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  1. xombie5

    A couple of things for siege

    Before i get into these i'd just like to open with that despite the (many) grievances i have with multiplayer as a whole in Bannerlord, i'm still finding siege to be a lot of fun. Can't say anything about its balance - fresh mechanics and lots of new players and all that, but it's enjoyable to...
  2. xombie5

    [Map] Bastion (Updated, 17/06/2016) PW4.5

    Bastion Features Screenshots (taken on a laptop with no gpu - framerate is actually good) [/spoiler] Scene Code & Download PW 4.5 Feel free to ask any questions or request changes for your server. Obviously also feel free to use it, you don't *have* to ask, but i would...
  3. xombie5

    Copyright Infringement [PWMOD 4.1.0]

    Well, since it was pretty close to done anyway, and i was reminded of it a few days ago - i decided to finish it up / [attempt to] bring it up to date for v4.1 - though i have missed a few betas (four i think) so im fairly sure ive missed something or the economy has changed in some way, leaving...
  4. xombie5

    Seige Bug or Admin Abuse?

    Now - ive been playing the game since beta - albiet i dont play seige mode that often - so i dont know if this is a real bug or not (hence the thread) - but i have never encountered this before so im here to ask. I was on a seige server, about 4 players on each team. Hailes castle i think...
  5. xombie5

    [Beta2] The Shores of Avalon

    -----> woops, seems i uploaded the wrong version :S forgot to place the spawns in the new village. sorry about that. Here is a quick "tutorial" of sorts on how the map works/should work - if this ends up being hosted anywhere and you are one of the few people who have read the thread please...
  6. xombie5

    Is v3.6 still coming?

    i know before v4 we were being teased about the soon-tobe v3.6  (i beleive we were told about wheat farming?) well - is it still coming? :P
  7. xombie5


    ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS NOVICIUS (and leroy) - the c&c server is now UP, RUNNING and FUNCTIONAL! go play you naughty gamer people :P
  8. xombie5

    a warning to mappers

    A warning to people porting maps to v4 from v3.5 or older: at first glance after readying my map for porting to v4 - something was definetly off. you will find that virtually all older functioning props have been changed into dresses, rocks, trees, castle interiors and other invisible objects...
  9. xombie5

    New Japanese Shogunate [Clan]

                                                                                                                        [pre]        The New Japanese Shogunate International (though preferably european) Clan. We fight for a new Japan - bringing back traditional values to our great nation...
  10. xombie5

    A Fork in the Road v0.9.2 [Map]

    still lacking eye candy youl be lucky to find a building with anything in it other than weapons &c - there are virtually NO decorations. these will be added later. PLEASE give feedback and bug reports as soon as possible - as the sooner i can fix major bugs the sooner you guys get a propper...
  11. xombie5

    Politics Thread

    THE POLITICS THREAD This thread is a place for factions and guilds to post rp/political messages to eachother to start wars, begin trade or any other thing in that area. ___ Please post in format: From : (insert guild/faction) To: (who is the message to/which faction, or is it just an...
  12. xombie5

    The Monarchy of Jenkins House [Faction]

    This is the thread for The Monarchy of Jenkins House firstly - if you are a member of another faction , i do not dissaprove of you joining me. (though if a war breaks out i expect you to choose where your loyalties lie). ___ Background: (limited information now, more will be added later)...
  13. xombie5

    Shadow of the World Tree V1.30 for PWmod 3.5B

    if anybody knows how i can give this map a name in the mod (like VoS is called Valley of swamps in the map listings) - this one is oceania, and i have no idea how to change that :S Big thanks to metalhead in helping me finish it up :) first man (or woman) to screeny all the skeletons (hidden...
  14. xombie5

    CLAN CHESS (game mode)

    just had an idea that i kinda like (wanted it before but never thought of implimenting it like this) CLAN CHESS!!! works as follows: two clans decide to battle it out with a game of chess - be sure to keep an immage of a chess board with coordinates so you know who moves where, say one move...
  15. xombie5

    Reyvandin [BUG]

    EPIC ai pathing fail. bots just stop halfway up the ladder and wont go further );  very annoying seeing as its fighting vaegir archer defenders .. 300 of em.. lost like 80 swadia sergeants ); epic unhappy bug.. needs fix.
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