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  1. balance vs content

    If something needs certain unimplemented features for balance, focus on adding those features.
  2. Issue with cities' food supply/consumption

    I mean the main problem is I just can't have a proper garrison because as soon as one village is raided they all start to starve. I don't really care how it's solved so long as it is solved.
  3. Move Sargot(h) back where it should be, and give it to Sturgia

    Jalmarys also I think is the precursor to Halmar, and it's not nearly in the right position.
  4. dont like how sp makes level advancement...

    I think to fix the system we need to at very least change leveling to a total skill XP requirement, not a total skill levels requirement.

    Additionally though there needs to be some way to increase stats without grinding out a certain task over and over.

    I think the system for leveling up weapons in Warband could be a good starting place. You got points in your One Handed, Two Handed, Polearm, Archery, Crossbow, and Throwing skills primarily by using those different types of weapons in combat. However, you also gained a few points to spend on any of those stats when you leveled up, allowing you to get better at using a certain weapon without grinding use of it. This wasn't unlimited though. Higher levels took more points and there was a cap, set by the Weapons Master skill, on how much you could manually increase them.

    This would be easy to implement. Just give people some bonus XP whenever they level up that can be given to any stat, and then increase the level up cost for the next level by the amount you give them. Just don't let people use this XP on stats that have hit their cap.

    Alternatively, you could implement a reading books or tutoring system where we can pay money to buy books or hire people to increase our skills whenever we're resting. That way if we don't want to grind a specific activity to increase a skill, we don't have to.
  5. Unimplemented Features

    Can we get a list of unimplemented features, such as perks that don't work yet. Certain perks don't work and I don't know whether each one is a bug I should report or an unimplemented feature I should ignore for now. Taleworlds, if you want feedback we need to know this type of thing.
  6. Can't load 1.09 save?

    I'm having the same problem. I've been updating the save with every patch so far but now it won't let me load it.
  7. Can't Enter Any Settlements

    After a couple years in-game time, I can't enter any settlements at all. None of my faction, and none of any faction I'm at peace with. I don't know what other details to provide but this essentially broke my game. I tried relaunching the game but that didn't work.
  8. More Armor Outfits

    We currently have the two outfits: battle outfit and civilian outfit. This works fine, but in my opinion it could be improved upon. I currently have two set of armor and weapons that I switch out between based on the battle. During normal battles, I'm mounted and use certain equipment because...
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