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  1. Janus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Something like that was considered, but it would cause a fair bit of extra server strain for most page loads, having to check or keep track of all that extra info for every page or even just every thread. So, sorry, but not happening.
  2. Janus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    The thread you linked has a ton of banner images which look fine to me in Firefox, as does that image. I'm guessing you can't see them? I checked in Chrome and see they're broken there, so I bet you're using Chrome. It would appear to be down to Chrome no longer displaying images served through HTTP links if they're on a page served through HTTPS, instead trying to auto-convert them to HTTPS image links.
    I say this because of the warnings given in Chrome's dev console, similar to:
    Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response with MIME type text/html. See for more details.
    In Firefox it shows the images as served through HTTP, not HTTPS, though of course it results in a security warning for the page as expected. In Chrome, it does appear to be trying to auto-switch to using HTTPS. And your site does not appear to have a proper SSL certificate for that.
  3. Janus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    No, it was related to my first point. I was asking in regards to one of my threads which used that feature extensively but that does't work anymore because the pictures are hosted on my personal website. But I understand if it is due to security and performance issues as you pointed out.
    It sounds like you are saying you are unable to use images hosted on other websites within IMG tags? Because you can do that. Yes, including images hosted on personal websites or whatever, not just image hosting sites. But... maybe I still don't understand what you are saying. If so, again, can you provide a concrete example?
  4. Janus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Is there any plan to allow direct upload of pictures from personal domains and websites in the future or is it not allowed for security reasons? I remember being able to post on the old forum pictures already hosted on private websites instead of an image hosting service using the IMG bbcode tags but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
    There is still no plan to allow any uploads from users (beyond avatars), for security and server performance reasons.

    The IMG BBcode tags work. If you are having problems using them, please provide specific details on what you are trying to do. As an example, your avatar added in IMG BBCode tags:

  5. Janus

    Forum downtime 2021-04-06

    What happened in the last hour? Did you change the server provider recently so you get more downtime problems?
    There was a mishap with testing a fix for some download link problems, which ended up taking the forums and main site down in a redirect loop for about 20 minutes.
  6. Janus

    Warband download links not working

    @mikeboix @Bloc
    If you have a minute, could you test those downloads out again? The download links have been switched to HTTPS by one of the devs, which seems to fix the problem for me, but one of the other devs is still having problems with the downloads. I'd just like to confirm whether the problem is at least fixed for some people other than me.
  7. Janus

    Forum downtime 2021-04-06

    Our apologies for the downtime. The data center where the forum server is located had an extended power outage and just came back up a bit ago. The forum also had a damaged session table index which needed to be fixed. Everything should be working now, let me know if you run into any further...
  8. Janus

    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    Why this thread is still unlocked lol?
    Because you're not a moderator, apparently.
    And I imagine because (mostly new) people are occasionally likely to want to offer their opinions on why they feel we should enable such a system here, because some other sites they like have them. With this thread locked, they'd likely just end up opening a new thread instead. And who knows, it's still possible someone will come forward with such compelling reasons to enable such a system here that they'll change enough minds to make it happen. Unlikely, but remotely possible.
  9. Janus

    Bug sur Talesword

    Quel rapport ?^^
    Poisson d'avril.
  10. Janus

    Bug sur Talesword

    Oui. Vérifiez la date.
  11. Janus

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    The page 15 loading problem in this thread seems to have come down to an obscure PHP bug. It was affecting most users, but not all; for instance, my main admin forum account here could load the page fine, but my test account also received that error. An update to PHP on the forum server seems to have fixed it.
  12. Janus

    Bad gateway error

    OK, I managed to narrow the problem down to the PHP child process which is handling that page load for certain users crashing and being reloaded, for whatever reason.
    I went ahead and updated PHP on the server, and the error seems to be taken care of, fingers crossed. It seems to have been an odd PHP bug fixed by that update.
  13. Janus

    Bad gateway error

    Quite strange. That page loads fine for me on my main account here. However, now trying with my test account, I'm also receiving that error.

    Investigating further.
  14. Janus

    Bad gateway error

    It's loading fine for me currently.

    From what you're saying, the page loaded for you, but there was a "bad gateway" error covering much of it? Where? What did it even look like if it was somehow covering an otherwise working page? Or was it just a full error page with nothing else, rather than an error on top of an otherwise normal forum page?

    Unlikely at this point, but a screenshot would be helpful. And it was specifically only that page, no others? The forum software doesn't have any error logged for it, unfortunately.
  15. Janus

    Advanced search broken

    Where specifically is the "companions" result you're talking about? This is the Groups category (Modding) which you are searching in your screenshot:

    Or were you meaning to search in threads throughout the Modding forums section (which would be through "Search threads") rather than Groups?
  16. Janus

    Forum Known Issues

    The rest of the known issues with pending solutions have been addressed over time; I've just been a bit lax in keeping this updated.
    Fixed since the last post above:
    • Some custom forum ranks (like External Developer and Forum Legend) are gone. These we are planning to replace with new badges.
      These should all be handled now.
    • Categories which you have minimized using the "^/V" symbol eventually all revert back to opened.
      This was fixed as part of our recent large update.
    • In boards which have thread prefixes, it would be useful to be able to perform a search and specify prefixes at the same time. No promises.
      This can now be done in the advanced search form under "Search threads"; you can specify search Keywords along with Prefixes and choose the forum(s) you want to search in. Being available directly in the forum in question would be nicer, but it works.
    • We will probably be adding a few more supported languages beyond English/Turkish/Russian.
      We added Traditional and Simplified Chinese a while back. We may still add other languages, but language availability is a bit spotty for XenForo; many languages cost money, and/or require jumping through hoops to get, and/or get very outdated without updates available. They're also frequently just abandoned after a while, even the paid ones.
    • In the advanced search page, modding forums are not available in the "search in forums" list.
      This was just fixed. The Modding section is now available at the bottom of the "search in forums" list.
    The last one in the list I did just fix as of less than an hour ago.

    Since this thread is no longer particularly relevant after that final fix, I'm unstickying it.
  17. Janus

    Why can't you add friends on the forum?

    It was a feature on the old forum, for what that's worth.
    Sure, and the functionality of it basically boiled down to what the Follow list does in XenForo. Assuming you're talking about the Buddies list in SMF.
  18. Janus

    Why can't you add friends on the forum?

    I feel like it just encourages people to interact more with each other outside of threads. I mean you don't follow people to chat with them frequently, you follow them to see what they write in public..
    I don't personally see the purpose, then, with no real functionality. You hopefully don't need help keeping track of who your friends on the forum are, and if you want to keep an eye on what they post or whatever, you can use the Follow system.
  19. Janus

    Why can't you add friends on the forum?

    What would that even do? You can of course Follow people you want to keep track of.
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