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  1. Apocal

    Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    I killed off the Hidden Hand, Embers, Skodvbrotvbbtkakava and Lake Rats for a reason, guys. Please make them stay dead. @Dejan @Duh_TaleWorlds @mexxico
  2. Apocal

    Impossible to tell different characters with the same name in the encyclopedia.

    As in the title: it is pretty much impossible to tell which character you are selecting from the search bar of the encyclopedia if they share a name. This isn't a problem between the start of a playthrough to about twenty years. Any duplicate names are likely only shared with wanderers who...
  3. Apocal

    Relations with notables are heritable.

    I know a lot of people get mad when the game resets your progress in gaining relations from the early- and mid-game because notables can die. But they get replaced by a family member who inherits the same relations. I know I've posted this before and people said they didn't believe it, so I...
  4. Apocal

    Need a tab to find supporters.

    Right now, supporters are notables who support your clan, giving a modest boost to influence. This information is already available in the UI by hovering over a notable's picture in the top bar of a settlement. But there is no way to easily find who is supporting your clan from the other side...
  5. Apocal

    Welp, looks like it is working as intended. RIP.

    So back in August, I noticed horse archers were pretty bad at keeping separation. I posted a bug report about it. The final response.
  6. Apocal

    Are alliances still on the table or nah?

    None of the devs who comment have said much about them lately. @mexxico @Dejan
  7. Apocal

    Pillaging sucks, don't do it.

    This is using the Devastate option, which gives more rewards than Pillage. Yeah... this is pretty wack. @Dejan were these super-low amounts intended? Or maybe the result of autocalcing the siege assaults with a max-size, max-tier party?
  8. Apocal

    A fully independent clan?

    While running through some tests I noticed that there was a single rebel clan at war with every single major faction. They had three noble women in the clan too, along with children, so they were clearly considered a regular clan in game terms, but they were completely unaligned. No fiefs...
  9. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Reproducible crash upon caravan surrender.

    Summary: The game consistently crashes when engaging survivors of a previously raided caravan who surrender to you, as soon as the prisoner screen loads. How to Reproduce: In the attached save game, talk to nearby caravan of 3. Select dialog options-> "Hand over all your goods!" ->"I want...
  10. Apocal

    Resolved Steppe Bandit Boss has no Bow skill.

    He does have 120 Throwing and no thrown weapons though.
  11. Apocal

    Raiding caravans and village parties remains unsatisfying.

    For those not aware, raiding villages only nets you what was on the market in terms of loot. There is no other loot table. Caravans are similar but much worse; the goods they carry seemingly poof for the most part. They just don't drop after the raid, even if you surrounded the baggage train and...
  12. Apocal

    Can we get different icons for different horses?

    Is that planned? Because right now it is a bit odd that they all have the same item icon. Also, would it be possible to have a theme for different types of horses? Like all regular horses are facing 3/4ths left while warhorses face 3/4ths right?
  13. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Children inheriting culture solely from mother.

    Summary: Children in cross-culture marriages (i.e Khuzait father and Aserai mother) are only inheriting culture from their mothers. In previous versions, sons inherited culture from their fathers and daughters inherited from their mothers. How to Reproduce: Find or set a cross-cultural marriage...
  14. Apocal

    More war information?

    Is it at all possible to get a bit more information on wars? Right now, the current War tab isn't bad but it is a bit bare. Can we get something like: the start date of a war and/or days since the war began. a total number or listing of nobles killed in the fighting (including mercenaries in a...
  15. Apocal

    War Score still feels bad, man.

    Note: I had a previous version of this thread but it kinda got repurposed. Posting from my phone at the moment, but in one of my playthroufhs, I've smashed the Battanians out of seven or eight towns, including their entire heartland, taking them for the Sultan. At the same time, the rest of my...
  16. Apocal

    When fighting with an army, please sort player party to the top.

    I don't know how it sorts now, but my party is usually at or near the bottom, which means having to click like eight to twenty times to minimize all the other parties toreach the point where I can see my own casualties. Can we please get the player party sorted to the top of the party listing?
  17. Apocal

    Can we get a UI element for trait score?

    Right now, you can see your traits but they just sorta pop up. There is no indication that you've earned a new trait. Nor are there any indications when you're earning points towards (or away from) a new trait. Is it possible to get: Trait score via encyclopedia page by hovering over our...
  18. Apocal

    Am I the only one who never hires tavern mercenaries in BL?

    They've always been the least interesting troops in MnB games (except the Frankish cav in VC) and so I usually don't bother looking very closely at them. There have been a few times when a bunch of the high-tier types (hired blades, mercenary cav) just fell into my lap so I recruited them but...
  19. Apocal

    Deliver Herd quest: make the peasants optional.

    As in the title. The quest is improved from Warband, thanks to not having to worry about those damned cattle wandering the hell off, but in the mid- to late-game there is an issue because quite frequently players will be roaming around at or very near to their party cap. What happens is you...
  20. Apocal

    Aserai Vanguard Faris' armor looks a little awkward.

    Right now, the gear stats are fine for what the troop is supposed to be but the silvery Southern Scale shoulder armor and purple silk aventail of the Southern Noble Helmet really clashes with the dark mail, brown leather and tarnished brass embellishment of the Stitched Leather over Mail body...
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