van_Zan said:
    Dragon_Hide said:
    Scratch that I will put us down.
    awesome idk if i efinitely will be there cuz im probably going on vacation the week after christmas. but i wont fill any major role so i doubt itll matter. are you getting on tonight? if someone is i might

    merry christmas khalidibn
    thnx :smile: 
    i think i will join the event , just !read! about it
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