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  1. Sir_Kakru

    RCC Server issue

    The rule that allows bandits to be killed on sight is bad. Because outlaws are KoS, they think they can kill everyone on sight. That isn't good. It causes an endless cycle, where everyone kills outlaws and outlaws try to kill everyone. There isn't any idea in being outlaw. Mostly i want to be an...
  2. Sir_Kakru

    Pike Militia

    Metalhead's Pike Militia 20.11
  3. Sir_Kakru

    Unable to create shadowmap. Shadows are now disabled. Help, please!

    When I enter any server, it says unable to create shadowmap. Shadows are now disabled and then the game turns black.  :?: :?: Thanks in advance. EDIT The problem is no more.
  4. Sir_Kakru

    More vegetation

    More vegetation in battle scenes would make the game more enjoyable. And when you start a battle in forest on the campaign map, there are just a few trees when you fight. Forests must be dense, not sparse.
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